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We don't personally carry wireless headsets that are compatible with your cordless phone, but we often get asked what the best cordless headset is for a cordless phone. So, in this blog I'll provide you with the top 3 wireless headsets to consider that we recommend with the limited options available. 

Keep in mind these headsets are best to be used with a single line Analog cordless phone. NOT compatible with a VOIP cordless phone.

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Top 3 headsets for cordless phones

VXI V300

AT&T Marathon

Vtech IS6200


VXI V300 << Click here for price

vxi v300

You may not be as familiar with the brand VXI, but VXI was purchased from Jabra (GN Netcom). The VXI V300 is unique because it connects with a cordless phone, corded desk phone, mobile phone and computer. Pretty much whatever device you need connection to the VXI V300 will connect.

That being said, this is a lower end wireless headset but is a good option to consider for a cost effective wireless headset. For most, this headset should work fine.


+ Compatible with cordless phones

+ Comes with neckband, ear hook and headband for you to switch between to have a customized fit

+ Easy volume adjustments for hearing and microphone


- Not the best sound quality but good enough

- Buttons on the base are tiny and can be a bit confusing on how to use the headset when switching across multiple devices.


How does the VXI V300 connect? 

vxi v300 setup to cordless phone


AT&T Marathon << Click here for price

att marathon

The AT&T Marathon is similar to the VXI V300 but is even more cost effective. Out of the box the AT&T Marathon will connect with your cordless phone and corded desk phone. 

This is also a low end wireless headset but will still be good enough for most users.


+ Compatible with cordless phones

+ Quick to setup

+ Comes with a headband, neckband and ear hook for you to customize the fit


- A bit bulky

- Not very comfortable if being worn with the ear hook option

- Not the best sound quality but good enough


How does the AT&T Marathon connect?

att marathon setup


VTech IS6200 << Click here for price

vtech is6200

The VTech IS6200 is a cordless headset only compatible with specific cordless phones. So, before making a decision on this headset, make sure your headset is on the compatible list that will be below.

The VTech IS6200 is a very cost effective wireless headset for your cordless phone and is very low profile. The charging base will take up very little desk space and the headset comes with various wearing styles for you to choose between.

vtech is6200 compatibility list



+ Extremely cost effective (around $40 for a wireless headset?!)

+ Includes ear hook, neckband and headband for you to choose a custom fit for you

+ About 350 feet of wireless range to walk and talk hands free


- Only compatible with certain cordless phones

- Not the best sound quality but good enough 

- Won't connect with any other devices other than cordless phone


How does the VTech IS6200 connect? 

Each brand and model of phone on the compatibility list will have you setup the headset a bit differently for each model. In the VTech IS6200 manual, it will tell you how to pair the headset with your phone.



No matter which model you choose won't be a bad choice. The need for a wireless headset connecting to a cordless phone isn't in high demand so the manufactures don't make many headsets for this application. That's the reason there's not very many options to choose between. Anyone who does need a wireless headset for a cordless phone one of these three options should work fine for your needs and be very cost effective. Each of these models are less than $200, which is a great deal to be hands free, wire free and more productive.


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