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Before the pandemic, offices were moving to open floor plans which caused a number of problems we face today working remotely. 

What were the main causes of those problems? Noise!

In the open office, co-workers talking was the top complaint of distractions and lost productivity.

Fast forward to 2021, now the distractions are from everything relating to dogs barking, kids crying, yardwork going on outside, noise from a coffee shop and much more.

To have productive calls and meetings, it's a good thing if you and the caller can focus in on eachothers voices and not all the distractions happening around you.

That brings us to the best headset for working from home in 2021!

Jabra Evolve2 75

jabra evolve2 75 lifestyle

Watch the in depth review + mic test video

Why did we pick this model?

The Jabra Evolve2 75 has everything you need to work from home in 2021.


Dual speakers designed to reduce background noise keeps you zoned in. If you want to further block background noise, simply turn ANC on and the noise around you will be further reduced.

Noise reducing microphone

When your kid runs into the room and interrupts, the doorbell rings or dogs start barking, having a noise reducing microphone is going to help block the noise out a caller would hear.

To date there's no headset that 100% blocks out all noises around you, but it will certainly help in comparison to using your cell phone or a headset without a noise reducing microphone.

In addition, you can fold the mic boom into the headset and use the Evolve2 75 as personal audio headphones, without looking like you're on a call. 

Use as a wired or wireless headset

The battery is already extedended and rated up to 24 hours of talk time or 36 hours of listening time. In the case you prefer to use the Evolve2 75 as a wired headset, simply connect the USB-C cable from the headset to you're now in wired mode as the battery charges.

Having more flexibility to ensure you always have a great working headset is a major advantage when working from home.

Compatible with leading UC platforms

This is often overlooked in comparison to other headsets or earbuds not optimized for business applications.

For example, if you connect the Evolve2 75 with the included Link 380 USB adapter and you use to Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Avaya, RingCentral and many other apps, you'll have added features.

Meaning, you'll be able to mute/unmute your microphone without the apps showing your muted. You'll be able to answer/end calls from your headset when in another room and much more. 

Other headsets or earbuds not optimized for your phone system aren't as plug and play and won't have these type of features you may want.


When you have a headset on that covers both ears, it can be strange to not be able to hear the level of how loud you're talking.

The Jabra Evolve2 75 has adjustable sidetone to help prevent you from yelling at the caller on the other end.

On call busy light

When you get on a call, LED lights around the headset illuminate read so people around you know not to disturb. This is an underrated feature!

When you work in distracting environments, tally how many times you look at someone talking to you and start pointing to your headset or phone. This helps to prevent that 😁

Prefer a single speaker headset instead?

Not everyone prefers a headset to cover both ears. In that case you can go with the Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono instead. 

You can read or watch our in depth review of the Evolve2 65 here as another good work from home wireless headset to consider.

Final thoughts

The Jabra Evolve2 75 is our top pick in 2021 for the best headset for working from home. You'll have a headset to last many years, is lightweight for all day use, reduces unwanted background noise for better meetings and is compatible with most business apps you'd use today on your mobile phone for computer. 

For any reason the Evolve2 75 doesent seem like it would fit your needs, contact us today and one of our Advisors will be here to help provide a few of the best options to choose from. 

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