5 Best Microsoft Teams Headsets 2023 - Headset Advisor

If you use Microsoft Teams as your go-to communications platform, and you’re shopping around for some new headsets, this blog may be helpful in your search. This blog will provide you with the headsets that we feel are the best of the best for different working situations when using Microsoft Teams. 

Things that we used as our criteria to make our selection included: 

  1. Comfort - after all, a headset needs to be comfortable, right? 
  2. Ease of use - who wants things confusing and complicated? 
  3. Sound quality and noise canceling ability 
  4. Integration with Microsoft Teams 

We evaluated countless headsets to come up with a best of headset list for use with Microsoft Teams. In this list, we included headsets for these different categories: 

  • Best wired headset for a quiet environment 
  • Best headset for a loud office environment 
  • Best wireless headset for a quiet environment 
  • Best long range headset 
  • Best wireless headset for a loud environment 

Our 5 best Microsoft Teams Headsets for 2023 picks aren't intended to give you a lot of fine detail. Instead, we provide you with a broad overview so you'll have a good overall idea of the headset..

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    5 Best Headsets For Teams Video With Mic Tests

     Here's our picks for the top

    #1 Jabra Evolve2 40 View Best Deal Best Alternative
    #2 Poly Blackwire 8225 View Best Deal Best Alternative
    #3 Jabra Evolve2 65 View Best Deal Best Alternative
    #4 Yealink WH66 View Best Deal Best Alternative
    #5 Jabra Evolve2 75 View Best Deal Best Alternative
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    Make sure to buy from a reputable, authorized source to avoid costly issues:

    Many resellers on third party platforms like Amazon, are not authorized resellers, and if you're not careful, you may face the following:

    • Counterfeit products.
    • Receiving used products instead of new, even if advertised as new
    • Software that is no longer supported & requires updates to prevent network vulnerability.
    • Limited, or no product support or a warranty replacement for a defective  or problematic headset.
    Know who you're buying from and avoid the risks.

      Best wired Headset For Quiet Environments 

      The headset for this category is designed for use in those environments that are quiet. This could be for someone who works in a private office or at home where noise isn't an issue. Our top pick is: 

      Jabra Evolve2 40

      Image of Jabra Evolve2 40 enlarged, with the words Jabra Evolve2 40 over the front of the image in large text

      Price: $153.00 Duo, $142.00 Mono - Use Coupon Code BLOG for a nice discount when shopping on our website.


      This is a wired, USB Microsoft Teams compatible headset that’s a mid-range model in the extensive Jabra headset lineup. 

      This headset is Microsoft Teams certified, and is literally a plug-and-play headset that requires no software download. And, for those who work in offices that restrict downloading software, this will come as good news.

      Teams certified

      Man wearing jabra evolve2 40 facing a computer screen while on a multi-person video call

      Because this is a Teams certified headset, you can access calls directly from the headset rather than through the application. This makes routine calls far more convenient and less cumbersome. You can not only take and end a call from the headset, but you can also mute and unmute the call from it as well. Again, more convenient. 


      In terms of weight, this headset weighs about the same as an iPhone 12. It tips the scales at 3.9 ounces for the mono version, and 6.6 ounces for the duo model. What this means in a practical sense is that this isn’t a heavy headset. On the contrary, it’s very

      lightweight which means if the headset will be used for long periods of time, then it will be comfortable for anyone to use it all day. 

      Sound quality 

      In terms of sound quality, the microphone sounds quite good. Whether you’re talking in a quiet environment, or even one that has some distracting noise this headset does a decent job to allow your voice to be heard loud and clear. And while on the subject of sound, the ear speakers are surprisingly good as well for business calls and even music. That was something I really didn’t expect from this headset, but it delivered quite well on the sound overall. 

      No headset’s perfect 

      If I were to point at one drawback of the Evolve2 40, I have to say that it lacks the feature of Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short. If you’re unfamiliar with what ANC is, it’s an electronic feature that helps to remove sound from your environment so you can maintain your concentration.

      Unlike noise cancellation, which is a microphone noise reducing feature designed to give your callers a better sound experience, ANC is designed to give you, the headset wearer, the ability to have control over the noise in your work environment. 

      Overall, the Jabra Evolve2 40 is a budget friendly, great sounding, comfortable headset that makes using it with Microsoft Teams a breeze with its plug-and-play ability and no software to download. 

