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In spite of the fact that there’s a huge migration away from businesses using traditional desk phones, and towards the use of computer based Softphones, desk phones are still widely used. 

In an effort to maximize worker productivity, and avoid injuries due to cradling a phone on the shoulder, an investment into a good quality wireless headset makes a lot of sense.

The big question is which make and model should you consider given that there are so many different options available? And which ones are the most affordable? 

In this blog, I’ll provide you with five affordable wireless headset options for you to consider for use with your office desk phone. The phone itself can be an analog, digital, centrex, or even voip type device, it really doesn’t matter because these wireless headsets will work with them all with the exception of the Yealink WH62 which I’ll discuss later on.

So come along as I dive into five affordable wireless headsets for desk phones and before you know it, you’ll be talking not only hands free, but wire free as well. 

In years past, the number of choices for wireless headsets were limited with very few models available from the leading providers such as Jabra and Poly (formerly Plantronics).

Not only were the options very limited, but trying to find one that was inexpensive was even a greater challenge. That’s not the case today because there are more companies manufacturing headsets, so your options are no longer limited.

And, trying to find one that won’t drain your bank account isn’t much of a challenge any longer. For Jabra and Plantronics, this might not come as good news, but to the buying public, having choices is always a good thing especially if prices become more affordable. 

Some of the manufacturers we considered for this blog include: 

  • Poly 
  • Jabra
  • EPOS / Sennheiser 
  • Discover 
  • OroSound 
  • Yealink 
  • Logitech 

Within each brand you’ll find multiple headset options to choose from. Below are our top five choices for a good quality, affordable wireless headset for desk phones. These are not arranged in one through five order, but instead, five models for you to consider. 

Discover Adapt 30 

discover adapt 30

The Discover Adapt 30 is a unique wireless headset, and it does take some creativity and effort to produce something that’s not been done before. The Adapt 30 can switch from a single ear wearing style, to a double.

When using it in the two ear configuration, both ear speakers are active. This means that you get a fully functional binaural headset, or, a single ear if you prefer.

Changing it from one wearing style to another takes just a moment too. That’s amazing versatility that you just don’t see in any other wireless headset, no matter what the brand is. 

You might want to hear what’s going on around you, and if so, the single ear wearing style would be best. However, during those times when the noise gets a bit out of control in your office, it would be useful to have both ears covered.

That’s exactly what you can do with the Discover Adapt 30. Simply snap off the single ear headband, and snap on the dual ear band. You’ll hear better, and much of that distracting office noise will be suppressed which will help to improve your concentration. 

Besides having the ability to switch between single and two ear wearing styles, the Discover Adapt 30 has a few more features that help to make it a great value.

Phone and PC connectivity

If you need to connect the headset to a desk phone, that’s no problem for the Adapt 30, but it can also be used with a computer. Simply insert a small cartridge adapter into the headset base, and you have instant access to computer connectivity.

So, if you discover a need for Zoom video conferencing, or meetings using Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or many of the other popular applications, the Discover Adapt 30 will get you connected. 

Noise cancelling microphone

In order for your callers to hear you, and not the sound going on around you, the Adapt 30 comes with a noise cancelling microphone to help reduce unwanted noise so your callers hear you loud and clear. 

3-year warranty

Many wireless headsets come with a 1 or 2-year warranty. The Adapt 30 extends that warranty coverage to a full 3-years. Longer warranty means longer peace of mind, and no unexpected surprises and expenses. 

If you’d like to watch a video overview of the Adapt 30, you can view it here 

Discover D904 

discover d904 wireless headset

The Discover D904 is a fully featured, reasonably priced wireless headset. It has a lot of features included that help to make this a model well worth your time to consider. 

Dual connectivity

The Discover D904 can connect to a desk phone or to a computer. You get all the parts needed to connect to both. Switching from one to the other is as simple as pressing a button. Need to make some phone calls? No problem. Need to jump on a quick Zoom call? Got you covered. 

Unlimited talk time

Like all batteries, the D904 battery has limits in how much talk time it offers. When the battery needs recharging you have a fully charged spare battery onboard that you can swap it out with. You’ll never run out of charge because you have a spare battery and charger included.

Convertible headset

Right out of the box you get a headband to wear the D904 over the head, but you also get a variety of sizes of ear loops in case you want to wear it over your ear instead. With the D904 you’re not stuck with one wearing style because you have choices, and they’re included. 

