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A company that’s a bit of a newcomer to the business headset space is Yealink. They’ve been rolling out a number of new headsets that include both wired and wireless models.

Recently, they released a new, entry level dual ear USB headset that’s well worth you having a look at if you’re in the market for a new headset for you or your team. 

In this blog I’ll go over the different features on the Yealink UH34 USB headset.

I’ll also provide you with a link to a video I recorded on this model that includes a live microphone test so you’ll be able to hear how it sounds, and how well it does to remove unwanted background noise.

Lastly, I’ll play some music through the ear speakers at maximum volume and play that music through a microphone so you can get an idea how the speakers sound. 

If you’d like to watch this video rather than read this blog to learn more about the new Yealink UH34, dual ear wired USB headset, I’ll provide the video below. 

For those who prefer to read the blog, let's get started breaking down the Yealink UH34. 

This headset is designed to be an affordable, entry level USB headset. Unlike those models that cost north of $100.00, the Yealink UH34 will run you about half that amount. If getting a decent headset for use with your computer is what you’re looking for, then this headset might be it. 

How does this headset connect? 

The Yealink UH34 connects via a USB A plug. It’s a plug and play device, so you don’t have drivers or software to download in order to use it. Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go.

What kind of microphone does this headset use? 

This headset comes with a noise cancelling microphone. In other words, it’s a microphone that’s designed to remove unwanted background noise.

Why is that important?

It helps to give your callers a better listening experience. They’ll hear you and not those distracting sounds going on in the work background. We’ve all had the experience of receiving a call from someone where you can hear a lot of noise going on in the background.

Not ideal, especially when there’s a simple solution; a noise cancelling microphone which you get on the Yealink UH34 USB headset. 

Can you bend the microphone boom arm? 

Yes. The Yealink UH34 microphone boom arm is able to be bent. This is an often overlooked feature, but it is important.

Having the ability to position the microphone properly goes a long way towards you sounding your best. If the microphone is required to stay in a fixed position, due to it not being bendable, then it’s not going to be in the right spot for some people.

The result is typically low voice volume. This will have your callers struggling to hear you. This is not something you’ll need to be concerned with on the Yealink UH34. 

How much does the Yealink UH34 weigh? Is it heavy? 

This headset weighs 4.16 ounces. That puts it on the lighter side when compared to other over the head, dual ear headsets. As a result, you can expect this headset to be light enough to wear all day long. 

Do the ear speakers pivot so it can conform to my head? 

Unfortunately, the Yealink UH34 ear speakers have very limited movement ability. Though they’re not totally in a fixed position, they’re the next closest thing to that.

This causes you, the wearer of the headset, to have to conform to the angle of the ear speakers rather than the ear speakers adjusting to the needed angle for a personalized fit.

Then again, you have to keep in mind that this is an entry level, inexpensive headset so things like this aren’t uncommon. 

Can you position the microphone on the left side or right? 

Yes, you can. The microphone boom rotates to the extent that it allows it to be located on your right or left side. Some headsets limit the placement of the microphone to one side only.

Many people have a preference as to which side of their face the microphone is located. Not a big feature here, but one that makes a difference to those who have a preference where the microphone is placed.

Is the headband adjustable and does it have a cushion? 

Yes and no. Yes, the headband can be adjusted so that it fits a variety of head sizes. Most headsets that you buy will have a band that can be adjusted. In fact, it would be a bit odd if it weren’t. 

As for the cushion for the headband, the Yealink UH34 doesn’t have this. That’s the bad news. The good news is the headset is very light and because of that, it wears light which means it’s comfortable. Yes, a cushion would enhance the comfort, but in now way is this a deal breaker. 

What do the buttons on the controller do? 

The Yealink UH34 comes in two versions; Microsoft Teams version and a UC version. 

The Microsoft Teams version has a Teams button on the controller which allows for a one touch implementation of a Teams meeting. In place of that button, on the UC version, you’ll see an answer/end button. 

Both versions also have a hearing volume up, hearing volume down and microphone mute button. 

Is this a single or double cable headset? 

Some headsets, albeit, not many, have two cables. One cable for each speaker. The Yealink UH34 thankfully doesn’t have that. Instead, it has a single cable.

What’s the value in a single cable you ask?

Less cords to get in the way and less cords to contend with as you go about your normal work day. Without question, having a single cable is far better than having two. 

What’s the warranty on the Yealink UH34? 

1-year. This is pretty standard for low end, entry level type computer headsets. You can find some that offer a 2-year warranty, but one is what you’ll see the most for a USB headset in this price range. 

How much does this headset cost? 

The recommended selling price for the Yealink UH34 is $59.00, though you can get it for less on the Headset Advisor website using the coupon code mentioned in the review video of that product (video above). You can also rent this headset for around $5.00 per month without any long term contract, and best of all, you’re always in warranty which means you’re always covered including replacement ear cushions.

Overall impression 

Overall, I’d say this is a very nice computer headset for anyone to consider if they’re looking for one that’s in the $50 - $60 range. 

To me, it has excellent sound quality and surprisingly good noise cancellation. That was unexpected given the price of this headset. However, sound quality is a subjective matter, so you should hear it for yourself so you can decide if it delivers the type of sound quality you’re looking for. 

As for the speakers, I’m a bit softer on that subject. I thought they sounded ok, but the volume was a bit low in my humble opinion. I think it could use a little more pep in the output. 

This headset is lightweight and pretty comfortable. It sounds great. It has a cable that provides about seven feet of length which is about right for a wired headset. It comes in a Microsoft Teams version that can make it very easy for you to initiate a meeting.

The microphone boom swivels around so you can locate the microphone on your right side or left. Some USB headsets don’t give you this option. 

On a scale of 1 - 10, with 10 being the best, how would I rate the Yealink UH34? I’d give it a solid 8 rating for headsets in this class. 

Last but certainly not least 

If you’re shopping for a headset for yourself or for a team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Headset Advisor. We’ve specialized in office headsets since 1994, and we’re ready and able to assist you, free of charge.

Our California based support team are specialists in headsets and they can help to answer any questions you might have. So whether you have a quick question about compatibility, or maybe you just need a recommendation, we’re here to help. 

You can call us, text us, email us or even chat with someone live when visiting our website.

Thanks for reading this blog and, I sincerely hope you got some value from it.

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