      Best Wired Headset For Loud Environments 

      Anyone who’s worked around a lot of people in an office knows how loud it can get. From all the people chatter, sounds of office equipment, air conditioners, fans, landscapers, traffic noise and the list goes on. This could also apply to those who don’t work around groups of people in an office, but work from home. There you can also have a lot of distracting noise like dogs barking, children noises, doorbell ringing, and lawnmower sounds to name a few. 

      So which headset, when using Microsoft Teams, comes out on top for dealing with all the distracting noise? 

      Poly Blackwire 8225

      Enlarged image of Poly Blackwire 8225 with the words Poly Blackwire 8225


      Price : $128.99 - Use Coupon Code BLOG for a nice discount when shopping on our website.


      So what makes the Blackwire 8225 our top pick for this category? Truthfully, a lot of things. Take for example, the great microphone that not only allows you to sound great when on your Teams calls, but this is a headset that does a solid job at removing distracting background noise too.

      Sound quality matters, and it can help to shape a first impression. The Blackwire 8225 will have you coming across loud and clear without static, distortion, or echo. It’s a professional grade headset that delivers impressive sound.

      Construction and appearance 

      In terms of the overall look and feel of this headset, it’s constructed with a combination of metal and plastic which helps to give it a great look. And, after all, if it’s going to be worn for extended periods of time, then having great looks doesn’t hurt, right? Well, at least as headsets go, it looks great. 

      Your choice  -  USB-A or C 

      The Poly Blackwire 8225 comes with your choice of USB A or USB C connectivity. USB C is now the most common USB port on computers, but you can still use the 8225 if your computer uses USB-A. 

      Soft cushions 


      The ear cushions are overstuffed with padding which isn’t a bad thing. That extra padding can really be felt when you wear this headset, and if worn for long periods of time, your ears will thank you. Some ear cushions lack padding which can have you feeling the hard plastic the ear cushion attaches to. You won't have that experience when you use the Blackwire 8225. The little things matter.

      Inline ANC 

      blackwire 8225 wired headset showing inline anc

      Another thing that helped this headset to capture this category is the fact that it comes standard with Active Noise Cancellation. There’s a button on the inline controller that allows you to activate this feature. ANC is an electronic feature that when activated, muffles room noise.

      So when things around you starts to get noisy, simply press the button to activate the ANC feature to reduce the sound you hear in your background. This allows you to maintain your concentration and not get distracted which helps you to be more productive, and get more done.

      If you want to hear how the Poly Blackwire 8225 sounds, make sure to watch our video where we put this headset, and the others on this list to the test. The 8225 did a nice job in terms of mic sound quality, and background noise reduction. 

      Best Wireless Headset For Quiet Environments 

      This category would apply to anyone who works in a quiet work area but prefers not to have a cord on their headset. Instead, they want the freedom to get up, and move

      around while on a call. And, they may even want or need the ability to take a call, or mute one when away from their desk. 

      This could apply to those who work in a quiet home office, in a private office, or even among others but more removed from them. In any of these cases, there isn’t distracting background noise present in the work environment. If that sounds like your situation, then this is the category for you. With that said, what headset rose to number one in this category? 

      Jabra Evolve2 65

      Image of beige colored Jabra Evolve2 65 wireless headset with the words Jabra Evolve2 65 over the front of the image


      Price: $263.00 Mono and $274.00 Duo.Use Coupon Code BLOG for a nice discount when checking out on our website.


      Though there’s no such thing as a perfect headset, there’s a lot to like about this Evolve2 65 headset. For openers, it has a very modern, fresh look which is a nice upgrade compared to the previous Evolve models.

      But, good looks can only get you so far, so there needs to be more. Let’s look beyond its appearance and see what makes this a category best selection. 

      USB Adapter 

      The Jabra Evolve2 65 comes with a pre-paired USB Adapter, which some refer to as a “dongle”. Being that it’s pre-paired to the headset, that makes it extremely easy to use once the battery is charged.

      Plug it in, wait a moment, and you’re ready to go. If this headset didn’t have a USB Adapter available, it would have to connect via Bluetooth. And though connecting via Bluetooth gets the job done, connecting through a USB adapter is better.

        1. You’ll get a steadier, smoother wireless signal (think static & bad sound)
        2. You’ll have better audio quality 
        3. You’ll get longer wireless range 
        4. And perhaps most importantly, you’ll have remote call answering capability. If you’re unfamiliar with this term, it simply means that you can walk away from your desk and still be able to take an incoming call. You can even end that call remotely too. If a headset doesn’t have a USB Dongle, you won’t be getting this feature, which is highly popular. 


