Premium Features, Budget Price: Yealink BH76 Plus Bluetooth Headset

If you’ve spent any time researching headsets, you probably have found that there’s not a wide selection of headsets available that fully surrounds the ears. Instead, what’s more common are those that go against the ear.

And though many people may find on-ear headsets to be perfectly fine, others may want a design that does a better job of shielding background noise. Headsets that have ear cushions that fully surround the ear help to passively remove noise that can be distracting, and can lead to disruptions to your concentration. And according to research, it can take up to twenty minutes to fully regain your focus once distracted.

In this blog, I’ll introduce you to a new Yealink headset that’s affordably priced, and nicely featured that could be the solution you’ve been looking for. This is the new Yealink BH76 Plus.

The BH76 Plus has a lot of attractive features that help to make it a great value. Here’s what you need to know.

What Comes In The Box

Most of us want to know what you get when you order something. The graphic below will tell you what you'll receive when order the Yealink BH76 Plus Bluetooth headset. And as a footnote to the graphic below, it shows a USB-A adapter, which is included, but it doesn't show the second, USB-C adapter that's also included. 

This headset is only available in the dual ear configuration, and it offers a wireless charger, and power adapter as options.


Yealink BH76 Plus packing list


Design - How does it look

I have to give some love to Yealink for the job they did in designing the BH76 Plus. As headsets go, this is an attractive model. It’s well-made, and created using matt black materials, along with a metallic ring around the outside of both ear speakers which give it a more polished, premium look. The same metal is used, and somewhat visible on the lower section of the headband which ties nicely together giving it a rich look.

Overall, I’d give the Yealink BH76 Plus high marks for fit, finish and visual appeal.

Connectivity - What You Can Use It With

Yealink BH76 Plus connectivity

The Yealink BH76 Plus headset connects to computers and mobile devices via:

  • USB-A and USB-C
  • Wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth version 5.2

The BH76 Plus connects to 8 devices, 2 simultaneously, which is pretty standard these days.

The Yealink BH76 Plus is available in a Microsoft certified variant which makes using the BH76 Plus with Teams a breeze.

  • Launch a Teams meeting 
  • Raise your hand
  • Lower your hand
  • Mute and unmute the microphone
  • Answer and end calls

All directly from the headset. 

The BH76 Plus also works well with all the leading communication platforms such as Google, Zoom, Avaya, RingCentral, Dialpad, 8x8, Unify, Cisco and others. So whatever UC Application you're using, rest assured that the BH76 Plus is a willing, and capable communication partner. 

Comfort Centers Around You

Yealink BH76 comfort

I will admit that comfort is subjective, but there are things you can point to in a headset that can help to determine if a headset should be comfortable. Among those are:

  1. Weight of the device
  2. Padding
  3. Adjustability
  4. Overall design

Taking those things into consideration, how does the Yealink BH76 rank in the comfort category? In my opinion, it’s not something to shine a bright light on. For openers, the BH76 Plus is a plus size weighing in at around 10 ounces (285 grams). That makes this headset among the heaviest in the binaural, double ear headset category. Still, weight isn’t the only thing to consider because headsets that are portly can still be more comfortable than a poorly designed, lighter weight model. 

The Yealink BH76 Plus has a decent amount of padding. Not only are the ear cushions nicely padded, but so is the headband. The headband is padded along both sides, and across the top, so no matter where the headband may come in contact with your head, it will be met with a nice amount of cush.

Additionally, the ear speakers pivot a full 180 degrees which means you can lay the headset flat onto a table, or in a carry bag without the ear speakers sticking up, or out. A small thing perhaps, but when not using it, or when you're traveling, it’s a nice feature to have.

The overall design of this headset does lend itself to being comfortable with the features I mentioned earlier adding to that comfort. And though I found this headset to become somewhat uncomfortable after wearing it for a few hours, you might be perfectly fine with it. Again, comfort being a subjective thing.

