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With the popularity of headsets for business being at an all time high, people are finding that they have a myriad of options available to them. These options not only vary in features and capabilities, but in price as well. 

Not everyone wants to invest in a headset that’s priced north of $400.00, yet they also don’t want to purchase a headset that’s sub $100.00 either. They want a decent sounding headset that’s comfortable, reliable and sounds good, but they don’t want to take out a second mortgage to pay for it. 

That brings me to the subject of today’s blog. We’ve just released a brand new headset, the Discover Adapt 20 that fits into this performance and price space.

So if you’re in the market for a new headset for business, and you don’t want to break the bank when buying one, then this blog is for you. I’ll go over the key features and benefits of the Discover Adapt 20, and explain why this is a headset you should consider. 

But, before I get into the details, I did want to let you know that we recorded a Youtube video that introduces you to this new headset, and also includes a microphone test where we test it for sound quality, and its ability to handle unwanted background noise.

Discover Adapt 20 Review Video

If you’re still reading this blog, then let’s see what the new Discover Adapt 20 is all about. 

What’s in the box? 

- Wireless headset 

- Headband (mono or duo depending which you choose)

- USB charging cable 

- Headset hanger (to hang up your headset when not in use)

- USB Adapter 

- USB A to USB C adapter 

- Hard shell, zipper carry case 

What is the Discover Adapt 20? 

The Adapt 20 is a Bluetooth wireless headset that's an affordable, comfortable, professional grade, modular headset for business applications such as Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad and other popular communication applications. 

The Adapt 20 utilizes the latest Bluetooth technology; version 5.0, and it comes with a USB dongle, or adapter, that’s pre-paired to the wireless headset. This means that you aren’t required to go through any pairing process in order to get the USB adapter to recognize the headset which is convenient and saves time. 

What the Discover Adapt 20 isn’t 


This isn’t your best choice if you’re searching for a wireless headset that delivers premium sound for music and other forms of entertainment. This headset is singularly designed for business applications.

That’s not to say that you can’t listen to music, or watch video content for example. But, in doing so, you shouldn’t expect to experience sound quality similar to those models costing several hundreds of dollars more. 

This headset shines in the mid-market segment. It’s not cheaply constructed like so many of those online cheap headsets are, but at the same time, it’s not an over-the-top, premium grade headset either.

It’s designed to be a mid-level wireless headset, and as such, it fits neatly in that segment of the headset market. 

Discover Adapt 20 features at a glance 


The following are the buttons on the Discover Adapt 20 

  • Answer/end (call control) 
  • Microphone mute 
  • Volume up 
  • Volume down 
  • Power 
  • Micro USB charging port


Let’s face it, when you have to wear a headset for long periods of time, you want that headset to be comfortable. The Discover Adapt 20 checks a number of boxes in that area. For example: 

  • Headband is nicely padded so it’s comfortable to wear 
  • The side stabilizer pad is also padded which is nice. Something you don’t commonly see on most headsets 
  • The Discover Adapt 20 weighs less than 3 ounces, or about the same as 3 standard envelopes. Weight matters, and the Adapt 20 is light on the head
  • Adjustable headband to allow you to find the perfect fit 

Comfort is important to be sure, and the Discover Adapt 20 will keep you comfortable even on those long calls, and throughout the day. 

Sound Quality

Even though comfort is highly important, how good would a headset be if it were comfortable, but had poor sound quality? Well, the short answer is it wouldn’t be of much value to you at all. With that in mind, let’s take a look into the sound quality of the Adapt 20. 

When speaking into the microphone, the sound quality is quite good. Is it the absolute best sound quality available today? No, it’s not, but it’s far better than the sound quality found on cheap online headsets, and the sound quality is very acceptable to be used in professional business applications. 

You won’t hear static, fading in and out, and you won’t be hard to hear. Instead, you’ll get a professional sounding microphone that will project a professional image to your callers. In my book, that’s good enough for you to confidently use the Discover Adapt 20 in any business communication situations. 

The Discover Adapt 20 will allow you to be heard clearly, but how does it do when there’s unwanted background noise in your work environment? We put it to the test by challenging it against dogs barking, office noise and more.

Overall, the Adapt 20 did a very good job to filter out the vast majority of those noises. That’s important to know if the Adapt 20 is a headset you may be considering.

Nobody wants to be on an important business call and have your callers hearing a lot of distracting noise from your work environment. The Adapt 20 will handle just about anything you can throw at it, while keeping you sounding like the professional you are. 

Flex mic

The microphone boom can be placed on the right or left side. As insignificant as this might sound, you may be surprised to learn that a lot of headsets don’t provide

that flexibility. Instead, they limit the microphone placement to one side only. Hey, we all like choices, and this is one that comes standard with the new Adapt 20. 

