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Are you in the market for a new wireless headset for use in your office, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money? Maybe you’re just plain looking for a cheap wireless headset. Before you venture down that path, you might want to read this first. 

In this blog, I’ll cover some points about buying inexpensive wireless headsets and why that might not be in your best interest. But, before I jump into that, I did want to mention that I recorded a video that goes over this very same subject. If you’d like to watch that video rather than reading all this, I’ll put it below. Feel free to watch. 

Ok, let’s dive in. 

You want or need a new wireless headset, but you don’t want to break the bank in the process. After all, office wireless headsets can cost $200.00 or more, right? Chances are, you’re thinking that you want a wireless headset under $100.00 that will be “good enough”. That might be true, and then again, it might end up being more costly than you think, or even a disaster. 

What do you typically get when you buy a cheap wireless headset?

High quality stuff?

Um, not really. You get what you pay for comes to mind. There’s no way a company can provide high quality products and then provide high quality service to back up that product if the price is cheap.

There simply isn’t enough profit to make those things a reality. So what do you typically get if you go cheap on an office wireless headset?

Here are some of the things that wouldn’t be uncommon: 

  • Inconsistent sound quality 
  • Static 
  • Echo 
  • Cutting in and out 
  • Poor or no noise cancelling microphone 
  • Limited features 
  • Limited warranty
  • Limited to no post sale support (basically, you’re on your own) 
  • Lack of industry standard comfort features 
  • Not reliable 
  • Sub par battery (shorter talk times, longer charge times) 

If you plan on using your office wireless headset on your important business calls and you’re fine with the bullet points above, then a cheap wireless headset may be your perfect choice.

However, most people want to sound good when on business calls, and in order to make that a consistent reality, you need a good quality wireless headset. 

At Headset Advisor, we’ve provided office headsets for almost 30 years. We stay away from headsets that fit the description above because we know that the appeal of a low price fades away quickly when all the issues begin to surface.

Once that happens, the customer is unhappy, or even angry, and we look bad for having provided the product in the first place. To make matters worse, we then have to take those undesirable calls to work through all the problems that come up. 

If you take the position that the headset is cheap, and if it breaks, you’ll just buy another

That can work in some cases, but in most, it likely won’t. First, you’re dealing with a headset that’s likely uncomfortable, unreliable and sounds bad. So when that gem decides to take its final breath, you’ll end up right back where you started from; having a headset that’s uncomfortable, unreliable and sounds bad. Add to that, you’ll have time back on a handset if you’re using a desk phone, or be without a headset completely if you’re using a Softphone. That can put a real damper on your work and productivity while you wait for a replacement to arrive. 

There are a lot of reasons NOT to buy a cheap headset and very few that would make it a good idea. Here are a few reasons why buying a good quality office wireless headset makes sense: 

  1. You’ll get a comfortable headset to wear during the day, and you won’t go home at the end of the day with your ears screaming in pain. 
  2. You’ll have a headset that allows you to sound loud and clear, without your customers needing to ask you to repeat yourself during your call. 
  3. Your customers won’t be distracted by any noise going on around you because a good quality office wireless headset will come with a microphone that does a great job to reduce, if not fully eliminate unwanted background noise. 
  4. You’ll have features that can help you to do your job more efficiently and provide conveniences. For example, you can get an office wireless headset to allow you to answer calls when away from the desk so you avoid missed calls and avoid voicemail tag.

    You can also have a few of your team members join you on an important call on their headset in their workspace without the need to set up a conference call and reserve a conference room to do it. It’s quick and easy and one of the many features you won’t find on a cheap wireless headset. 
  1. You’ll have a longer warranty which will give you longer peace of mind and a longer time where you won’t be shelling out more money for a replacement. You’ll have customer and technical support for the time you have your headset. In most cases, that will be about 5 years or longer.

    In this day when good customer support is more uncommon than common, it’s nice to know that support is just a phone call or email away. But that won’t be your experience if you go down the path of buying a cheap wireless headset. Your experience will look much different, believe me. 
  2. You’ll qualify for some trade-in value when the day comes that you want to update or upgrade. 
  3. You’ll have the option to rent your headset rather than buying it if that makes more financial sense for your situation. A rental for a cheap office wireless headset isn’t something you’re going to find. 

Think of buying a cheap office wireless headset as putting you smack dab in the middle of shark infested waters, and buying a good quality headset as sitting on the back of a yacht being served a gourmet meal in calm Carribean waters.

It’s just a bad idea to go cheap when it comes to you and your business communications. Business is tough on a good day, but add the landmines associated with giving you and your customers a poor call experience from a poor headset, and that’s a recipe for disaster. My advice is simple: JUST DON’T DO IT. 

If you’d like to take a look at some office wireless headsets that can fit anyone’s budget, reach out to us here at Headset Advisor. We’re highly rated across the major online platforms like Google and Amazon as well as the Better Business Bureau.

We’ve been making tailored headset recommendations since 1994 and we offer new and refurbished models. You can also rent for very low rates too, and our rental plan doesn’t require a long term contract and includes a never expiring warranty. Something worth considering. 

Thanks for considering these views on buying a cheap office wireless headset. I hope you found some of this helpful, especially if you’re considering a new headset.

If you're still set on a cheap wireless headset, here's a couple to consider.

#1 Logitech H600

#2 Logitech H800

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