As open offices become more popular today, the number one challenge people find distracting at work, is office noise. office noise distractions One tool that can help fix the noise in your office and improve productivity, is getting the right noise canceling headsets for your desk phones. For a desk phone, there's a common misconception you can use a Bluetooth headset. A DECT headset is always recommended and not Bluetooth. DECT vs. Bluetooth: what's the difference? Here's a list of the 3 best wireless noise canceling headsets for your desk phone:

#1 Plantronics CS520 (Good)

The Plantronics CS520 is compatible with your desk phones and helps to reduce background noise, with two speakers covering your ears. Being that the ear cushions don't fully enclose your ears, this can still be a challenge in louder working spaces, but is much better than a headset only covering one ear. plantronics cs520

#2 Plantronics Savi 8220 (Better)

The Plantronics Savi 8220 connects to your desk phone, computer and mobile phone. In many cases you're paying more for multiple connections that aren't needed. That being said, the Savi 8220 does a great job of blocking out background noise with larger ear cushions and active noise cancellation. plantronics savi 8220

#3 Discover Adapt 30 (Best)

The Discover Adapt 30 out of the box will connect with your desk phones. This is the only headset that can convert from a single to dual speaker wearing style, with both options included out of the box. So, if you work in an office with moderate to loud noise, you can easily switch between the single and dual speaker options. This is also nice because some employees prefer a single speaker and others prefer a headset that covers both ears, so instead of purchasing two models, this headset works for both types of wearing preferences. discover adapt 30
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