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When you think of a refurbished headset the first thing you may be thinking is... ewww I would never wear a used headset!

The term "refurbished" is loosely thrown out. Sometimes you get a box full of junk with a used headset that is dirty and broken with no return policy or warranty. Other times a seller may have some returns from customers and you get a nice headset at a reduced cost because of that.

The reality is purchasing a refurbished headset can be costly if you're not careful.

You want to make sure the company you're purchasing a refurbished headset from is reputable, provides a return policy, warranty and isn't providing you a used headset.


definition of used item: An item that has been used previously. There may be cosmetic wear but the item should work... hopefully.

our definition of a refurbished item: Pre-owned products that work and look like new and have been inspected, cleaned, sanitized and tested by a reputable company. Professionally packaged and includes all necessary accessories the product would come with if new. All refurbished items should have at least a 30 day return policy and at minimum a 90 day warranty for defects. 


Why would you consider a refurbished headset?

The simple answer is to save $$$

On average you should expect to save 20-40% in comparison to new.

Outside of headsets, I've personally purchased a few refurbished items from a reputable source and have been pleasantly surprised.

On the flip side in the past, I've tried to cut the corner and save money for a used item and was more of a hassle than it was worth.


Not all refurbished headsets are created equal

Some sellers are individuals perhaps working out of their garage selling on ebay. Virtually pulled from a pallet, thrown in a box and shipped to you. No warranty, maybe no return policy and missing parts.

You want to make sure

1. All the parts and pieces are included

2. Headset works and looks like new

3. Properly cleaned and sanitized

4. At Least a 90 day warranty minimum


What should a refurbished headset look like?

New headset vs refurbished headset

New headset vs refurbished headset



If you're a company who likes saving money and headsets are a need, investing in refurbished office headsets from a reputable company for your business can be a smart decision to keep you hands free, sounding great and more productive. 

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