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Ever since Plantronics created the first headsets used commercially in offices back in the 1960’s, individuals and companies alike have purchased headsets.

man wearing early plantronics office headset for nasa mission

After all, there’s really been no alternative. Besides, why would you do anything other than purchase headsets, right?

Well, not to get too far ahead of myself, but I’m here to say that there is a better way to acquire and manage your headsets that’s not only easy and convenient, but can save you a ton of money over time. 

In this blog, I’ll discuss the idea of renting your business headsets rather than purchasing them. I’ll attempt to explain our headset rental program that’s available, and why it’s a great alternative to buying headsets outright.

But, before I begin, I did want to mention that I did a Youtube video on this subject that you might want to watch.

A lot of people prefer to consume their content via video rather than reading. If you happen to be one of those people, then check out our video below.

There is a cost associated with buying a headset, or buying a bunch of headsets.

There’s not only the cost of the headset itself, but there’s an administrative cost as well. It takes time and human resources to obtain the necessary information to make a purchase, and this process could easily involve a number of people from a variety of departments.

Departments like I.T., Purchasing, Budgets and of course the area where the need itself exists. All told, when you add up the time needed to determine needs, available budget, purchasing activities, it can add up quickly.

Sadly, this costly process duplicates itself over and over and over again, every time headsets are needed, and these days, they’re needed a lot. But when you buy those headsets, there’s a lot more risk and exposure above and beyond the administrative costs. 

When you purchase headsets, you own that product, and there are a few drawbacks to owning rather than renting. Consider these points:

Change in technology 

What happens to those headsets you purchased a couple of years ago that were to be used with those desk phones, when your company is now migrating to computer based Softphones?

The typical answer for those facing this same situation, which is very common these days, is they throw them out and buy new headsets. Is this a duplication of costs? Absolutely.

Those headsets you shopped around for are now being replaced for a similar amount of money you initially paid for those desk phone headsets.

Simple math would suggest that the good deal you got on those desk phone headsets are now costing you double because they don’t work with your new Softphones. 


What happens to all those headsets you purchased when the company announces cutbacks?

Do you store them away somewhere hoping that they’ll be used at some point in the future?

Will everyone you plan to hire in the future be fine in using a used headset?

This is particularly true of those who are germ conscious or during more recent events such as the Covid pandemic of 2020. In those cases, you’re not going to be able to redeploy those headsets.

What will be the fate of them then? As in the earlier example, they’ll likely be thrown out. 

Internal staff migration 

Even in situations where you have internal staff movement where employees shift from job role to job role where the needs for headsets vary from position to position.

For example, if a Call Center Agent moves into that of a Call Center Supervisor, they’ll migrate from a wired headset to a wireless model in all likelihood.

What do you do with the wired headset that’s been left behind? Redeploy? Not highly likely. I think I hear the trash can calling. 


What about the headsets that are in use up until the time that the employee announces they’re leaving? Or, those cases where the employee is asked to leave?

What’s the disposition of those headsets? They’re likely not getting redeployed. 

Out of warranty 

In yet another example, what do you do with headsets that become defective, but are out of warranty?

Do you throw them away?

What are your options?

Speaking of warranty, do you know which headsets are in warranty, and exactly which ones aren’t?

Most companies we talk to regularly really have no idea which are in or out of warranty. Headsets in general aren’t labeled in such a way to make it easy to know.

Most people will take a defective headset and put it in a box along with other defective headsets. This box is normally placed in a storeroom which is where it sits until it’s either thrown into the trash, which is bad for the environment, or the company pays to have it properly processed through a certified e-waste recycler. 

The points I’m attempting to illustrate are that there are technological changes as well as staffing changes that can dramatically alter the kind of headsets that are suitable for the positions.

When you invest in headsets, and things change, you’re highly exposed. You risk having those headsets being incompatible with the technology or personnel changes, and that’s not only disruptive to your organization, but costly as well. 

What does it cost your company to throw away headsets that can’t be used following changes within your company? 

Drew pretending to throw headset out of frustration

What does it cost your company in time and disruption to productivity when time is spent purchasing new headsets while your staff waits 

What does it cost in the long term for you to ship your products in for exchange when in warranty? 

What does it cost your company for all those accessories commonly needing replacement throughout the lifetime of a headset?

Things like replacement ear cushions, microphone wind screens, wireless headset batteries, voice tubes, voice tube tips etc. Small items?

Of course, but these same small items, when added up over the life of a headset, and across an enterprise should get your attention. Things like this slip under the radar because they’re a low cost item.

If you have 100 headsets, 500 headsets, or maybe 1000 headsets, how much is that costing you? The bottom line is replacing headsets that are out of warranty, or replacing headsets that can’t be redeployed combined with accessories costs, adds up to a lot more than you think. 

The good news is that there is a better way 

Headset Advisor is perhaps one of, if not the only company to offer a headset rental plan. And no, you won’t be required to commit to a long term agreement either. This is a month to month plan that’s extremely flexible. 

  • No contract, just a month-to-month agreement 
  • You can add or subtract from your headset population when needed
  • You can upgrade, or downgrade as things in your company change
  • Accessories are included at no additional cost 
  • We cover the shipping both ways 
  • Your warranty never expires so no confusion which headsets are in warranty
  • Streamlines the purchasing process and reduces associated costs
  • Makes the management of headsets extremely easy 

The customers we talk to on a regular basis tell us that they really don’t have a good handle on which headsets are in warranty and which ones aren’t.

When they break, they typically throw them out and buy a replacement. When accessories are needed, they go through a purchasing process to get them.

If they buy a stock of accessories, they run the risk of buying items that will eventually be obsolete when their company technology changes. This means that they’ll have accessories in stock that don’t fit the new headsets they purchase. 

Our customers also tell us that their employees don’t want to share headsets. Today, with all the risks associated with Covid, sharing headsets isn’t even a consideration for just about everyone. So again, what happens to those displaced headsets? 

Without question, our headset rental program fixes all of these problems. It doesn’t matter whether a headset breaks, needs an accessory, needs to be replaced or updated, or whether your company needs more, or less headsets, our program is flexible. Managing your headset population has never been easier, and up until now, a program like this has never been available. 

So if you want to make your life easier when it comes to acquiring, changing, or managing headsets, our rental plan is the one for you. You won’t find any other program like this, and in the end, you’ll save money, time and you’ll come to appreciate the beauty of this simple and effective program.

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