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With the steep rise in the use of headsets since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, manufacturers have been pumping out so many new models it’s hard to keep track of them all. 

With so many people anxiously awaiting the arrival of new models that promise to be new and improved, what about those models that have been steadily, and reliably getting the job done quietly in the background? Are they no longer relevant to today’s needs? Can they not do the job with today’s applications? 

In this blog I won’t attempt to answer that question in its entirety, but what I will do is to siphon out one of those legacy wireless headsets to see if it’s still relevant and able to provide help where it’s needed today. 

The model that I’ll showcase is the Jabra Pro 930. 

jabra pro 930

Some, or maybe even many of you, will be familiar with this wireless headset. If so, much of what I’ll be discussing may be redundant due to your familiarization with this model.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Jabra Pro 930, this blog may be of interest. It can help you to learn about a popular product that’s been around for awhile, and whether it can do the job today based on the newest audio and video applications being used. 

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Before I jump into this, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a Youtube video on this exact subject. A lot of people prefer to watch video content rather than laboring through the written word. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

If video is your preference, make sure to watch this one. In it, I show you the Jabra Pro 930, explain its features, and best of all, I do several microphone sound tests.

Based on our customers feedback, microphone tests are of high interest, so we test the microphone not only for sound quality, but how well it does to remove some annoying background sounds. 

Jabra Pro 930 review + mic test video

Ok, if you’re still reading this then come along as we dive into the Jabra Pro 930 to learn a little about it, and find out if this is a product that is still useful in today’s business environment. 

How have things changed? 

If we were to go back in time, even just a short five years ago, we’d find a business environment that was clearly changing. It was heading towards computer based applications, and away from lower tech solutions. Specifically, there’s been a steady migration away from premise based systems including desktop telephones, and expensive, room based video conferencing systems. 

Today, we can accomplish a myriad of things right from a personal computer, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. This includes our voice communications, individual, or group video conferencing as well as our different entertainment options. 

With the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, this migration that was already underway, accelerated, and accelerated almost overnight. People who normally went to an office to do their business abruptly found themselves working from home.

The problem was, not everyone was properly equipped to have the transition from the office to home go smoothly. They lacked the hardware and software, but corporate purchasing staff across the country did a good job to secure the necessary products to keep their staff on the job. 

How things are today 

Today, we’ve settled into the new normal of working in a Covid environment. One of those things is to use our computers and mobile devices for all things business. For example, making phone calls is now commonly done via our computer rather than over a copper landline and deskphone.

Video conferencing isn’t commonly done with a group of people assembling in a conference room any more. Instead, we now have the necessary tools to conduct personal video conferencing calls with someone, or even with a group.

That said, how does the Jabra Pro 930 fit with this new way of working considering that when the Pro 930 was introduced, our working environment was quite different. Let’s take a look and find out. 

A few quick facts about the Jabra Pro 930 

The Jabra Pro 930 operates off of a DECT 6.0 signal rather than using Bluetooth as many products do today. There are advantages and disadvantages of both, but one area where the DECT has a notable advantage is in the amount of wireless range. 

Bluetooth headsets will normally provide you with a wireless talk range of 50-100 feet. DECT headsets, on the other hand, can provide up to 350 feet, or even more. So, if wireless talk range is important, then a DECT headset is something to take a good close look at. 

DECT headsets are limited in the devices they can connect to, whereas Bluetooth headsets have more versatility. For example, a DECT headset will typically connect to a traditional deskphone, and/or to a computer. DECT headsets aren’t designed for use with mobile devices that are used on the go. 

Bluetooth headsets, on the other hand, are primarily designed for use with Bluetooth enabled devices that include mobile phones and tablets. They can also be used with computers.

In today’s business environment where computers and mobile devices are at the center of the tools we use, Bluetooth headsets are perhaps the most versatile, and useful type of headset you get.

That’s not to say that a headset like the Jabra Pro 930 can’t be used successfully today. It does depend on what your needs are, as with any headset you might be considering. Matching the right headset to your specific needs is basic to selecting the right headset. 

The Jabra Pro 930 is a DECT headset that’s designed to be used with a computer

With that in mind, what kind of applications are we using today? 

  • RingCentral - a computer based application for audio and video calls
  • Microsoft Teams - team collaboration with audio and video calls
  • Zoom - video conferencing 
  • Dialpad 
  • 8X8 
  • Comcast Business 
  • Youtube 
  • Podcasts 
  • Spotify
  • The list goes on 

What single thing do all of these applications have in common? They’re all computer based. So, if you have a headset that is capable of connecting to a computer, and the applications we use are computer based, then it stands to reason that a DECT headset, the Jabra Pro 930 in this case, is still relevant for those who use applications such as those mentioned above. 

As noted earlier, where a Jabra Pro 930 comes up short is for those who want to use a wireless headset on the go with Bluetooth enabled devices. This isn’t something that the Jabra Pro 930 was designed to do, and would therefore be the wrong headset choice. 

Final thoughts 

Overall, the Jabra Pro 930 is still relevant in 2021 in certain situations. This underscores the importance of knowing up front how you plan on using a headset, and what your current, and near future needs are. If those needs today, and the foreseeable future center around the need of a headset used with a computer, and nothing else, then the Jabra Pro 930 could be a solid choice. 

It has the advantage of being able to be worn over the ear, or over the head. Not everyone can wear a headset worn over the head as some get headaches from things on the head. Others don’t like that look. Still others can’t find a headset that fits well that’s worn over the ear. In the case of the Jabra Pro 930, you have the choice of both wearing options as the headset comes with an ear loop, and headband. 

If you want the ability to use a headset while at a coffee shop for example, the Jabra Pro 930 isn’t the right headset for you. It works in tandem with a headset charging stand that isn’t practical to take with you on the go. 

The microphone sounds quite good for a budget friendly wireless headset. When I tested the microphone to see how it sounded, I thought my voice was loud and clear and free of any distortion. The amount of available volume was about right too. 

Another area I tested was how well the microphone removed unwanted sounds

These sounds included office noise, dogs barking, wind and our signature blender test where we fire up a Vitamix blender about 3 feet away set on high. Needless to say it’s noisy and a good challenge for any headset.

Surprisingly, the Jabra Pro 930 did quite well in all these tests. But that’s my opinion. Make sure to check out my video so you can hear for yourself how the Pro 930 handled these unwanted noises.

If the Jabra Pro 930 sounds like it might be a good fit for you, make sure you download the Jabra Direct Software. This will help you to keep your headset up to date, and it will allow you to make adjustments to your headset above and beyond the adjustments available to you via the headset buttons which are: 

  • Answer/end calls 
  • Volume up, volume down (the speaker volumes) 
  • Microphone mute 



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