With the amount of information online, there's a lot of confusion when it comes to purchasing office headsets. Whether it's for your home, call center, office, or call center, from our experience, these are the most common questions that are asked. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make the best buying decision.


Q: Are all wired office headsets compatible with my phone?

A: No. Business-grade wired headsets require a direct connect cable (sold separately) depending on the make/model of phone you have. The headset manufactures make compatible cables, depending upon which brand of telephone you have. I'd recommend contacting a headset vendor, and verify compatibility to make sure.


Q: Can I answer/end calls away from the phone when using a wireless office headset?

A: Yes, but in order to activate this feature, you'll need a Handset Lifter or Electronic Hook Switch cable (sold separate). It's a common mistake thinking a wireless headset for your office phone allows remote answering, but without adding either one of these accessories, you won't be able to answer calls away from the phone.


Q: Can I take my wireless office headset on the go and use it with my mobile phone?

A: With all the different phone systems and headsets available, it depends which wireless headset you have. If you're using a headset with an office phone, in 99% of cases you'll have a headset that operates on DECT 6.0 technology, not Bluetooth. Meaning, you won't be able to take your headset on the go and connect with your mobile phone.


Q: My phone system provider only says a few headsets are compatible. Is there any other models also compatible?

A: Often time a new phone system provider will have a headset compatibility list with only select models. Whereas, there's many other compatible office headset models not shown. I'd recommend you reach out to your headset vendor to find the best compatible headset for your needs. I've seen time and time again, the headset on these compatibility lists, although compatible, aren't the right fit, or it's not clear what accessories are required to go with your new headset.


Q: I have echo and static in my headset, is it defective?

A: No! Echo in a wired or wireless headset for your office in most cases requires a few setting adjustments. Rather than purchasing all new office headsets, contact your headset vendor, and they should be able to fix echo or static within 5 minutes.


Q: Which wireless office headset has the best noise canceling microphone? A: Almost every headset manufacturer claims to have the best noise canceling microphone, but from our experience, most models with a noise canceling microphone are very similar. We did a microphone comparison with some of the most popular models that you can compare here.


Q: I have a computer softphone and use a wireless headset. Why can't I answer/end calls away from the computer?

A: When switching over to a computer softphone, this is one of the most common questions, and it's a very fair question. Being that a softphone is a made with software, headset manufactures and phone system providers have to create an integration to enable this feature. Not all softphones and headsets are integrated with each other, so if this feature is important, make sure you check with your phone system provider and headset vendor.


Q: What's the best office headset?

A: If anyone tells you a certain headset model is the best without knowing your needs, I'd be skeptical trusting that. Being that there's many different models, depending on your unique needs will determine the best headset for you. https://headsetadvisor.com/blog/office-headset-compatibility/


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