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Whether you're a small office where it's crucial to have as much money possible to reinvest in your business, or you're a large organization with a strict budget. More customers are now wanting the flexibility and benefit of renting office headsets.

With how fast technology changes, one day you could be using desk phones, the next day you could be using your mobile phones or a computer softphone application for your phone calls. On average, companies switch out their phone systems every 2-3 years.

Rapidly changing technology is the driver behind this. Investing cash into headsets that may not be compatible with the new phone system is frustrating, disruptive and costly. The good news is our rental plan fully eliminates this problem while at the same time, frees up cash that can be invested in other areas of your business.


Office headset rental vs purchasing at a glance

Lifetime ownership: When you're deciding whether to purchase or rent, there's costs not factored in that add to the total lifetime ownership of each headset. Purchasing up front, here's a few factors to consider.

  • The cost of time it takes to manage in or out of warranty office headsets (How do you know what's in warranty? How to start the warranty? Who to contact?)
  • For larger companies there's costs associated with issuing and tracking PO's
  • There's a percentage of headsets that will break slightly out of warranty, requiring a new purchase
  • Batteries, ear cushions, cables, parts/pieces, defective units have a cost- variable costs over time which increases the total lifetime ownership
  • When an employee leaves, and a new employee enters, in many cases to avoid germs, employees don't want to share a headset from someone else. This then requires a new office headset to be purchased.


Benefits of renting office headsets

#1 Flexibility

With a month to month no contract rental option, there's greater flexibility. If an employee moves on to a new role, telecom technology changes or you see a new headset you'd like, the office headset rental program lets you adapt to your changing needs.


#2 Low cost of entry

low up front costs

Office headsets frange from $80-$400ea. An upfront purchase can add up in a hurry especially if you're outfitting an office. rentals start at only $5/mo making entry costs much lower.


#3 No variable costs

Up front costs are not the only thing to consider when purchasing headsets. There will also be variable costs. Need a replacement battery (1-2 years), accessories, or have a broken headset? These are future costs to consider when purchasing headsets. Renting office headsets eliminates variable costs by covering everything


#4 Peace of mind

Purchasing headsets usually come with a 1-3 year warranty. Renting gives you an unlimited warranty. Renting frees you from managing warranties. Need replacements? Keep the card in your wallet and simply let us know, and replacements will be on the way same day.


#5 No buyers remorse

Have you ever purchased a product and later regretted it? All to find out the return policy has expired, and now you're stuck with the product. Renting your office headsets ensure you will always have the exact you need and enjoy! If you haven't decided on an office headset as of yet, reference the guide below to help you make the best decision. 



Overall, renting your office headsets is a plan worth considering for convenience, peace of mind, flexibility and the ability to upgrade or downgrade headsets at anytime, without the large upfront costs. With how fast technology is changing, more companies today are preferring to rent their office technology.


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