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When you think of cool things, a number of images could come to mind. Maybe things like a cool car, an awesome nature scene or a color changing shower head. Recently, Yealink came out with a new wireless headset, which is like a command center, and I’m adding that to my list of things I think are cool. 

Wireless headsets can connect to a desk phone. They can also connect to a computer. Some headsets can connect to a desk phone, computer and Bluetooth devices.

This new Yealink wireless headset fits best in that later category, and it raises the bar in the process. 

In this blog I’ll do a review of this new Yealink WH67 (cool) wireless headset. I’ll go over the many features it has, and I’ll do a test of the microphone and speaker. I’ll test it to see how well it picks up my voice, how well it removes unwanted background noise as well as how the speaker sounds when music is piped to it. 

In order to hear the sound test I did, you’ll need to watch the video review I recorded. Watching the video might be easier than reading this blog, though if you prefer to read, that’s just fine too.

Otherwise, I’ll post the video below so you can see the Yealink WH67, view its features, and maybe best of all, hear how it sounds. 

If you’re still reading, then come along as I break down the Yealink WH67 wireless headset. 

Right out of the gate I’d like to say that this is a very nice headset. It’s packed with features that are impressive especially considering they’re all condensed into an acceptably decent sized headset footprint. In other words, it’s got a lot of features and the headset base size won’t take up that much of your desk space. 

So what has me falling all over myself with praise for this new office wireless headset? Well, a bunch of stuff and here’s what I mean by that.

The Yealink WH67 comes standard with an elegant 4 inch touchscreen. Forget the fact that nearly all office wireless headsets don’t have a touchscreen, let alone a 4 inch one.

Add to that the fact that the ones that do, tend to be less intuitive and not as easy to use as the one one this new Yealink wireless headset. Navigating around is very easy and much like the kind of navigation experience you have on your typical mobile phone.

When compared to, say, the Jabra touchscreen, this one frankly blows it away. There’s a wide variety of things you can control directly from this beautiful touchscreen. Job well done Yealink

Speakerphone. The Yealink WH67 has a built in speakerphone that’s prominently located on the front of the wireless headset base. 

image of yealink wh67 charging base and headset

This feature can be very useful in a lot of situations. If you don’t feel like wearing the headset, you can opt to use the speakerphone instead. It can also be used if the headset battery needs to be recharged, or there’s a problem with the headset itself. You won’t be found dead in the water because you have this handy option ready and waiting. 


The Yealink WH67 has Bluetooth v. 4.2 in the base for connection to mobile phones and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It also comes with Dect 6.0 connectivity for phone connections and longer wireless talk range.

Most wireless headsets offer you one connection type or the other. Very few wireless headsets offer you Bluetooth and Dect connectivity in the same product. Having both gives you more ways you can use the headset, and it helps avoid the need for multiple headsets for your different connection requirements. 

Wireless talk range 

The WH67 is rated up to 394 feet when using the Dect connection. When using the Bluetooth feature, you’ll see less wireless range as that’s common when compared to Dect.

As with any office wireless headset, the range statements found in the manufacturer’s literature is based on an ideal condition. They use a “line of sight” method for determining how much wireless range you can expect.

Though these numbers are undoubtedly true, they don’t represent real world conditions where you have to contend with barriers and obstructions like walls, windows, partitions and more.

These barriers between the wireless headset and the base unit cause the signal to weaken, and as a result, shortens the wireless talk range. A reasonable rule of thumb is to take the stated wireless talk range and cut it in half.

You may find that you get more than this, and you may find you get a bit less. It all depends on your specific work environment and the number and type of obstructions your wireless headset must deal with. 

USB ports

On the side of the Yealink WH67 charging base, you’ll find two USB ports. These can be used for a number of different purposes. For example, when you’re connected to a computer, you can use these USB ports for things like a wireless mouse, keyboard etc. When not connected to a computer, these USB ports can serve to charge your devices for example. 

