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Before we dive in, we need to understand what Amazon Renewed means. Before purchasing a headset that's Amazon Renewed, you need to know that the headset you're ordering is refurbished with Amazon's guarantee.


What is Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program that Amazon offers to third party sellers to offer refurbished items on the Amazon website. Each refurbished item will say at the end of the title (Renewed). Usually only top tier sellers will be able to keep up with the standards and quality Amazon expects. 


Amazon Renewed Guarantee

Product works and looks like new. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

Renewed products work and look like new. These pre-owned products have been inspected and tested by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Box and accessories may be generic. All Renewed products come with the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee.


Now keep in mind, when you purchase an Amazon Renewed item, you're really purchasing from a 3rd party seller that is approved to sell on Amazon. All sellers are not created equal, especially when it comes to refurbished items.

The sellers who try to make a quick buck, will soon be remove from being able to sell on Amazon and if you're the unlucky customer who ordered from this seller at the time, then you will receive a less than desirable product (used, dirty and thrown in a box).

So how do you know if the seller you're purchasing from on Amazon is reputable and not someone selling from their garage?


#1 Know what you're buying and purchase from a reputable seller

On Amazon, make sure you pay attention to the title that says (Renewed). That means you're ordering a refurbished product. Secondly, click where the purple arrow is point and it will bring you to the seller.

amazon renewed


Here's where you'll see who the seller is.

amazon renewed


#2 Research the seller off Amazon

Google the seller to see if they're a company and see if there's any reviews. If the company shows no reviews or has no website, that may be a red flag. If you want to take it a step further, call the company and see how your experience is with getting information.

google search amazon renewed


#3 Verify compatibility with an expert

With the various devices you would connect a headset with, it's a smart idea to reach out to an expert who knows about headsets and can verify compatibility before you make a purchase. This will avoid the frustration of ordering a headset thinking it's compatible, all to find out it's not compatible or an additional accessory is required.

Amazon is great, but reaching out to their customer service, they won't know this information to best help you.

For example a headset like the image below, often times customer will order this wired headset and think out of the box it will connect with a desk phone or computer. This type of headset requires an adapter to go with the headset in order to connect your specific device (sold separate).



#4 Does the seller offer product support?

This is how it typically works. You order an item. If the item for whatever reason is defective and you're outside of the 30 day return period, the seller or Amazon will refer you to talk to the manufacture for a replacement. They will require you go through troubleshooting with them and if determined the headset is defective, you will then have to fill out paperwork, send your headste back first before the manufacture will send you a replacement. By the time you get a replacement headsets it's usually about 2 weeks later.

A nightmare and frustrating experience to say the least.


Does the seller offer product support and advanced warranty replacements? Very few vendors offer this service. But this is how it looks.

  1. Talk to seller to help with troubleshooting
  2. If the seller determines your headset is defective, they pull up your order number and expedite out a replacement headset that same day.
  3. You get an email with a prepaid shipping label to send back the defective headset.

Doesn't that sound a lot easier?

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