With over 219,000 hours of working with headsets as a company, this is what we specialize in, so we're committed to providing you with the best headset recommendations and comparisons.

Being experts in this space, we'll be able to help you make smarter headset purchases. If you spend the majority of your day on phone calls, it's important investing in the best wireless headset for your office phone.

Whether you're using Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Mitel, AT&T, Yealink, Grandstream and, many others, the recommended headsets will be compatible.

Office Headset Compatibility Guide For Desk Phones: Compatibility Made Easy

An understandable and common mistake people make before purchasing a wireless office phone headset is thinking a cheap Bluetooth headset is compatible. EVEN IF your office phone has Bluetooth built into the phone, stay far away from Bluetooth. The best wireless headset for your office phone that is compatible, operate on DECT 6.0 technology. DECT vs Bluetooth: what's the difference?

On average customers who invest in a professional-grade wireless headset for their office phone should expect to have their headset for 5+ years. So if the price seems expensive upfront, keep in mind you're going to have this product for many years that will help you do your job better.


Our Choice- Discover Adapt 30

discover adapt 30adapt 30 mono-duo

Based on my testing and knowledge of all other models, the Discover Adapt 30 is the best wireless office phone headset for desk phones. The Adapt 30 offers some unique benefits to you that no other wireless headset does. This is the only wireless headset for office phones that includes both a single a dual speaker headband for you to switch between.

That means if you're in an office setting, and your office gets loud, simply snap on the dual speaker headband, and you can block your office background noise with audio in both speakers, to zone in on your calls.

The second unique feature that no other wireless headset offers is expandability. The Adapt 30 has a small compartment on the charging base, which allows you to purchase an inexpensive accessory in the future (DA200, DA201), so you can connect to mobile phones via Bluetooth or USB through your computer.

I love this feature, because with how fast technology is changing, if your office gets rid of desk phones, and switches to a mobile or computer softphone application, then guess what? You now have to get rid of your headset and purchase different headsets that are compatible.

Also, say your headband breaks. Instead of having to purchase an expensive replacement headset, you only need to purchase a replacement headband!

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What makes the Discover Adapt 30 the best wireless office phone headset?

Future Proof: In the future, if your phone system technology changes to computer or mobile-based softphones, simply purchase an inexpensive accessory, rather than having to purchase new headsets.

Durability: From seeing the box, opening it up and feeling the Adapt 30, you'll know for yourself this is a high-quality wireless headset. In addition, being that the headband is replaceable, for any reason the headband accidentally breaks, you don't need to purchase a new headset. You simply purchase a headband, which is much more cost-effective.

Comfort: If your preferred wearing style is an over-the-head headband, the Discover Adapt 30 is extremely comfortable. With the single and dual speaker wearing options both included, you can choose whether you want one ear covered or both. Having both wearing options included allows you to have one headset to be worn for hours, that fits most office professionals.

Sound quality: Wideband audio and a flexible noise-canceling microphone allow you to hear and be heard crystal clear. If your office gets loud, having a noise-canceling microphone is extremely helpful to reduce unwanted background distractions callers would otherwise hear. Below is a quick sound bite of the Discover Adapt 30 microphone sound quality and noise cancellation, for you to hear for yourself.

Wireless Technology: Operating on DECT 6.0 technology, the Adapt 30 wireless office phone headset keeps your calls private, secure and gives you up to 350 feet of wireless range, to walk and talk without a cord getting in the way. That's 10x the range of a Bluetooth headset!

Battery Life: Rated up to 9 hours of battery talk time on a single charge, you have over a full work day of battery life. If your shift is even longer than this time frame, whenever you take a break or go to lunch, drop your headset in the charging base, and the Adapt 30 should easily last as long as your shift requires.

Compatibility: Out of the box works with 98% of office phones. Brands like Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel, Mitel, Yealink, AT&T, Grandstream. Contact us to verify compatibility.

Warranty: Although the Adapt 30 is highly durable, for peace of mind, you're covered with a 3-year advanced replacement warranty, which is 3x the warranty of other brands. Having an advanced replacement warranty is nice because within 3-years say your battery goes out, headset breaks, or there's a defect, you're covered with EASE! Replacements ship out that same day, and return shipping is covered. Whereas other warranties require you to fill out paperwork, pay to ship and wait many weeks just to get a replacement.