      Being that this is a wireless headset, it stands to reason that battery life plays an important role. Who wants to be in the middle of an important call only to find out that the battery is dying? That can be costly if you're in the middle of an important call. Thankfully, the Jabra Evolve2 65 comes with a battery that delivers an impressive 37 hours of talk time, with a charge time of 90 minutes. This means that you could potentially recharge the battery once a week, rather than every day. However you might manage this, it does give you recharge options not available on those models that have lesser batteries. Oh, and by the way, you get 8 hours of battery life with 15 minutes on the charger, which is impressive. Even left on the charger over a lunch break will give it a solid refresh.


      david wearing jabra evolve2 65

      For headset power users, comfort is important. So, how does the Evolve2 65 rate? Starting with the weight of the Evolve2 65, it's 6.2 ounces for the duo model, and 3.4 ounces for mono.

      This is about right for both variants. Either could be worn for a full day and be comfortable. But, comfort goes beyond the weight of the headset.

      The Evolve2 65 has a new, and improved design that helps to make this more comfortable than many other headsets we’ve tested. The ear cushions are also nicely padded to give your ears that level of comfort needed for extended wearomg. 

      Sound Quality 

      Man wearing a Jabra Evolve2 65 headset

      High on everyone’s list is sound quality. A headset needs to sound good, or there’s no real value because nobody wants to sound bad. The Jabra Evolve2 65 covers that base nicely. It comes with 3 built in microphones that do a great job to deliver audio quality that’s top notch. 

      We put the Evolve2 65 through the paces through our sounds tests which included those barking dogs, blender etc that I mentioned earlier. And, I have to say that the Evolve2 65 did a great job in all of these tests, which is one of the reasons why it came out on top in this category. So, if sound quality is something that you find important, rest assured that the Evolve2 65 will have you sounding like the professional you are, consistently and comfortably.

      Teams Integration 

      Being that this blog is about best headsets for Teams, it goes without saying that the Evolve2 65 is Teams compatible. This means that you’ll not only get status notifications via the LED lights on the headset, but remote call muting and remote call answering. 

      The status indicators alerts those around you on your call status, and having the freedom, and flexibility to step away from your desk but still be reachable is a big value when using Teams. 

      Wireless Range 

      A picture of a stretched measuring tape, with the image of a Jabra Evolve2 65

      The Jabra Evolve2 65 will provide you up to 100 feet of wireless range. When you take into account workplace obstructions, you should expect to receive about 50-75 feet. For most wireless headset users, this is a sufficient amount of wireless range to do things such as step away from the desk to grab a document off a printer, get a cup of coffee, talk with a colleague etc. This wireless range is pretty standard across all Bluetooth wireless headsets. 

      So, if you’re looking for a budget friendly wireless headset that’s comfortable and sounds great, this is a headset you should really check out. And though it doesn’t come with Active Noise Cancellation, remember that it’s designed for use in areas that don’t have a lot of background noise.

      The design of the ear cushions and speaker housing can help to passively reduce some level of noise, but not nearly as much as what ANC can do. For ANC, you can consider the Evolve2 75 or Evolve2 85.

      Best Long range wireless headset 

      This was perhaps our easiest category to select a winner in. I say this because we’ve tested a lot of headsets in a lot of ways, one of which is wireless range. And, when we’ve done that, this headset easily, and clearly came out on top. 

      Yealink WH66

      Large image of Yealink WH66 wireless headset with the words Yealink WH66 written towards the top


      Price: $288.00 Duo, $264.00 Mono - Use Coupon Code BLOG for a nice discount when shopping on our website.


      Unlike the other wireless headsets on this list, the Yealink WH66 is a DECT headset, rather than a Bluetooth model. If you’d like to learn more about the differences between these two types of headsets, check out this Youtube video we recorded that helps to explain it. 

      Not only does the Yealink WH66 provide more wireless range compared to Bluetooth headsets, it provides more than other DECT headsets.

      In our range tests, this headset provided between 300-500 feet of range which is impressive. Other DECT headsets we’ve tested provide about 100 - 150 of wireless range in spite of claims of up to 350 feet. 