Noise cancelling microphone

To help reduce unwanted background noise, the D904 comes standard with a noise cancelling microphone. This allows your callers to hear you, and not what’s going on around you. 

3-year warranty

This is among the longest warranties in the industry, with most brands offering 1 or 2-year warranties. With a 3-year warranty, you have longer peace of mind and no unexpected expenses during the 3-year period. 

Jabra Pro 920

Price: MSRP $285.00, but commonly priced under $200.00. 

jabra pro 920 lifestyle

Jabra has a long reputation for producing a very wide range of wired and wireless headsets. The functionality as well as pricing varies according to the model chosen, but with the Pro 920 model, you get a solid, great sounding and affordable wireless headset for under $200.00. What makes this a headset that should be on your short list? Consider these points: 

Noise cancelling microphone

As with the other models on this list, the Jabra Pro 920 comes with a noise cancelling microphone to help filter out unwanted background noise. This gives your callers a better audio experience so they hear you, and not all that noise going on around you. For anyone in business, a noise cancelling microphone is a must have feature. 

Convertible design

The Jabra Pro 920 comes with a monaural headband that covers one ear. You can also purchase an ear loop for an on-ear wearing experience, or a behind the neck band if the other two wearing styles aren’t to your liking.


The battery in the Jabra Pro 920 provides up to 12 hours of talk time, and recharges in 3 hours. You get 20% recharge in 20 minutes, and 50% charge in 50 minutes. 

Wireless Range

The Jabra Pro 920 is rated to provide up to 395 feet of wireless talk range. I’ve always made it a rule of thumb to divide the stated range in half in order to arrive at a more realistic, real world wireless range number.

In this case, you should expect to get somewhere around 200 feet of wireless range. Typically, stated range is “open field” or “line of sight” in which case, both are inaccurate to real world situations that are full of range reducing obstructions. 

Wideband or Narrowband

The Jabra Pro 920 gives you the choice of using the wireless headset in wideband mode, or narrowband. Using it in wideband mode will give you enhanced sound quality, but in the process, it will reduce the amount of talk time. 

Jabra Pro 920 video review 

EPOS / Sennheiser Impact D10

Price: $280.98, but can be rented monthly affordably 

epos impact d10

EPOS Sennheiser is synonymous with excellence in audio quality through their well known German engineering. The D10 phone version lives up to that reputation.

The build quality is excellent as is the microphone and speaker quality which is what you’ve come to expect from this brand. Several things combine to make the EPOS Sennheiser D10 a product you should take a good look at. 

Wireless range

When you have a wireless headset, you want to get up, move away from your desk, and do other things, i.e., multi-task. The EPOS D10 is stated to provide up to 590 feet of wireless talk range. This 590 feet of range is what EPOS states as “line of sight”. This means wireless range where there are no obstructions between the headset base unit, and the wireless headset top.

As we all know, that doesn’t describe a normal office work environment. In a normal work environment, you have obstructions such as walls, windows, people, cubicles, elevators and more. All these objects weaken the wireless signal as the signal must pass through these things in order to maintain a wireless connection.

Jabra goes on to say “180 feet in a typical office”. I applaud this clarification by EPOS as it’s right in line with my views as to what you should expect in terms of the distance you should expect on a wireless headset. Still, 180 feet is very acceptable and for most people, adequate for what their needs will likely be. 

Conference feature

Rather than having to reserve a conference room to get a small group together for a conference call, you have an option with the EPOS D10. Skip the conference room and have the same call from the comfort of your office or workspace.

The call organizer can accept up to 3 call participants to join the call. The process is easy, and allows everyone to join the call without the need to be huddled together. This gives you added freedom by being able to access your computer while on the call to pull up relevant information which can help to make the call more productive. 

Hearing protection

The EPOS D10 comes with a hearing protection feature called ActiveGard. This protects those who wear the D10 from Acoustic Shock events that can be very harmful to their hearing. Acoustic shock can be in the form of high pitched sounds, feedback etc. any harmful sounds that fall outside of the framework of what’s considered normal range. 

Battery / Talk Time

The EPOS D10 comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of live, on-call talk time if used in the narrowband mode. If you decide that HD quality is more what you want, then the talk time reduces to 8 hours.

