Jabra Headsets For Call  Centers

The majority of business calls are handled by Call Center Agents. In fact, it's estimated that about 80% are handled by Agents who are working from home. This is a major shift compared to how things were just a short time ago.

With the unique noise challenges posed by having a home office, it's highly important for Contact Center Agents to have the right tools which includes a professional grade headset, like you'll find in the Jabra Engage line.

man in suit wearing Jabra engage 55 headset

Headsets that make a difference

Whether working from home, or with your colleagues in a Call Center office, you need a great sounding, comfortable headset. And without question, you want your callers to have a great audio experience. You need to be heard loud, clear and consistent, and you certainly don't want your callers hearing the kids in the background, the family pet greeting the UPS driver, or the sounds of power tools from the yard service crew. 

Three separate call center people wearing Jabra headsets. Each in different workplace

Quality headsets can be easy to overlook

Sure, you can have Agents use their own personal devices, such as the built-in speaker and microphone found in most Laptops, or maybe they can use their earbuds like AirPods. They might even use a pair of sub $50.00 headphones because that's a price everyone can afford. But none of those are good choices, and not surprisingly, they actually end up costing your Call Center money.

Watch our Jabra Engage video below where we challenge those AirPods, a laptop and a pair of inexpensive headphones to some typical distracting noises. We also check the sound quality to see if they're good enough to use on business calls.. Check it out, and when you do, I'm betting you'll agree with me when I say using those in business aren't a good idea.

So rather than accepting poor sound quality, zero noise reduction, and questionable comfort, why not consider some great sounding, professional grade Engage headsets from Jabra?

Get the best from the best

Jabra has been designing and manufacturing professional grade headsets and communication devices for decades. Their brand is highly respected worldwide, and they enjoy that reputation for some very good reasons. The simple truth is, you're in good hands, and safe territory, when using a Jabra product.

5 small info squares that talk about new innovative product introductions

The choice is yours

Jabra gives you a nice selection of professional grade Engage wired and wireless headsets to choose from, which are perfect for Call Center Agents.They're durable, lightweight and comfortable, and they have excellent sound quality. But to help narrow things down, you'll first need to decide if a headset with a cord, or one without is best for your needs.

wired and wireless Jabra engage headset models shown

If you find yourself undecided, reach out to us here at Headset Advisor, and one of our knowledgeable, and friendly Advisors will help you find the Engage headset that's perfect for your situation. We've been providing tailored headset recommendations since 1994, so we can help make things easy for you.

Once you decide which type of headset best meets your needs, and fits into your budget, it's then a matter of deciding which Engage headset is best. And as you can see, there are a number of models to choose from.

a large ghost image of the word Engage with dark background, and in white lettering the names of different Engage headsets

The case for the convertible

One popular choice is the convertible headset because it comes with different wearing styles.You can wear it over the ear, over the head, or behind the neck. Having all these options available makes it a smart choice for deploying to a team. Rather than having to decide for them, or poll your staff, you simply distribute the convertible headset and let them select the wearing style they prefer. A convertible model does have a few drawbacks though:

    1. It doesn't address those that prefer a double ear wearing style
    2. Convertible headsets may give you less wireless range. The Engage 55, and 75 models for example, provide up to 490 feet of range where the convertible models within those lines give you up to 330 feet.
    3. Convertible headsets may provide less talk time than other models in the line. Engage 55/75 models give you up to 13 hours of talk time, and the convertible gives you up to 9 hours.

In spite of these points, convertible headsets make a lot of sense for easy headset deployments, and for those that don't like, or can't wear headband style  headset.

Better sound makes the difference

It's true that Jabra has a great reputation, and it's also true that their headsets have always had great sound, and the Engage line is no exception.

close up view of the end of the microphone

You want great sound when you're engaged with callers, but you also want distracting background noise eliminated. Working from home, as many Call Center Agents do, poses a number of noise challenges that differ from your typical office sounds.

Jabra Engage wired, and wireless headsets all come with noise cacelling microphones which is a comforting thought because you know how noise can interrupt calls, your concentration, and compromise the quality of your call overall.

Here at Headset Advisor, we test all makes and models of headsets for sound quality, and noise reduction capabilities. The Jabra Engage line of headsets are among the best sounding headsets available today.

Below, David is shown testing the Jabra Engage 55 against barking dog noise.

Man wearing a Jabra headset testing it against the sounds of barking dogs

So if sounding good, and keeping noise off your calls is important, then you simply can't go wrong when you choose a Jabra Engage headset. Wired, or wireless, it  doesn't matter, because they all excel at removing noise from your surroundings.

Smart speakers

Speakers are an essential part of any headset, but how many have intelligent speakers? I'll wait. Still waiting. 

Well, the answer to that question is nobody. That is, until Jabra took a swing. And no, I'm not referring to your home smart speaker, or those embedded sensors that detects whether or not a headset is being worn. I'm referring to speech level normalization, which is a completely different animal.

a dark image of a jabra engage headset ear speaker with animated soundwaves coming in, smooth soundwaves entering an ear
a graphic image of sound levels being automatically normalized, along with a text descriptiion of the process

Once set, the headset regulates the volume from that point forward automatically.  No continuous raising, or lowering the volume to keep it coming at your preferred level. It's like sound that's on auto pilot.