      So, as you can see, there’s a big difference in the range you get on this headset compared to others. So, if long wireless range is what you need, you won’t find another headset that will give you more than the Yealink. But, even though this is the long wireless range category, the Yealink WH 66 provides a lot more than just impressive distance. For example:

      Triple connectivity 

      With the WH66 you can connect to two of any device below (not all 3 simultaneously)

      • Computer 
      • Yealink desk phone 
      • Bluetooth device

      It’s important to note that the Bluetooth connection is between the headset and to the Yealink headset base, rather than to the headset itself. This means that you’re not able to take the headset on the go as you would with other Bluetooth wireless headsets. Still, it does give Bluetooth connectivity for use within an office.

      Speaker in Base 

      The Yealink WH66 provides you with a hands free speaker that’s located in the headset base. If you prefer not to use the headset, you can activate the speaker and go hands free, and headset free. This is nice for those times you want to give your head a break from wearing the headset, or maybe when you’re recharging your headset. This is a useful feature and one you won't typically find on other headsets which helps to give it uniqueness.


      yealink wh66 touchscreen

      The Yealink WH66 comes with a very nice 4 inch touchscreen. And, I have to say that this screen is easy to navigate, and not slow, clunky or insensitive to the touch.

      I found it to be very responsive and easy to find my way around within it. Earlier generations of this feature in the industry haven’t been as smooth and free flowing. So if having a touchscreen on your headset is something you’d find to be cool, or useful, my sense is you’ll find this one to be very pleasing. 

      Optional wireless phone charger 

      Not that this has much to do with long wireless range, I did want to mention that the WH66 offers an optional wireless phone charger. It plugs in next to the touchscreen which allows your phone to be viewable at the same height and angle as the touchscreen.

      Tandem screens you might say. This is something I’ve not seen in any other wireless headset, and it’s one more reason you might want to take a look at this wireless headset. 

      Talk time 

      DECT headsets, when compared to their wireless Bluetooth counterparts, aren’t known for extended talk time batteries. After all, some Bluetooth headsets can provide something north of 30 hours. That said, the Yealink WH66 provides you with a respectable 14 hours of talk time, and by DECT standards, this is solid. 

      2 wearing styles to choose from 


      One other nice thing about the Yealink headset is you have your choice of three different wearing styles; 

      1. Duo - over the head that covers two ears 
      2. Mono - over the head that covers one ear

      So, rather than having a headset that only gives you one wearing option, the Yealink WH66 allows you to select from a mono and duo so you can find the one that's right for you.

      Loud environment? The duo would be a good choice. Want to hear what’s going on around you while you wear a headset? The mono would be ideal. 

      Sound Quality 

      The WH66 does a very good job to reduce unwanted background noise. So if noise is a constant in your workplace, then the WH66 would be a great choice for you to consider. That said, I personally found the richness of the microphone to be lacking.

      Don’t get me wrong here, you can be heard loud and clear which is what most people are looking for. Still, the audio quality, for my preference, lacks a richness that can be found in other headsets such as the Orosound Tilde Pro for example, which has impressive sound. If decent voice quality is good enough, and you're wanting to reduce annoying background noise, then the WH66 should be on your short list because it does a great job at removing noise.

      Speaker sound quality

      As for the ear speaker sound quality, I have to say that there’s room for improvement as well. If your intended use is for business meetings, this headset will be perfectly fine.

      When listening to music you’ll probably find that the sound you get leaves you wanting something better. But, in all fairness, this headset wasn’t purpose built for music and entertainment, because it was built for business applications. So from that perspective, it does what it was designed to do

      The long and the short of it. 

      If long wireless range is something that’s important to you, I’d suggest that you end your search right here. In our tests, there isn’t a headset that we’ve found that provides more wireless range than the Yealink WH66. It provided a lot more wireless range over all the others we tested. So if that’s your number one buying criteria, this is the headset for you.

      But if there are other things on your list besides long wireless range, such as sound quality, then your decision will likely get a little more difficult. There are a number of attractive features on the WH66 that truly makes it a compelling headset to consider. Once you consider all it has to offer, and you’ve prioritized what’s most important to you, your decision should become easier as to whether or not this is the right headset for you, and your situation. 

      Best Wireless Headset For Loud Environments

      In this fifth, and final category, we provide you with our pick for the best wireless headset for those who have to wrestle with annoying noise throughout their workday. If you’re someone who works in a busy call center, or office with enthusiastic coworkers, then you know how important it is to have a headset that’s capable of reducing that noise.

