What Bluetooth headset is best? Poly 4220 UC vs Poly 8200 UC vs Bose 700 UC - Headset Advisor

Are you looking for the best Bluetooth headset for your work that covers both your ears?

Below we compare the:

Poly 4220 UC(211996-101)
Poly 8200 UC (208769-01)
Bose 700 UC (852267-0100)

Before we begin, it's important to mention that these three headsets are a few popular headsets from Poly and Bose. We selected these headsets as Bose 700 UC recently came out, and we wanted to compare it with some of the comparable Poly options.

All 3 of the headsets are Bluetooth wireless headsets connecting with a USB dongle to the computer and mobile devices with Bluetooth. All these headsets have dual speakers that cover both ears for the best sound quality.


At the end we will tell you which one is best and why.


Comparison Chart

The easiest way to compare these headsets is with a comparison chart as you see below, it does not provide other opinions such as comfort levels, sound tests, and ease of operation, but it's an excellent place to start.


Poly 4220 UC Bluetooth Wireless  Office Headset 
Poly 8200 UC Bluetooth Wireless Office Headset with USB Dongle  Bose 700 UC Bluetooth Wireless Office Headset with active noise cancelling headphones
Model Name Poly 4220 UC Poly 8200 UC Bose 700 UC
Model Number 211996-101 208769-01 852267-0100
Headset Weight 4oz 10oz


Wearing Style Dual Speaker Headband Dual Speaker Headband

Dual Speaker Headband

Sound Quality Good Better


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC) No Yes (3 Levels)

Yes (3 Levels)

Noise Cancelling Microphone Yes (Microphone Boom) Yes (Boomless)

Yes (Boomless)

Wireless Technology Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0

Connectivity Computer & Mobile Computer & Mobile

Computer & Mobile

Battery Life 12 Hours 20 Hours

20 Hours

Wireless Range 98 Feet 98 Feet

30 Feet

MSRP $219.95 $379.95




The Poly 4220 UC Bluetooth headset weighs in at 4oz, whereas the 8220 and Bose 700 are 10oz and 9oz. I find the Poly 4220 UC to be the most comfortable out of these three headsets.


Because the 4220 has a design that does not put as much pressure on my ears and head. I find both the Bose 700 UC and Poly 8200 UC to give me discomfort after about 4 hours of using and even gives me a headache if wearing too long.

To be fair.

Both the 8200 UC and Bose are designed to have excellent sound quality for music with active noise cancelling feature so you can focus on your work without noise distractions. The 4220 does not have ANC and is smaller ear cushions, so you will not have as great of sound and focus ability.

All headsets have leather ear cushions, adjustable headbands, and overall you can easily adjust the headsets to fit correctly on your head.

Overall though, the 4220 I find is more comfortable for all-day use.


Comparison Video

In this video, we show each product and compare them all and do a sound test to show you how well the noise cancelling microphones work.

If noise-cancelling is important to you, check out this YouTube video. We did a review of an app you can add to your computer that uses artificial intelligence to remove unwanted background noise for both your microphone and speakers. Learn more here: https://youtu.be/n6l431KSZt0

Check it out the in-depth comparison video here:



Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC)

Out of these headsets, only the 8200 UC and Bose 700 UC have the active noise cancelling feature. When testing the feature, I found that it helped reduce about 30-40% of the ambient noise around you. When combined with music, you really can focus on your work without the distracting noises around you.

Distracting noises lead to a loss of productivity and increase stress levels. Having a headset with the ANC feature and listening to sound while working helps increase productivity and reduce stress.

The question is: Is the ANC feature worth the extra money?

I'd say no, but I don't work in an overly loud or distracting environment. When working from home, I have a spare room where I can close the door and don't get many distractions. It would help those who have loud work environments or that travel and deal with loud noises from time-to-time. Who doesn't want more productivity and less stress, right?


Sound quality

The significant difference between the three models is audio quality. The Poly 4220 has smaller speakers, less bass, and not as much range in audio quality. Even though it's not as good as the Bose or 8200 UC, I'd say that the audio quality is still right on the 4220.

Listening to music, phone calls, and meetings on the Poly 4220 is plenty fine for most professionals. If you're an audiophile, you'll be annoyed with the lack of bass and range in sound compared to the Bose and 8200.

The Bose 700 UC is going to have the best sound as the sound is crisp and clear, as well as having an excellent deep rich bass sound.

The Poly 8200 UC is a better sound than the 4220. You'll get more volume and better bass, but comparing the sound of the 8220 and the Bose, it's just tough to beat that Bose sound.


To me, by far, the best-looking design is of the Bose as it has this stainless steel body, unique sliding speakers, and a soft silicon headband. The 4220 looks a bit more appealing to me than the 8200 as it has a better fit and finishes.


A significant factor in deciding which one is best for you is the price. The 4220 is a headset lacking in features, design, and sound quality, but it is also the lowest cost, over 50% less than the Bose option.

Which of these are the best Bluetooth headsets?

Out of these three headsets, which one is the best? There isn't a right answer, but I'm going to give you my opinion but keep in mind, it's going to depend upon your situation. I'll also share the reasons you may choose some of the other headsets.

My favorite (BEST) - Bose 700 UC - This headset is the best for me because it will give you the best sound, great design, includes the active noise cancelling feature so you can focus on your work. I don't need to wear my headset all-day, so I can take it off to give my ears a break but benefit from that outstanding sound quality.

Why the Bose 700 UC may not be for you:

  • Price - It's priced at $449.95 MSRP. You will pay over two times as much as the Poly 4220.
  • If you need a wireless headset that will go further than about 10-15 feet, you'll want to look at another Poly 8220 UC option. Check out our in-depth review here.
  • Optimization with business communication software. Bose 700 UC is only optimized with a few platforms such as Microsoft teams and Zoom as they are just getting started in the professional headset space. If you want to answer and end calls while away from the desk you'll want to consider a Poly headset.
  • All-day comfort - if you need to be on the phone for all-day use I really don't think the Bose is suitable for all-day comfort without many breaks.

Learn more about the Bose 700 UC on our website by going here. We also have it available for a month-to-month rental option for about $30 per month.


My second favorite - Poly 4220 UC - At a price of around $200 you'll get the best value from the 4220 as you get good sound, wireless range, and all-day comfort. I think for most working professionals this option is going to be the preferred choice as it's a great balance between price and functionality. You'll get good enough sound quality, noise-cancelling microphone boom with professional-quality sound.

Why the Poly 4220 UC may not be for you:

  • If you want high-end audio quality for listening to music or other audio.
  • Noise cancelling headphones - If you have an environment that has a lot of noise could be working from home or in a loud office or someone who travels frequently. Having ANC and large speakers really allows you to focus on your work be more productive and reduce stress levels.

Learn more about the Poly 4220 UC on our website by going here. It's also available as a month-to-month no contract rental for about $15 per month.


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