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For better virtual presentations, one of the most underrated tools is using a professional quality headset. 

Often times you'll see people using AirPods, wired earbuds or computer speakers on conference calls or presentations. Although those type of devices aren't bad for personal phone calls, this wouldn't be the best solution.

Using your computer speakers or a consumer grade headset you can expect..


  • Less than ideal sound quality
  • Echoing (especially with your computer speakers)
  • No noise canceling microphone so every noise around you will be heard
  • The microphone sound quality won't be as good or consistent 


That being said whether you're on mobile calls or you use Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex/Spark, GoToMeeting, Zoom and others, here's 3 of the best professional grade headsets for better virtual presentations.

Each headset listed below is a business great headset with USB connection, noise canceling microphone and crystal clear sound quality.


#1 Discover D712U (Entry)

discover d712u

If you don't mind a cord and want the most cost effective option then the Discover D712U will work great. Having both ears covered is helpful so you can zone in on your presentation or meeting.


#2 Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC (Mid)

voyager 4220 uc

Whether you're in the office or on the go, the Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC is perfect for mobile workers. The USB dongle simply plugs into the computer for clear conversations and you can also use the 4220 on your mobile phone.

For example, if you connect to a laptop, rather than lugging a charging base with you that uses AC power, the Voyager 4220 headset operates from a battery and connects to your laptop via a Bluetooth dongle for high quality audio.


#3 Plantronis Savi W445 (Best Overall)

plantronics savi w445


The Plantronics Savi W445 wireless headset is overall the best value for virtual presentations. This wireless headset has crystal clear audio and comes included with your choice of a headband or ear hook, so you can choose your preferred wearing comfort. In addition, it's important you have your headset up and working at all times without worrying about a dead battery. The Savi W445 comes with 2 batteries, so when one battery runs low, you take the fully charged battery and swap it to keep your meeting going.


If you have a unique situation, contact us today and we'd be glad to help you find the best headset for your needs.

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