The microphone boom can not only be placed on the right or left, but it’s flexible too. Why is this important? Because where the microphone is placed (recommended to be two fingers width from the corner of your mouth), has much to do with how you sound.

For example: 

  • Microphone too close to your mouth, and you’ll run the risk of sounding distorted, and your T’s, S’s, P’s etc will all sound hissing, or popping. This isn’t what you want, so to help avoid it, make sure the microphone is placed about two fingers width from the corner of your mouth. 
  • Microphone being too far from your mouth, and you’ll end up being hard to hear, and this can also lead to more of your background noise being heard instead of your voice. 

Microphone placement matters, so make sure to keep this in mind when wearing your headset, no matter which make or model. 


This is a wireless headset, and it has a rechargeable battery, so it would be reasonable to ask how much talk time it offers. 

The Discover Adapt 20 provides you with up to 20 hours of talk time. This means that you can use your headset for a few days before a recharge is needed.

Battery technology has steadily improved over the years, and we’re seeing this play out in the continuously increasing amount of talk time found on wireless headsets today.

Gone are the days when you have to be mindful about whether or not your wireless headset can get you through a busy day. 

The 20 hours of talk time on the Adapt 20 puts this battery about in the middle of the pack. That conforms to where it fits in the headset hierarchy as well.

Some headsets will provide more hours of talk time, but those headsets will typically cost more than the Discover Adapt 20. And the cheaper headsets will generally come with batteries that don’t offer as much talk time. 

Wireless range

How far you can move around your workspace is important to a lot of people. We all need to step away from our desks from time to time. Maybe it’s to grab a cup of coffee, or to talk to a coworker. Whatever your reason to step away from your desk, you’ll certainly want to know how far you can walk, and still talk.

The Discover Adapt 20 is rated up to 100 feet, or about 30 meters. Though this may sound impressive on the surface, you shouldn’t expect to actually receive that much wireless range.

In our experience in testing countless headset makes and models, true wireless range is generally about half of the stated range. This is largely due to the fact that wireless range tests are conducted using an “open field” or “line of sight” method where no obstructions are present.

We all have obstructions that can vary from walls, to windows, to partitions, to elevators and more. These obstructions weaken, and degrade the wireless signal which leads to lessened wireless talk range. 

With this reduced wireless range in mind, it’s our opinion that you should expect to receive about 50 feet of usable wireless range on the Discover Adapt 20. For most people, this should be adequate. 


This is a feature that’s not only useful, but fairly unique in the headset world. The Discover Adapt 20 allows you to separate the microphone and speaker from the headband. Simply apply some light pressure against the ear speaker to remove it. 

Why is this a useful feature? 

  1. If your headband breaks, you can replace the headband, and you won’t need to replace the entire headset. This saves you money. 

  2. If you want the option to switch between a single ear headset, and a double ear wearing style, simply snap on the speaker/microphone into a double ear headband, and you’re good to go. Mono, or Duo, your choice. 

  3. Headset sharing. If your office shares headsets, this allows your staff to use their own headband. This versatility can help you to save money by not having to buy headsets for everyone when sharing during shift changes is a possibility. 

Having the flexibility to remove the earpiece and microphone can save you money, and provide you with greater use options over a fixed, traditional headset. 

How to connect the Adapt 20 to your computer using the USB Adapter 

  1. Make sure that your headset is fully charged, and turned on 
  2. Plug in the USB adapter to your computer 
  3. The USB adapter will automatically pair up to your headset 
  4. Ready to go! Easy huh? 

How to connect the Adapt 20 to a mobile device

  1. Press and hold the mute button until you see it flash 
  2. Go to your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device 
  3. Select the Adapt 20 
  4. The Adapt 20 will then be connected to your mobile device 

NOTE: you can also connect the Adapt 20 to a Bluetooth enabled computer, though we recommend that you use the USB adapter. You’ll have a more reliable connection, better sound quality, and in some cases, longer wireless range. 

Final Thoughts 

If your budget won’t support the price of a premium, high-end headset, but you’re still wanting one that’s reliable, comfortable and sounds good, then the Discover Adapt 20 should be one for you to consider. 

The Adapt 20 is priced so anyone in business can afford it. It’s priced at $159.99 before any trade-in credit, or coupons. Considering the fact that this is a comfortable headset, and one that’s modular, helps it to stand out among the others.

And, its ability to handle background noise is a nice feature too when sounding your best is important. 

So whether you use Zoom, RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Dialpad or other communication platforms, the Discover Adapt 20 will handle your needs with ease. It comes with a full two-year warranty as well which is longer than many warranties. 

When budgets are tight, and you want some versatility, comfort and sound quality, look no further than the new Discover Adapt 20. It’s truly a great value when you consider all that it offers.

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