Many wireless headsets that are designed for use in an office environment have batteries that provide much less. With the EPOS D10, you won’t have to worry about a dead battery during your work day. Recharging the battery is among the quickest I’ve seen at only 1 hour, with 50% charge in a short twenty minutes. 

Convertible versatility

The EPOS Sennheiser D10 allows you to wear it in either of two ways; over the head with the included mono headband, and on the ear with the ear loop that comes with it. If you prefer one wearing style over the other, then you have that option.

 Or, if you just want a change of pace and would like to wear the headset differently, you have that ability as well. You may never need, nor use the optional wearing style, but it’s nice to have it just in case you have a change of mind. 


The EPOS Sennheiser D10 comes with a manufacturer 2-year warranty which is better than many on the market today. Though the Discover brand carries a full 3-year warranty, many others offer a 1-year, so this 2-year warranty is solid. 

EPOS Sennheiser D10 datasheet 

Yealink WH62

Price: $169.99 for the mono version, and $179.99 for the Duo. Both can be rented for a very reasonable monthly rate. 

yealink wh62

Yealink is another one of those newcomers to the wired and wireless headset industry. In recent years the name Yealink was more commonly known for a manufacturer of office desk phones. They earned a solid reputation for producing good quality products at favorable prices.

This same philosophy has flowed smoothly into the headset space with their new line of headsets. The WH62 series is their entry point for wireless headsets, but don’t let that lead you into thinking that these are stripped down models compared to the others in the stable.

Not so. Feast your eyes on these features and you’ll understand why I’m looking at this brand favorably. But, before you do, keep in mind that the Yealink wireless headsets only work with Yealink and some Polycom iP phones.

So if you’re using Cisco, Avaya, or other brands of phones other than Yealink or Polycom, be aware that these headsets will not work with them. 

Noise cancelling microphone

The Yealink WH62 features two microphones working in harmony to help pick up your voice clearly, while at the same time reducing background noise. Yealink refers to their noise cancellation technology as “Acoustic Shield”, and we had the opportunity to put this technology to the test up against the most well known brand to see which did a better job to eliminate unwanted background noise. I did this in a video I recently shot, and you can view this video here.

As you’ll see in this video, the Yealink Acoustic Shield technology, in my view, was the best at reducing unwanted noise even when stacked up against the biggest name in the industry. So if noise reduction is a concern of yours, then the Yealink WH62 is worth your time to consider. 

The WH62 also comes with hearing protection that helps to protect you from sound spikes that can damage your hearing. 


The Yealink WH62 has the ability to conference up to a total of four (4) Yealink wireless headsets onto a call. No conference room needed. Simply pair up your headset to the meeting organizers wireless headset base and then return to your workstation.

You join the calls with three of your colleagues while having access to your data at your fingertips. This is convenient and efficient while not requiring expensive resources to conduct the conference call. 

Wireless range

The Yealink WH62 is stated to go up to 525 feet. Though that’s a generous range statement, in our tests, this headset performed noticeably better than many other brands we tested. In general, we advise that you cut the stated range in half to arrive at a more realistic range estimate.

That said, the Yealink performed well, and provided longer wireless talk range than what we expected. If talk distance is important to you, the WH62 should be at the top of your list. 

Talk time

The talk time on the WH62 is 13 hours for the mono model, and 14 hours on the duo. The time to recharge the battery is 2.5 hours. This talk time is at the higher end of battery life when compared to many other wireless headsets, even those that cost significantly more. 

Mic Mute

Raise the microphone boom arm up, and the microphone is muted. Lower it back to the normal talk position, and you resume your conversation. This is a handy feature when a quick mic mute is needed (sneeze, cough, interruption, eat etc). 

Dual connectivity

Out of the box, you get connectivity to two different devices; phone and computer. Again, phone connection needs to be to a Yealink or select models of Polycom. When using the WH62 with a Yealink phone, you get remote call answering built in without the need to purchase a separate device such as a handset lifter or Electronic Hookswitch Cable (EHS). That’s not only more convenient, but less expensive as well.

Ringer in the base

This is a rare feature not commonly found on wireless headsets. It’s handy to have the ringer in the base of the wireless headset to alert you when you have an incoming call. 

