Plantronics CA12CD-S Wireless PTT Amplifier for Dispatch

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Don't be restricted by a cord when dispatching. The Plantronics CA12CD-S is a unique product made specifically for Public Safety and Air Traffic Control applications. If dispatching is what you do and you're doing it with a cord, cut that cord and move up to a hands free, wire free communication experience.

The Plantronics CA12CD-S works with Plantronics H series headset tops but it can also work with Plantronics compatible headsets too which gives you a wide variety of headset tops to choose from. Dispatching is typically a 24-7 activity which means that you don't have time to be down.

The CA12CD-S comes with the primary battery and a spare charging bay that charges the included second battery. When the first battery needs recharging, simply exchange it with the one that's stowed and charged in the bay located on the base. Snap off the discharged battery and snap on the freshly charged one. Takes but a moment and it will keep you talking.

You can adjust how loud you hear your callers and how loud your voice is being transmitted as well. This gives you flexibility to make volume adjustments suited for the situation and the work environment. Connects via 6 wire 2 prong plug and the unit broadcasts on a secure DECT 1.9 GHZ frequency for call security. 

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