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The Plantronics Voyager Focus UC has been a fan favorite wireless headset for a long time. Now Poly is launching the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2! 

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Crystal clear sound you'll love

poly voyager focus uc 2

The new Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 is new newest version of the highly popular Voyager Focus UC. If you thought it couldn't get any better, try one out for yourself. You'll be able to hear and be heard crystal clear with Poly's most up to date noise reduction yet for clear calls.

The Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 will have a Digital Hybrid ANC technology for you to adjust ANC from high, medium and off. This allows you to customize the ANC for your surroundings. 

For example, if you're in a Starbucks with the music going on and noise happening around you, then you'll probably want ANC at max. In comparison, when you're working from home in a quiet room, having ANC on most likely isn't needed, unless that's what you prefer.

Like most UC headsets today, a carry case will be included, so you can safely take your headset with you wherever you go.

Focus UC vs Focus UC 2- What's the difference?

See how the two headsets compare here.

poly voyager focus uc 2 vs voyager focus uc

Professional quality performance

poly voyager focus uc 2 lifestyle photo

When you thought the Voyager Focus UC couldn't get any smart, it got even better. While using the Voyager Focus UC 2, you'll never have to worry about not being heard.

A feature called "Dynamic Mute Alert" lets you know if you're speaking while on mute, and on the outside of your speaker is an on call indicator that flashes while you're on a call to visually let others know you're busy.

Like the Voyager Focus UC, you'll also have smart sensors to help you answer/end calls, play or pause misc and the microphone will auto switch left and right audio, no matter which side the Focus UC 2 is worn.

When you rotate the microphone up to the top of your headset, the microphone intuitively mutes the headset.

Increased battery talk time

The Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 will have even more battery (rated up to 19 hours) than the older version, and will also give you the added ability to use the headset with a cord to never worry about a battery. Or, if the battery is dead, plug in the USB cable and now you're using the Focus UC 2 as a wired headset.

Choose a variant best for you

poly voyager focus uc 2 lifestyle photo with charging base

The Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 will come in two different options for you to choose from.

  • Option 1 Focus UC 2 WITHOUT Charging Stand- Seamless connectivity to your mobile phones + PC/Mac with the new BT700 USB Dongle. The BT700 ensure a more stable and consistent audio connection, and longer wireless range for a better user experience.
  • Option 2 Focus UC 2 WITH Charging Stand- The Voyager Focus UC 2 Office will include a charging base and allow seamless connectivity to desk phone + mobile phone + computer for an all in one solution. The Office variant allows the headset to continue charging in the base when not in use, so you never worry about a dead battery.

Microsoft Teams Open Office Certification

Only headsets that have been vetted from Microsoft allow this certification. This means the Voyager Focus UC 2 will work in MS Teams environments and have been tested for the quality of noise canceling microphone to ensure the noise around you callers would otherwise hear is reduced when on a call. 

In addition, the Focus UC 2 is Microsoft Teams + Zoom Certified for compatibility out of the box. There's a Teams button on the headset for quick access to the app.

Poly+ and Poly Lens Supported

If you aren't familiar with either value added service, then you may want to learn more. 

Poly Lens is a personal device support service to help make it easier for IT Teams to troubleshoot and manage devices while working remotely. Otherwise, anytime you order direct from Headset Advisor, tech support Monday-Friday is free and if you handle IT support, you would be able to send all headset inquiries our way.

Out of the box the Voyager Focus UC 2 comes with a 2-year limited warranty (whenever you hear limited, this is something you'll want to know about before purchasing, so there's no surprises down the road).

Or you can add additional peace of mind with Poly+, which in a nutshell is a paid subscription for 24/7 technology support for personal devices around the world and includes a 3rd year of warranty. 


Order the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 here (Mobile phone + computer connectivity WITHOUT charging base)

Order the Poly Voyager Focus Office 2 here (Mobile phone + computer + desk phone connectivity WITH charging base)

Learn more about the differences between the Poly Voyager Focus UC 2 and Poly Voyager Focus UC here. 

Download Voyager Focus UC 2 Data Sheet

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