Optional busy light

To help let others around you know that you’re busy, and on a call, the WH62 offers an optional busy light. It turns on when you get on a call that lets those around you know not to interrupt you. A small thing maybe, but if you’re on a very important call, it’s nice to not be interrupted. 

Yealink WH62 review video 

Final Thoughts 

Any of the wireless headsets featured on this blog will do an excellent job for you. To decide on one model over the other really comes down to a couple of things; 

  1. What do you want or need the headset to do, or connect to? Are you needing a wireless headset to connect to a desk phone? Do you need it to connect to a desk phone AND to a computer? What brand of phone are you using? Yealink, not a Yealink?
  2. What’s your budget? Though these headsets don’t vary all that much in their costs, it can make a difference if you’re looking to deploy a large batch of them. In that case, $50.00 - $75.00 can make a difference in the overall cost. Remember, you always have the option to rent for a very low monthly rate that includes just about everything, so that’s worth considering as well. 

If you want a solid, inexpensive wireless headset, there’s nothing wrong in considering the Jabra Pro 920. It’s a solid wireless headset that’s solely designed to be used with a desk phone. Be aware that if this is the model you’re leaning towards, it cannot be used with a computer.

If you use Polycom iP phones or Yealink, I think it’s a great idea to look closely at the Yealink WH62. It’s a great sounding headset that kills it by reducing unwanted background noise.

In fact, it does better than any other wireless headset brand we’ve ever tested. The price won’t break the bank, and you’ll get a nicely appointed headset that’s sure to please. 

Knowing that the most popular headset wearing style is worn over the head, that gives a strong argument for the Adapt 30. Rather than having to choose between a single ear model, or dual ear, you don’t have to decide at all because both options are included.

It not only has that versatility, but it’s lightweight and comfortable, sounds great, reduces unwanted noise well, and has an industry leading warranty. Nothing to turn your nose up to. 

If you’re a power user and having a long talk time battery is high on your list of importance, then the Discover D904 might be the perfect choice. It comes with two batteries and two chargers (one where you dock the headset top, and the other is embedded in the base).

Forget to charge your headset overnight? Having a busier than usual day?

You won’t have to worry or be concerned because you’ll always have a fully charged, ready to go battery in the spare charging compartment. You can even swap out the batteries while in the middle of a call without risk of dropping the call.

Battery aside, the Discover D904 has other attractive features like the included convertible wearing styles, and the connection to a desk phone and computer all help to make this wireless headset worth your time to look into. 

Last but not least, we come to the EPOS Sennheiser D10. As noted earlier, Sennheiser, a German company, has enjoyed a long reputation for producing high quality audio products.

They’ve continued that tradition right into their business class wireless headsets and the D10 wasn’t left behind. This is a very good quality headset that’s sure to please with above average sound quality. The included two wearing options help to make this appealing to those who prefer to wear a headset over the head, or over the ear.

The battery is rated up to 12 hours of talk time in narrowband mode which is better than most wireless headsets, and the recharge time is crazy at only 1 hour, or 50% charge in 20 minutes.

That’s impressive, and if you don’t believe me, just check out the other guys and see how they compare. Like I say, impressive. 

Having the conference ability is a feature you normally find on more expensive headsets, so that’s nice to see it included on the D10 at this price. 

The warranty is above average at 2 years, and as we all know, longer warranties are always better.

Finally, one last thing

I want to cover before wrapping this up, and this has to do with batteries. Are the batteries in these wireless headsets replaceable by the customer or not? If not, this means that when the battery no longer holds a charge, you’re required to replace the headset rather than the battery.

As you might imagine, the cost to replace the headset is significantly more expensive than the cost to replace the battery. So, let’s take a quick look at which models on this list allow you to swap out the battery. 

Discover Adapt 30 - No 

Discover D904 - Yes 

Jabra Pro 920 - No 

EPOS Sennheiser D10 - Yes 

Yealink WH62 - No

I hope that you found this blog helpful or at the very least somewhat informative. If you’re in the market for a new wireless headset and you’re trying to keep the costs down, then perhaps this blog may have given you a nugget or two of useful information.

Remember too that at Headset Advisor we have a trade-in program where we give credit for old headsets towards the purchase of new. Our monthly rental plan is very popular too if you want to avoid the upfront capital outlay too. 

My best wishes to you in your search for an affordable wireless headset for your phone, or computer.

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