      Distractions are known to reduce worker productivity, and studies show that once you’re interrupted, or distracted, it can take up to twenty minutes to regain your former focus. That erodes productivity, and frequently is the source of worker frustration. So, what headset did we find to be the best for taming that unruly noise? 

      Jabra Evolve2 75

      jabra evolve2 75

      Price: $384.00 w/o charging stand, $439.00 with charging stand. Use Coupon Code BLOG for a nice discount when shopping on our website. 


      So what makes this headset, over all the others, the go-to choice for killing unwanted office noise? Well, in order to answer that question, I have to first breakdown the two different noises that this headset had to deal with. 

      • Noise that your callers hear - Microphone noise reduction abilities
      • Noise that the headset wearer hears - headset noise reduction

      Bonafide background noise assassin 

      Let me start with how the Jabra Evolve2 75 helps to remove unwanted noise for your callers. This is important because you really don’t want your callers to hear all the different noises going on around you. this can be viewed as unprofessional, and can even be a distraction that can disrupt a conversation.

      The Jabra Evolve2 75 has 8 onboard microphones. I honestly don’t know how many microphones are needed to provide excellent sound, but having eight sounds like there’s enough to get the job done. We did sound tests for voice audio quality, and we put the Evolve2 75 up against different annoying sounds to test its ability to remove noise, and it performed beautifully.

      Not only is the voice audio quality superb, but it did a very good job to eliminate that background noise. This means that when you use this headset, you can rest assured that your callers will hear you loud and clear with a richness of sound not found on many other headsets.

      And that background noise won't be heard which will give your callers a professional call experience. If you’d like to hear how the Evolve2 75 sounds, make sure to watch our review video. I think you’ll be impressed.

      So when it comes to reducing noise for your callers, the Jabra Evolve2 75 gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up. 

      Make all the noise you want, I'm good 

      jabra evolve2 75 with link 380 adapter connected

      The other aspect of noise reduction is preventing the person wearing the headset from hearing room noises.This is done through a standard feature on the Evolve2 75, called Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC” for short. If you’re not familiar with this term, ANC is a feature that you can turn on to remove unwanted room noise. So for example, if you’re needing to concentrate on some important task, and there’s noisy coworkers in your work area, simply activate the ANC feature and those noises will fade away. And, once it does, you can stay focused on your work distraction free.

      The Jabra Evolve2 75 attacks that noise from two fronts: 

      • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 
      • Passive Noise Cancellation 

      Passive noise canceling refers to the design of the headset ear cups and cushions. They’re specifically designed in such a way that it aids in reducing room noise passively. Sound reflecting materials, angled design, and oversize ear cushions all work in harmony to help keep noise to a minimum.

      Then, when you add in the ANC feature, noise is reduced even further. So, if killing that background noise is high on your needs list, then this headset really needs to be on your short list. 

      Go the distance 

      The Jabra Evolve2 75 is rated to provide a wireless range up to 100 feet. However, when you factor in obstacles such as walls, windows and doors for example, which are all common to our workplaces, the wireless signal is weakened causing the range to be closer to 50 - 75 feet. This amount of wireless range is pretty standard across most all brands of Bluetooth wireless headsets, and most find it to be adequate.

      If longer wireless range is what you’re after, then make sure to check out the Yealink WH66. It provides the longest wireless range of any headset we've ever tested.

      Bottom Line 

      Overall, the Jabra Evolve2 75 is a high quality wireless headset that does a superb job of reducing unwanted noise, while at the same time giving you exceptional audio quality.

      The ear speakers provide a surprisingly nice overall sound, so you won't be disappointed when you shift from business calls, to entertainment. And when you're not on calls, the microphone stows out of the way into the ear speaker housing. It's like getting two headsets in one.

      The headset isn’t heavy either, coming in at 6.75 ounces, which is about average for headsets of this type. This means that wearing it all day long should be fine, especially when you consider that it’s been designed to be worn all day, and it has a generously padded headband and ear cushions.

      So, if you’re wanting a headset that has professional sound, and removes noise at a high level, then the Jabra Evolve2 75 would be a great choice. It’s not only modern looking, but it’s packed with a lot of great, and useful technology features.


      When checking out on our website, make sure to use coupon code BLOG. to receove a nice discount on your order. 

      Have Questions?

      If you have questions, or would like a tailored headset recommendation, make sure to reach out to us here at Headet Advisor. One of our friendly, and knowledgeable Advisors will be happy to help.

      Here's how we can be reached.

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      Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

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