Engaging Call Security

Jabra Engage headsets take security to new heights. By definition, DECT headsets are more secure when compared to Bluetooth models. But Engage headsets don't stop with the status quo when it comes to securing your conversations. You get FIPS military grade 256 bit digital security which is tech talk for your calls are super secure, at higher levels than other DECT devices.

graphic of the steps up in call security technology used in Jabra Engage headsets

If the nature of your calls involves sensitive information, such as in banking or hospital situations for example, where conversations might include personal details, then you'll appreciate the degree to which Jabra goes to secure your calls, and keep them private.

Durability tested, reliability assured

We all want our devices to work when they're called upon to do their job. Work is challenging enough without having "issues" to deal with. 

Jabra unleashed the junkyard dogs to test the durability of the Engage 40, and 50 II headsets. Junkyard dog in this case refers to sophisticated, unrelenting robots tasked with putting the Engage 40, and 50 II headsets through their paces. Jabra's intent was to test the headsets for their ability to stand up to the rigors of demanding everyday use in a Call Center.

four images of a robotic arm twisting, spinning and bending a Jabra Engage 40 and 50 II headset testing them for durability

The results of these tests were highly successful as the Engage 40, and 50 II headsets exceeded the strength and durability tests they were put through. This should provide you with some measure of assurance that the Engage 40, and 50 II headsets will hold up, even in the most demanding environments.

Longer wireless range anyone?

man in office setting walking while  wearing a wireless headset

Part of the value, and just plain fun, of  having a wireless headset besides not having a cord, is the freedom to move around your workspace. Whether that involves grabbing a cup of coffee, talking with coworkers across the office, or maybe going outside to continue your conversation while soaking up some morning sun. Wherever work takes you, Jabra Engage wireless headsets give you more wireless freedom to work the way you want.

woman wearing a jabra engage headset standing next to a home window

  • Bluetooth headsets typically give you up to 100 feet of wireless range.
  • Many DECT headsets are rated up to 350 feet.
  • The Jabra Engage wireless headsets give you up to 490 feet of walking and talking with the convertible models being a bit less at up to 330 feet. 

If you find having more wireless freedom to be of value, then look no further than the Jabra Engage wireless headsets for a better, more mobile communication experience. Walk and talk further with an Engage wireless headset.

Protection working in the background

Hearing is one of the many things we all take for granted. That is, until we begin to lose it. Jabra has spent countless hours, and significant resources to help protect your hearing.

As a company, Jabra sees hearing protection as an important piece of their overall corporate responsibility profile.Protecting those who use Jabra products has always been a high priority, and that point of view continues today. The graphic below shows the different ways Jabra headsets help protect your hearing.

four squares each talking about hearing protection technology

Whether it's the sharp piercing sound of an unexpected fax tone or the shrill of feedback, sudden, unexpected sound spikes can damage hearing. Jabra Engage headsets help to keep you safe so you can concentrate on your calls.

Across the board compatibility

A headset can be comfortable, sound great and have a ton of great features, but if it's not compatible with your system, it's really no help.

Being  a world class, world renowned communications manufacturer, Jabra takes compatibility, and interoperability into account whenever they have a new product in development.

jabra engage headset on desk top next to computer, with logos of software it's compatible with

Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco Jabber, Dialpad or others, rest assured that the Jabra Engage headset you select is going to work like a champ right out of the box. 

Software makes the hardware (better)

My guess is right out of the box, you'll love your new Jabra Engage headset. But if you want to make it even better, download the free Jabra software to get the most from your new device.

image of jabra Direct software screen and text that explains what it does
screenshot of Jabra Xpress software and text that describes what it does
screenshot of jabra sound + software plus text that describes what it does

screenshot of jabra engage + software and text that  describes what it does

Jabra software offers something for everybody. Whether you're a wearer of a headset, an IT Manager in charge of overseeing a team or devices across an enterprise, or even an audiophile, Jabra software has something to help enhance your experience. And the customer isn't left out either with analytics for Call Center Managers to help drive your message better while improving productivity and driving better customer engagement.

Your headset your way

You'll find some great headset choices when looking throughout the Jabra Engage product line. So no matter which you decide on, you're assured of a solid, professional sounding, comfortable headset you can count on, and wear all day. 

a collage of Jabra Engage wired and wireless headsets

Integrated busylights | Adjustable headbands and ear speakers | Inline controls for easy access to commonly used features | Longer wireless range | Professional sounding microphones with excellent noise reduction | Long life batteries | Wired use on wireless headsets for greater flexibility, and no downtime while recharging | Integrated ringer so you don't miss important calls | Remote call answering even when away from the desk | More headsets can be used in the workspace without interference | Highest level of call security | Compatibility with all the leading UC software applications | Simple to use right out of the box | Backed by Jabra, a world leader in communications technology.

Just a few of the many reasons that make Jabra Engage headsets worth your time to consider, use and deplooy.

Order from Headset Advisor for a better experience

Anyone can sell you a product, but not everyone can back it up with high level support. Headset Advisor was founded on the principle of providing the best customer service experience, and that's what we've been delivering for the past 30 years.

Don't settle for second rate service when a better option is available to you. Let our Advisors, and support team give you the service you deserve.






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