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If you’re like the hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people who have found themselves suddenly on Zoom or Skype video calls, clearly you’re not alone.

The pandemic of 2020 had a distinct impact on how we do our daily business. One thing that changed was the increased use of video conferencing, and in particular, Zoom. Zoom seems to have found its way into our daily vocabulary, where it wasn’t just a year ago. 

If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, then chances are good that you too are participating in Zoom video conferencing calls. If so, then you want to look and sound your best, right? 

Can looking and sounding your best be achieved by using your embedded Laptop webcam and microphone?

I would argue that a Laptop webcam won’t provide you with optimum quality, even if your Laptop manufacturer states that it’s “HD”. In my experience, the HD you’re supposed to get with your Laptop, isn’t what I’d call HD.

The image quality is certainly better than what an off the shelf Laptop offered in the past, but compared to true HD webcams, they’re still lagging behind in the image quality and sound. 

If you’d like to watch a video I recorded on a great webcam solution, check it out below. 

Maybe your thought is to just buy a cheap webcam because it will be “good enough”. I’d tread lightly in those waters, because in most cases, you get what you pay for, and that applies to webcams too.

When you waltz down the path of buying a cheap webcam, you run the risk of having poor image quality which is less than ideal especially if you’re on an important business call.

The last thing you want or need is to have your image pixelated, unstable, dark, or constantly transitioning from light to dark. These aren’t uncommon in low end webcams. 

You also don’t want to overlook the sound quality either. If the microphone is of low quality, then chances are good that you’ll experience less than ideal audio quality as well.

You not only want to look crisp and clear, but you want to sound that way too. The Laptop and a cheap webcam just can’t deliver great audio quality. It’s not what they’re

all about. They’re more designed to get the job done, but at the most basic level. If your business, your business outcomes and how you’re perceived matters, then it stands to reason that you should invest into a decent webcam. 

What’s a good webcam that will produce crisp and clear images and audio to go with it, but not cost a boatload of money? 

You’ll want to check out the Discover HD100 

discover hd100 webcam

The Discover HD100 is a webcam that provides true HD video quality, and great sound to match. In my video, I toggled between my embedded Laptop camera, and the Discover HD100.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that rings true in this quick comparison. It’s very easy to see the picture quality difference. When I’m on a business video call, I always use the Discover HD100 because I love the sharpness of the picture.

HD100 webcam showing the difference in quality

I don’t have to worry about the audio either because it picks up my voice without any trouble at all. One less thing to worry about. 

If you’re unhappy with the quality of your video and audio of your current webcam, or you’re shopping for a new one, you should really have a look at the Discover HD100. It’s priced right at $100.00, and you’ll get a high quality and reliable webcam to go into your meetings looking and sounding sharp. 

You can place the Discover HD100 on top of your monitor, or you can mount in on a tripod for extra versatility. No software to download either, just plug it in and you’re ready to go. Use it for your Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, RingCentral and other applications.

And for your peace of mind, the Discover HD100 comes with a full 3-year, advance replacement guarantee. If anything should go wrong with the HD100, we’ll ship out a replacement to you even before receiving the defective unit. This helps to speed up your receiving a replacement, while keeping downtime to a minimum. 

So, if you want to look and sound your best while on your video conferencing calls, you owe it to yourself to check out the Discover HD100 webcam. It’s priced right, and the video and audio quality is on the money. 

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