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Secondary choice- Discover D904

discover d904discover d904 wearing options

The Discover D904 would be my secondary recommendation. Especially if you prefer an ear hook wearing option, the D904 comes included with 3 sizes of ear hooks, and a headband. You'll be able to switch between whichever wearing style you prefer. In addition, out of the box, you'll be able to connect with your office phone and your computer! That means you can switch between your office phone calls, webinars, voicemails, video conference calls and more. 


+ 350 ft wireless range + Unlimited battery talk time + Includes 3 ear hooks and headband for customized fit + Compatible with office phone and computer (USB-A) out of the box + 3 year advanced replacement warranty Cons:

- Not ideal for louder working environments - Can be uncomfortable on the ear for some users



The competition

Plantronics CS540: The Plantronics CS540 is the lightest DECT headset on the market, and is probably the most recognized headset being used in offices. The CS540 is lightweight, works with most corded office phones, is wireless, and is a solid choice if you want a lightweight earpiece wearing style.

That being said, we've found the CS540 not to be as durable as other models. The portion that you install the headband or ear hook is susceptible to being broken. If that piece breaks, there's no replacement part, and you'll have to buy a new headset, which can be expensive.


Plantronics CS510: The Plantronics CS510 is lightweight and comfortable with an over-the-head headband, covering on-ear. The microphone is bendable, and the headband is adjustable so you're able to customize the headset to your preferred comfort. In addition, the CS510 is compatible with most office phones as well and provides plenty of wireless freedom to walk and talk with an extended talk time up to 13 hours.

I found the cushion that rests against your ear has very little cushion, and the portion of the headband that rests against your head can get uncomfortable with long periods of use.

Plantronics CS520: Like the Plantronics CS510, the Plantronics CS520 has identical features, and connectivity, but rather than covering one ear, the CS520 covers both ears. This helps you reduce unwanted background distractions in the office, and allows you to zone in on your phone calls.

Jabra Pro 920: The Jabra Pro 920 is overall a solid, basic, and cost-effective wireless headset for your office phone. Included with the Jabra Pro 920 is a headband, and ear hook for you to switch between. With plenty of wireless range up to 350 feet and 8 hours of the battery gives you plenty of range and battery to keep your conversations going.

The downside of the Jabra Pro 920 is, the design of the Pro 920, the ear hook is heavy, and not the most comfortable. Also, a major downside of the Jabra Pro 920, is having a non-replaceable battery. On average customers replace their batteries about every 2 years, so having to replace the whole headset every 2 years is a cost to be aware of.

Sennheiser D10 Phone: If you're not familiar with Sennheiser, then you'll want to know Sennheiser is a manufacturer for professional-grade audio equipment. So, their focus is on quality and superior sound. The Sennheiser D10 has a sleek design, high-quality build, and provides you connectivity to your office phone with HD audio. Out of the box, the Sennheiser D10 includes a headband and ear hook wearing option for you to switch between.

You can also add the HSA20 neckband as an additional accessory if either wearing option isn't comfortable for you. Most customers who purchase the D10, usually end up wearing the headband option because the ear hook can be uncomfortable. With the design of the microphone earpiece, the weight between the ear hook and earpiece is bulky, and the ear hook ends up flopping around.


Remote Call Answering

Before you purchase any wireless office phone headset on this list, keep in mind no matter which model you choose, if you want the ability to answer/end calls when away from your office phone, you'll need a Handset Lifter or Electronic Hook Switch Cable. Depending on the make and model of your office phone it will depend on the accessory required. Most customers add this accessory to go with their wireless headset, so you increase productivity and get the most out of your wireless headset. You won't have to run back to the phone to answer your phone calls, and less missed calls to deal with.



Every wireless office headset on this list is optimized and built to work with office phones. Every model is professional grade with different pros and cons. All things considered, the Discover Adapt 30 wireless office phone headset is the best overall value based on price, warranty, sound quality, comfort, flexibility, and durability. If your on calls regularly throughout your work day, investing in a professional wireless headset, is going to save your neck, allow you to be more productive, and make life easier being hands free, without a cord getting in the way.


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