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As open offices have become more relevant over the years, that has created a problem...


Because of this, the need for noise canceling headsets at work has been rising. When searching for a headset to connect with a desk phone that fully encloses your ears and blocks out background noise, your options are limited.

When searching for a dual speaker headset that covers both ears, you'll find most headsets for this application have a standard size ear cushion, no matter which brand of headset you choose. 

So, if you need a noise canceling headset for a desk phone, you just won't find one that fully encloses your ears to block out background noise and zone in on calls, until now...

The illustration below is the difference between the industry standard speakers and cushions compared to the Discover D722.

noise canceling headset cushions

As you can see there's quite a difference in the size of speakers.


So, if you ultimate goal is to block out the background noise in your home or office and have a headset for business calls when using a desk phone, the Discover D722 is the best headset we've tested.


All that being said, the best noise canceling headset for a desk phone is...


Discover D722

discover d722 noise canceling headset

Now keep in mind with any business grade headset for a desk phone, the cord at the end of the headset is referred to as a Quick Disconnect. So, out of the box the headset will not connect. You need to add a direct connect cable to go with the Discover D722 in order to connect with your desk phone.

Depending on the make and model of your desk phone will determine the compatible cable needed. Contact us today and we can verify the correct cord you need. 

Below is an image with an example to the cord you need to go with your headset. this cord is referred to as a direct connect cable. 

NOTE: If you don't get the correct direct connect cable you will either have less than desirable sound quality, you will have no audio or only one way audio. 



Important features and benefits

Noise canceling microphone

When you're on important phone calls, the last thing you want your callers to hear is the noise happening around you. A noise canceling microphone will help reduce unwanted background noise for more productive phone calls.

Wideband audio

Being able to be heard clearly is important and that's what wideband audio offers. Clear calls will allow you to hear and be heard the first time without having to repeat yourself. 

All day comfort

The Discover D722 is extremely lightweight in comparison to other noise canceling headphones you would use for your music for example. So, if you have to wear a headset for hours and need to block out noise, the D722 is as good as it gets.


The flexibility of a Quick Disconnect headset like the Discover D722 is whether you need connection to a desk phone like Cisco, Avaya, Shoretel, Mitel, Polycom and more, there's a compatible cord to go with the headset. 

Now fast forward to the future. Say you no longer use desk phones and you switch to using a computer softphone for example. Rather than purchasing a new headset, you can purchase a cable accessory like the image below. This cable then converts the D722 to work on a computer.

This cable is referred to as a "quick disconnect to USB adapter"

qd to usb

Another noise canceling headset for work at the office or home to consider is the  Discover D712. If your home or office isn't to loud but you prefer a headset to cover both ears with dual speakers this model will rest against the ears to hear audio in both ears and zone out background distractions, but won't be ideal in high noise environments. 


discover d712




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