Microphone - Good, Bad or Whatever

There are a few things you need to know about the microphone on the Yealink BH76 Plus. First, it’s a noise canceling microphone that’s designed to help remove unwanted background noise to give your callers a better audio experience. So how does it perform with that being its mission? First, the voice audio quality is pretty solid, so you can expect to sound good to your callers. Not all headsets that we test deliver that good of voice audio quality.

But that leads me to comment on its ability to remove noise. Unfortunately, I have to hold off on giving praise here because it doesn’t live up to other Yealink microphones that are known to do a very good job at removing noise. The BH76 Plus noise canceling is average at best. Honestly, it didn’t do well in our tests as the background noise we subjected it to were all easily heard. A disappointment, but in its defense, this isn’t priced to be a premium grade headset with off the charts noise canceling. So if removing background noise is something you’re looking for, you’ll want to keep this in mind. And if you want to hear for yourself, watch the video above where we test the BH76 Plus microphone.

Dynamic Duo

If you're serious about eliminating noise, you might want to consider neep noise canceling software to pair up to the Yealink BH76 Plus. If you do, the noise that the BH76 can’t remove, will be removed by the neep software. To demonstrate this, check out our noise tests in the review video above. There, you’ll be able to hear how the Yealink BH76 Plus sounds with, and without neep software. You can also try neep for free, by going to

Retractable microphone

Yealink BH76 Plus retracted boom arm

The microphone is retractable which means you can slide it out of view when you’re not on a call, and instead want to listen to some music for example. And when you slide the microphone out of view, it also mutes the microphone if you’re on a call. When the microphone is out of view, it causes the headset to take on the appearance of a pair of entertainment headphones. So it’s like getting two headsets in one; a pair of business headphones, and one for entertainment.

But, going back to listening to music for a moment, how do the ear speakers sound? Below is  my opinion on that.

Ear Speakers - How They Sound

graphic of ear speaker

If you plan on using this headset largely for voice or video calls, you’ll be a happy camper because for that purpose, they sound pretty good. But, if you want this headset for calls and equally for entertainment, you may find yourself disappointed. I know I was. But something to keep in mind before I completely throw the BH76 plus under the bus here is that sound is very subjective, and I’m merely sharing my own personal experience when I say it didn’t do it for me. Your experience with this headset may be completely different, and I might add, a much better one. 

The BH76 Plus comes with 35 mm ear speakers which are a click up from the more common 28mm speakers you’ll find on many headsets, but they’re a pinch under the 40 mm ones found on many premium headsets. You can also fine tune the audio through the Yealink USB Connect app where you’ll find EQ settings. And though I prefer the audio of other headsets over the BH76 Plus, something to keep mindful of is this is a sub $200 headset which means it wasn’t designed to provide a high-end audio experience. 

Active Noise Cancellation - Keeping You Focused

Yealink BH76 Plus Active Noise Cancellation

A feature that’s showing up more on business headsets is Active Noise Cancellation. Though not all headsets come with this feature, it is appearing more often than in the past.

If you’re unfamiliar with Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short, here’s a quick explanation;

ANC utilizes external microphones that listen for inbound noise. Once detected, the headset creates the same sound signature, and sends that out, which cancels the noise before it has a chance to reach your ears. ANC is a sort of anti-noise feature that provides the person wearing the headset the ability to avoid being distracted by the noise going on around them. 

When it comes to ANC, not all are created equal. Some headsets provide ANC on/off, while others may come with ANC High/Low. The Yealink BH76 Plus, like some premium headsets, provides multiple levels of ANC adjustability. Having this provides you with the ability to regulate how much noise you hear, which is better than on/off or high/low.

Ear Cushions - On-Ear, Around the Ear, You Decide

Yealink BH76 Ear Cushion

With the new Yealink BH76 Plus, you can easily replace the ear cushions, which is nice because believe it or not, some headsets you either can’t replace them, or the design makes it a real pain to do so. 

Fortunately, you’ll have a better experience when it comes time to replace these ear cushions. And, you can choose between those that go against the ear, or those that fully circle them. If lowering background noise is your goal, then you’ll want those that go around them. Either way, you have a choice, and you won’t break a sweat exchanging them.

