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If you, or someone in your office works in a Call Center as a Customer Service Rep, having a reliable, great sounding headset is a critically important business tool. 

Though there are many different types of professional business headsets, this blog will attempt to provide you with thoughts on why choosing a wireless headset is your best all around choice. 

Office headsets come in two broad categories

- Headsets that have a cord 

- Wireless business headset that doesn’t have a cord 

They also come in three general wearing styles

- Over the head - either single (mono) or double ear (duo) speakers - Over the ear - worn over the ear vs. over the head 

- Convertible - can be worn over the ear, then converted to over the head 

Though wired headsets, in particular, those worn over the head, are perhaps the most common headsets used by Customer Service Reps, there is a strong argument for a wireless headset for call center. 

A Customer Service Representative typically spends the entire day on the phone. This can be a desk phone, or it might be a computer based Softphone. In either case, they do a lot of talking to customers throughout the day using a headset. 

Here are a few areas where a wired headset has limitations for a CSR


With a wired office headset, how does a Customer Service Representative get up from their desk to grab a quick cup of coffee without logging out? Generally speaking, they don’t. This means that anytime they need to step away from the desk, they aren’t available to take calls. 

Conferring, convenience & customer service 

How does a Customer Service Representative confer with a Supervisor or co-worker while on a live call without the need to place the client on hold so they can get up and

have that conversation? They can’t. They’re required to place the caller on hold (which most people don’t like), while they find the person to converse with, then walk back to the desk and resume the call. 

Remote call answering 

How does a Customer Service Representative take a call when away from the desk if using a wired office headset? They can’t because their headset is wired which doesn’t allow for remote call answering. A fundamental disadvantage of a wired office headset when compared to a wireless headset for office phone. 

Incoming call notification 

If the Customer Service Representative is away from the desk and a live call comes in, will he/she know that they have an incoming call? Nope. There’s no way for them to know because they’re using a wired headset that has many limitations. One limitation is there’s no incoming call notification. 

Live call collaboration 

How does a Customer Service Representative via their wired headset, collaborate with other headset users on a live call? The short answer is they can’t. Though there are some phone based services that allow for conferencing, it’s not the same as a professional wireless headset that not only offers the conference feature, but advantageous mobility as well, which isn’t a phone service feature. 

Flexibility in connectivity 

If a Customer Service Representative wants to use their wired headset on a desk phone, then switch over seamlessly to a computer and/or to a Bluetooth device, is that possible when using a wired office headset? Not presently. However, when you use wireless headset for call center, you’ll have this feature and unrivaled flexibility available to you. 

Key takeaways 

The points being raised here are that wired headsets have inherent limitations when compared to wireless headset for office phone. 

When using a wired office headset you are limited in several ways: 

- Inability to be mobile 

- Can’t collaborate with co-workers nearby while on a live call 

- Inability to take phone calls when away from your desk 

- No incoming call ring notifications when away from the desk

- Limited flexibility relating to call conferencing 

- Inability to seamlessly switch between desk phone, computer and Bluetooth

The Solution

Free yourself to get more done. Free yourself to work naturally without the restrictions posed by a tethered cord. Free yourself to give your customers the best, most responsive service possible. This, and more, can be achieved by switching from an office wired headset to a wireless headset for call center.


A wireless headset for office phone gives you the freedom to move around the office as needed. This could be to grab that quick cup of coffee.

It could also allow you to run over to the printer and grab that freshly printed document. Maybe you need to pass an idea by the boss real quick. Whatever the need, a customer service wireless headset will give you the freedom to move around your office where you want and when.

It’s actually surprising how much different using a wireless office headset is when compared to using an office wired headset. 

If you have a need to ask your coworkers a quick question while on a live call, a wireless headset is a great tool. Unlike with a wired headset, you don’t have to place the caller on hold while you walk to your coworkers for a quick impromptu conversation.

Mute and unmute on the move

Instead, you can get up, walk to your office mates, mute the microphone on your wireless headset, confer, unmute and resume your call as you walk back to your desk. The customer receives stellar support while your sidebar conversation was completely seamless to your customer. 

Answer calls when away from your desk

When using an office wired headset, and you need to step away from your desk, you can’t take an incoming phone call. With a wireless headset for office phone, you can.

A professional wireless headset offers an optional, and highly popular feature of remote call answering. This is a great feature that elevates customer service by bypassing the need for an unanswered call to go to voicemail.

Instead, when the call comes in, you simply press the call control button on the side of the office wireless headset which connects the incoming call directly to you.

This feature is super convenient and helps to dramatically cut down the amount of voice messages to wade through. Along the way, customers get connected on their first call rather than engaging in the dreaded game of phone tag. 

Know when a calls coming in from the headset

Wireless headset for call center can also alert you to an incoming call. This is available if the optional remote call answering is purchased. When an incoming call is detected, a quiet beep tone is placed into your office wireless headset earpiece. When you hear this tone, you’ll know that you have an incoming call.

You can then take the call while away from your desk,walk back to your desk to take the call, or you can ignore the call and let it get rerouted or go to voicemail. In any of these cases, you have the option to control the outcome. 

Sometimes a support call becomes complex and needs input from others in order to resolve it. This is where a wireless headset for office phone can really shine.


Many office wireless headsets have a conference feature included. This gives you the ability to bring into a call several other people via their headset. They can be active participants on the call, or they can sit in the background and listen only.

There’s a distinct advantage of a professional office wireless headset conference feature over that found on phone systems. Being that the wireless headset is wireless, it allows the conference group to remain remote, and at their respective workstations, or, they can gather in a conference room to conduct the call or even into pairs if appropriate. Conferencing with a wireless headset offers more flexibility. 

Connect to multiple devices

Today, there’s an increasing need to switch between phones, computers and Bluetooth devices. Wired headsets are very limiting in this way, which is not the case with an office wireless headset.

If a CSR needs to switch from a desk phone connection to a computer (for a video call for example), many office wireless headsets have this ability. This switch is carried out by simply pressing a button on the office wireless headset base station.

Some headset models have a third connection option that allows for Bluetooth connectivity as well. If you’ve never experienced this, you’ll be amazed how easily you can move from one device to another simply and reliably. 

You get more done using wireless headsets

Wireless headsets are more versatile than an office wired headset. Wireless headsets help to deliver better customer service. Wireless headsets are known to increase worker productivity by up to 40%, and wireless headsets help to eliminate that dreaded task of wading through the mound of voicemails.

Yes, Customer Service Managers want their staff to be at their desk available to do their jobs. That’s reasonable. But, with a wireless headset, you can be at the desk to do the job, but you also have the flexibility to do so much more. In the end, that flexibility translates into happier customers and higher producing, happier employees too. 

Take the wireless headset quiz here for call center options. 


When it comes time to make a decision on the exact wireless headset model you want, inquire with your vendor if they offer trade-in credit for your old headsets. This can help to lower the cost of your new Customer Service wireless headset, while at the same time, help you to avoid the costs associated with responsible disposing of them. 

Here’s some information on a trade-in program for you to look over

Headset Rental 

You can also inquire about available pay as you go programs like a headset rental. A headset rental plan can avoid up-front expenses and allow you to experience the ultimate in flexibility to make changes as your needs change or, cancel the rental at any time. 

To see a sample of a headset rental plan along with the benefits of this option, click here to learn more.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about wireless headset for call center, contact us today.

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