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When shopping for headsets, you have hundreds of choices. Once you narrow down what your current, and future needs are, you’ll be closer to being able to narrow the field. If that search involves looking for a wireless, dual ear speaker headset for your computer, then this blog may be helpful to you. 

I’m going to do a review of the Logitech H820E dual ear, wireless Dect headset for use with your computer. 

I’ll not only go over the features found on this headset, but I’ll also do a microphone and speaker sound test. However, in order for you to hear how this wireless headset sounds, you’ll need to check out the video I recorded.

In it, I will give you a great idea how this headset performs to pick up your voice, but also how it does to remove unwanted background sound.

Make sure to check it out. I’ll post it below for easy access. 

Right up front, how much does this wireless computer headset cost? 


The suggested selling price of the Logitech H820E is $229.99. That puts this wireless headset towards the lower end of the wireless headset spectrum. There are a number of wireless computer compatible headsets that are priced well above this.

So, with this value price in mind, does the H820E fall short in features and sound quality?

Let’s check it out and find out. 

What technology does the H820e use? 

The Logitech H820E uses Dect 6.0 to communicate. This is superior to Bluetooth in terms of voice clarity and wireless talk range. Bluetooth signaling is known for being limited. Generally speaking, you typically get 100 feet or under, with many devices limited to a wireless talk range of no more than 33 feet.

By contrast, the Logitech H820E that uses Dect 6.0, it’s rated to provide wireless communications up to 300 feet. Typical range estimates found in literature are based on an open field, or line of sight method. Both assume that there are no obstructions to degrade the signal.

No obstructions means longer range. However, in a typical office setting, there are many obstructions such as walls, windows, partitions, people, desks, elevators and the list goes one.

Any obstruction between the base station and the wireless headset top will result in a compromised signal leading to less than stated range. A good rule of thumb is to take the stated range and simply divide it in half. That number is a far more realistic range number compared to what you might read in a datasheet. 

The Logitech H820E, having Dect 6.0, will give you the best wireless talk range available today. Certainly more than any Bluetooth headset will provide. 

For a value priced wireless computer headset, what’s the talk time?

Surprisingly, there’s ample available talk time with the H820E. In fact, you get up to 10 hours of talk time. For just about everyone, this is enough battery power to get through even a busy day.

Even if it wasn’t, you still have the option of refreshing the battery charge whenever you take a break or go to lunch. Either or both of these practices will infuse more life back into the battery giving you even more available talk time.

However, this practice may not be needed because 10 hours of talk time is likely more battery life than what you’ll need anyway. A full battery recharge takes 3 hours. 

Oh, and as a footnote, the estimated 10 hours of talk time is based on using the headset in wideband mode. Wideband mode is known to consume more battery power. This headset can also be used in narrowband mode which will extend the talk time even further. 

Is the talk time good enough? I think so. 

What does this headset connect to? 

The Logitech H820E connects to a computer. It’s not designed to be used with Desk Phones. Computer connectivity makes it perfect for applications such as Skype for Business, Zoom video conferencing, Google Voice, Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Teams and more. 

Today, more than ever, having a wireless computer headset is a great idea and a tool that’s highly valuable because there’s so much need for it.

For an inexpensive wireless headset, it must be uncomfortable.

Uh, not so much. Actually, it’s quite comfortable to wear. It comes with a nicely appointed padded headband and soft ear cushions. Combine that with the fact that it only weighs 4.5 ounces which places it in the lighter than average category. Lightweight, padded headband and soft ear cushions all add up to a comfortable wearing experience. 

The one thing I personally wish it had was ear speakers that had more movement. Having a lot of movement allows the angle of the speakers to conform to the size/shape of the wearer's head.

Having limits here causes the wearer to conform to the shape/angle of the ear speaker when it should be the other way around. Is this a minor, picky detail? Maybe. But, when comfort is on the line, little things matter, and this would fit into that category. 

Overall, I feel that the H820E is a lightweight, comfortable wireless headset that could be worn for extended periods of time. 

For the price, you probably don’t get many features, right? 

Not so. In fact, there are a number of useful features that come standard with the Logitech H820E. For example: 

  • LED Status indicators for: incoming call, mute, on call/ available
    ● On ear controls for answer/end call, volume up, volume down, mute
    ● In-call indicator LED on back of headset to alert others that you’re on a call
    ● Microphone boom can be positioned on the right or left. 
  • Wideband / Narrowband audio 
  • Digital Signal processing for great sound quality 
  • Noise cancelling microphone to help eliminate unwanted background noise
    ● Headset automatically pairs when docked - great for hot desking applications 

Based on these features, you can’t really say that the H820E is a scaled down, featureless headset. It comes with a nice features package that’s great for a wireless headset in this price range. 

How does this headset sound? 

Based on the live microphone and speaker tests I did, I thought that it performed well. In particular it did a great job of cancelling out the background noise. That’s important especially if you work in a noisy home, or office environment. You want to sound your best, and make your calls as professional sounding as possible. Having a good quality

microphone, like the one on the H820E, will give you the assurance that your callers will hear you, and not the noise that’s going on around you. 

For the price, you probably don’t get that long of a warranty, right?

Hold on there partner. You actually get a solid warranty with the H820E for 2-years.. Many wireless headsets, even from the titans of the industry (Jabra and Poly, formerly Plantronics), often offer a 1-year warranty on their wireless headsets. So, a 2-year warranty is solid. 

So, what’s my overall opinion on the Logitech H820E you ask? 

Simply put, I think it’s worth the money. Why? 

  1. Great warranty 
  2. Reasonable price 
  3. Good sound quality 
  4. Good noise cancellation 
  5. Good wireless range 
  6. Decent battery life 
  7. Nice visual LED indicators 
  8. Lightweight and comfortable 

If any of these things resonate with you, then the Logitech H820E might be a great wireless computer headset for you to consider. I think it’s a great value. 

Have headset questions, or need some help? 

If you have questions about headsets, and you’re not sure where to turn to get answers, look no further than to Headset Advisor. We’ve been consulting with customers since 1994, and we can be a great resource for you. 

Call us, email us, text us or chat live with us. We’re here to help you find the perfect headset that’s comfortable, sounds great, compatible with your system and within your budget. We even have a trade-in program for old headsets, and we offer a monthly headset rental plan too. 


Logitech H820e Data Sheet 

Order the Logitech H820e here

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