Headset Advisor has been in business since 1994 providing office headsets to business professionals. Over that span of time, I have to say that I can’t recall seeing a wireless headset that offered spare USB ports for individual needs. I’d say that helps to qualify the Yealink WH67 as falling into the category of unique. 

Are you starting to see why I feel this is a pretty cool headset? Well, at least as much as a wireless headset can be cool. Happily though there’s more. 


The microphone on the Yealink WH67 is noise cancelling. Nothing out of the ordinary here as most good quality headsets will come with one. This headset actually has two microphones where most have one.

There are others that have more than two mics, but at the end of the day, it really comes down to how good you sound, and how well the microphone eliminates unwanted background noise. 

I’d say that the Yealink WH67 does a good job in the sound quality department. Is it the best of the best? I’d say not, but it does perform acceptably so that you can be heard loud and clear while having some of that unwanted noise removed from your call.

Though not stellar, I’d give it a passing grade. But, at the end of the day, this is something that you need to evaluate and decide on. The best way to do that is to try one out in your office or at the very least, watch my video so you can get an idea how it sounds.

It’s your customers, your voice, your company so it’s up to you to make sure that this headset delivers the sound that you want and need. 

Talk time 

The battery provides the WH67 with up to 8 hours of talk time. For most people, this is enough battery life to power them through a typical work day. If the day calls for more than normal phone usage, you still have the option of placing the headset into the

charging cradle during breaks and lunch for additional charging. Doing this should provide more than enough talk time. 

Included headset wearing styles 

The Yealink WH67 comes with these wearing styles

  • Over the head, single ear headband 
  • Over the ear via ear loop/hook 
  • Earbud/tips - includes many different sizes 
  • Behind the neck - lightweight neckband included 

Most office wireless headsets come with one way to wear it. Others might offer two. Typically this would be over the head, and on the ear. Rarely do you find three or in this case, four different wearing styles. Bottom line, it’s easy to find a wearing style that you like and one that fits with the WH67. Something for everyone. 

Check out the full Yealink WH6x series here

Headset controls 

The controls found on the headset top of the WH67 include hearing volume up, hearing volume down, microphone mute and answer/end. Interestingly, the volume adjustment is executed by sliding your finger from front to back of the headset. Though this isn’t a unique feature, it is one that’s found on models regarded as premium or higher end. The mute button is easily identified because it’s colored red, making it easy to use. 

Optional accessories 

A couple of the optional accessories that are nice include the busy light. Just plug this light into the base, and when you go live on a call, it will light up red to alert those around you that you’re on a call. 

The other nice, (and cool) feature is a mobile phone charger. This is a module that plugs into the side of the base, just next to the display screen. Once plugged in, it provides a place to rest your mobile phone while it receives a charge. Very handy and useful. 


The Yealink WH67 comes with a 2-year warranty. This is a decent length of warranty for a wireless headset. It’s not uncommon to get a 1-year warranty with office wireless headsets, though 2-year, and even 3-year warranties are becoming more common. Still, this is a solid warranty and better than some.


The suggested selling price for this headset is $300. In my experience, I’d say that’s fair and reasonable considering everything you get. You can even rent this headset from Headset Advisor, month to month.

Overall impression 

I’d say for the money, this is a headset that must be on your short list. It’s hard to beat in a lot of ways. That 4 inch touch screen not only navigates well, but it’s easy to read and get things done with.

Having four uniquely different wearing styles makes it easy to find one that works for you. Having long range helps too as does the battery that will last all day. 

Something to be aware of though is if your plans are to consider this headset and you intend to use it with a desk phone, it only works with a select few phones. Among them include some Yealink models, some Polycom VVX models and the Snom model D765.

This means that if you use Cisco or Avaya phones for example, this headset isn’t compatible. That fact alone really limits this headset from wide scale adoption. But, if you do use one of these compatible phone models, you stand to benefit from an awesome headset to go with it. 


Yealink WH67 datasheet 

Purchase the WH67 headset here

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