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Once the Covid pandemic of 2020 hit, businesses were scrambling to fill their needs for computer headsets. Employees found themselves abruptly working out of their homes rather than in the office along with coworkers as they were accustomed to.

This sudden, and significant spike in demand for computer headsets has caused a number of manufacturers to release new products to help meet the demands of today. 

One company, MPOW, is one of the companies that has been releasing new headset products. In this blog I’m going to review the new MPOW HC6, double ear USB wired headset. 

Before I jump right into the details of this computer headset, I did want to mention that I recorded a Youtube video review of the MPOW HC6. If you’re like a lot of people who prefer to watch video content over reading it, then you’ll for sure want to watch my video. I’ll put it immediately below for your convenience. 

If you’re still reading along, then join me as I break down the details of this MPOW HC6 USB headset. 

To begin, it’s worth mentioning that this is an entry level, inexpensive headset. As such, there are things it won’t have that you might find on models that cost more. Still, there are some features of this headset that does help to make it a worthy consideration. 

One fairly unique feature of the MPOW HC6 is it comes with two connectors. 

  • 3.5mm 
  • USB A

You have the ability to use the headset with a mobile phone, tablet or other divides that have a 3.5mm plug. The HC6 is hard wired with this 3.5mm pin plug.

This feature isn’t something you find on a lot of USB headsets. One model that does have this same feature is the Discover D312U but most models won’t come with this connector. 

The MPOW HC6 also connects to a computer via a USB A connector. How it works is like this; the headset itself is hard wired with a 3.5mm pin plug. That 3.5mm pin plug plugs into the inline controller that’s wired to a USB plug.

So, you just plug it into the inline controller, and your 3.5mm headset has been transformed into a USB, computer headset. Not only is this a useful feature, but it gives you more ways you can use your headset compared to those models that come with a USB connector only. 


The microphone is noise cancelling which is the industry standard. No surprises here. However, in my test, which you can hear by watching my video, I felt that the sound level was low on the microphone.

Compared to other USB headset models I’ve tested, this one is clearly the lowest. This means that it could be hard for callers to hear you clearly. At least that’s how it sounded in my test. 

On the subject of the microphone, it did an average, to maybe slightly below average job in reducing background noise. That’s important because you want your callers to hear you clearly and not those sounds going on around you. Again, I’ve tested a lot of headsets, and the MPOW HC6 is average at best in the microphone department. 

Keeping on the subject of the microphone, the microphone boom swivels around so you can position the microphone on the right side or left. I personally like that feature in a headset because it gives the person wearing the headset the option to place the microphone on either side of their face. Believe it or not, people do have preferences. 


As for the speakers, I thought they sounded pretty good. In my audio test where I turned the volume up on the speakers and played it into a microphone, I thought the volume level and overall audio quality was decent. Clearly this isn’t a Bose, but for a low end, inexpensive computer headset, I thought it sounded good. 

The ear speakers also rotate so you can find an angle that’s comfortable for you. Some headsets are very limited in this way and as a result, sacrifice comfort for saving a little manufacturing money. 

The MPOW HC6 ear cushions are pretty soft and decent size. They’re perforated so the sound from the speakers can be heard. Overall, I thought the cushions were nice.


The headband is adjustable as you’d expect. After all, one size doesn’t fit all for sure. The headband also has a numeric reference so you can find the adjustment number that’s right for you. Then, whenever you need to wear the headset, simply move it to your number and the fit will be right on. 

The headband is also padded on the underside. This helps to make it softer on the head which plays an increasingly important role the longer you wear the headset. On the top of the headband, you’ll find what looks like leather wrapped around the top. It’s like faux leather, but that’s what it looks like. A nice detail touch really. 


The cord on the MPOW HC6 is 9 feet. Many headsets in this class, or even expensive models, have cables that span around 7 feet or less. Having 9 feet of cord is nice because it gives you a little more cable length to move around your workspace. 

On the inline controller, you’ll see a few buttons. Here’s what those buttons do: 

  • Microphone mute 
  • Speakers mute 
  • Hearing volume up 
  • Hearing volume down 

Pretty standard stuff here with the exception of the speakers mute. That’s not something you commonly see. Microphone mute, sure, but not speakers. No doubt there’s applications for this or it’s doubtful they would have engineered this feature into the headset. 

The warranty is two years, which is good for an inexpensive headset. Typically you’ll get a one year warranty, so this represents a better value. 

The price of the MPOW HC6 runs between $30 and $40, which clearly places it into the entry level category where there are a lot of other models to choose from. 

Overall impression 

Overall, I’d say this is a decent headset to consider if you’re looking for a sub $50 computer headset. 

It has a nice warranty, and the price is pretty affordable. 

It has comfortable ear cushions and headband that’s padded 

It gives you the ability to connect the headset via 3.5mm or USB which is flexible

You get a generous amount of cord at 9 feet, which is more than other models offer. 

The only thing I’d explore further with this USB headset is the microphone sound quality. If this headset is on your short list, you’d be smart to hear this headset for yourself before pulling the trigger on a buy decision.

Make sure that it sounds up to your expectations, and it eliminates an acceptable amount of background noise. I personally would have some skepticism about it, but it’s worth looking into more closely, especially if you plan on rolling out headsets to a large team. 

Final thought 

If you’re in the market for some new headsets, or just have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Headset Advisor. We’ll be happy to help you, even if you’re not one of our current customers, though once you see how helpful we are, you’ll probably want to be our newest. 

We’ve specialized in office headsets since 1994, and we’re easy to reach. You can text us, call us, email us or even chat live with us when visiting our website. 

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