Battery details

Yealink BH76 Battery specifications image

I feel safe in saying that most of us, at one time or another, will forget to recharge the battery in our headset. So how much juice does the BH76 Plus provide?

  • Up to 35 hours of talk time
  • Up to 40 hours of listening time
  • Up to 360 hours of Standby
  • Recharges within 2 hours via the charge cable
  • Recharges within 3 hours via the wireless charger (optional accessory)

Staying Connected

One added bonus regarding the battery is you can continue using the headset even when it’s plugged in for a recharge. As basic as this might sound, many headsets, even those deemed premium, can’t do this. So when other headsets keep you waiting, the Yealink BH76 Plus keeps you talking.

Wireless Range

Being that this is a wireless headset, you’re probably interested to know how far you can walk, talk and remain on a call, or keep your music flowing. Here’s the 411 on that:

The Yealink BH76 Plus utilized Bluetooth version 5.2 and provides, according to Yealink, up to 150 feet (45 meters) of wireless range. Though this is a click up from the normal “up to 100 feet” of wireless range found on most other Bluetooth headsets, you should half that to get a usable wireless range. In this case, that would put you somewhere around 75 feet. Not the longest wireless range by any means, but certainly enough for most people and inline with the norm for a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Wireless range estimates are generally based on line of sight, or open field testing methods. Both are void of any obstructions which can degrade a signal, and ultimately, have a lowering effect on the amount of wireless range you get. It's for this reason you should cut the stated range estimate in half so that you have a real world expectation.

Firmware Updates and More

Yealink USB Connect download screen image

The Yealink BH76 Plus comes with the ability to download software called Yealink USB Connect. This allows you to update the device firmware, adjust sidetone, EQ adjustments and more. 

The Verdict - Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down?

thumb up and thumb down

So what’s the verdict on the new Yealink BH76 Plus? Is this a headset I’d recommend, or should you pass on this?

The truth is, you know your needs better than anyone, and that places you in the best position to make that determination. For example, if high level noise canceling is high on your list, then this isn’t the best choice, unless you pair it with neep software. 

If premium audio is what you’re looking for, this likely isn’t the best available choice out there. 

But if you’re looking for a nicely designed, fully featured Bluetooth headset for use on your voice and video calls with some entertainment thrown into the mix, all for a decent price, then I’d say you may have come upon your next new headset.

Stylish and Feature Rich

Yealink BH76 Plus being worn by a woman. Dark background dimly lit

This is a stylish headset that’s priced right, and frankly packed with some features you typically find on more expensive headsets, such as the Active Noise Cancellation for example. It’s nicely padded across the headband and ear cushions, provides an adjustable headband and ear speakers, has a microphone that slides out of sight when not needed, and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams, a highly popular Application. It comes with USB dongles for connectivity to your laptop or desktop computers, and Bluetooth for your other devices. So when you add up  the different features, and price point, you can’t help but appreciate the value that this headset represents. 

Try Before You Buy

The absolute best way to know if the Yealink BH76 Plus is right for your specific needs is to try one before deciding. That can be arranged by contacting us. Promotional information, and reviews can only take you so far, whereas a live demonstration cuts through the noise and gives you the information you need.

Want To Know More About neep Software?

If you struggle with background noise, especially when you’re on important voice or video calls, don’t pass up the chance to find out more about neep. This software is very affordable, and it does a superb job of removing noise for you, and your callers. 

  1. neep will give your callers a noise free experience
  2. neep will remove the noise from your callers background
  3. neep will also learn your voice, isolate it from other voices or noise, and enhance your voice quality

So when noise is the problem, look to neep for the solution. Visit to learn more, or to try it for free.

Have Questions, or Need Some Help?

Customer Service Agent

Since 1994, Headset Advisor has been assisting customers with their communication needs. So if you have questions, or need a tailored, compatible solution, contact us today and one of our Advisors will be happy to help.

Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

Try neep Free

Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

Try neep Free

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