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If you’re in the market for a new wired headset for use with your computer, chances are good that you may have stumbled upon a headset brand that goes by the name of MPOW. This is a company that offers inexpensive headsets and several other lines of products. 

In this blog, I’m going to do a review, and give you my impression of the MPOW 071 wired, USB computer double ear headset. Reading reviews can be very helpful before making a purchase decision, and this review helps further by giving you the ability to hear the microphone sound quality, it’s ability to remove unwanted background noise, as well as how the speakers sound. 

In order to hear the sound test I did, you’ll need to watch the video I recorded. Watching this video will allow you to see the headset up close, its features and as mentioned, how it sounds.

A lot of people prefer to watch video content over reading it. If you’re one of those people, I’ll provide the video below. 

If you’re still reading, then come along with me as I break down the MPOW 071 wired headset. 

So what can you use this MPOW headset for anyway? 

  • Zoom video conferencing meetings 
  • Softphone phone calls 
  • Listening to music 
  • Listening to voice messages 
  • Webinars 
  • Watching video content 
  • And more . . .

My sense is the buyer for this headset is someone who has a need among those listed above, but they want a double ear headset that’s cheap. In other words, it won’t cost them much. They want decent sound quality, reasonably good comfort and they want it to last awhile. Let’s see how the features on the MPOW 071 fits the bill for this type of buyer. 

Ear speakers 

The ear speakers on the MPOW 071 rotate pretty well. This allows the speakers to pivot at an angle that’s right for the person wearing the headset. Some headsets are limited in this way, which causes the person wearing the headset to adjust to the limited pitch of the speakers. That kind of design goes against the idea of comfort. So in this sense, the MPOW 071 does well. 

Ear speaker cushions 

The cushions on the MPOW 071 are made of memory foam, which is good. That’s a nice, comfortable material to use for headset ear cushions. These cushions are also oversize which is also good because they help to block out unwanted room noises.

Lastly, the cushions are wrapped in protein leather and are doughnut shaped. Being doughnut shaped is nice because there’s no fabric between the speaker and the ear so you can hear better. 


The headband on the MPOW 071 is adjustable as you’d expect on any headset headband. It’s also padded, which is a nice comfort feature that’s not always found on other wired headsets, even those that cost more. 


The microphone is noise cancelling. This means that it’s designed to remove unwanted background noise so your callers hear you, and not what’s going on around you. In the video I recorded, I do a sound test. Not only how the microphone does to pick up a voice, but also how it does to remove background noise. If this is something you have interest in hearing, make sure to check out my video. 

Microphone boom arm 

The microphone boom arm on the MPOW 071 is adjustable. You can bend it so that you can position the microphone where you want. Though this might seem like a minor detail, and to a large degree it is, this feature still plays an important role in you being heard well. Some headsets have booms that are stiff, rigid and barely able to be bent.

Inline controller 

The MPOW 071 has an inline controller that allows you to make the following adjustments: 

  • Hearing volume up 
  • Hearing volume down 
  • Microphone mute 
  • Speakers mute 

Having the ability to turn off the speakers is a feature you don’t commonly find on wired headsets with inline controls. Normally you’ll find an answer/end button. This is likely due to the MPOW 071 not being compatible with some, or many Softphone applications. 


You have the ability to use the 071 headset with a computer via the USB connector. The 071 headset also has a 3.5mm headphone plug that gives you more connection options.

Having the 3.5mm connector allows you to connect to tablets, mobile phones and other devices that have a female 3.5mm port. Most headsets in this class offer a USB connector only, so this is nice having dual connection options. More ways to use the headset. 


1-year. This is pretty standard for inexpensive, entry level headsets. 

My personal impression 

For the money, I think this is a headset worth considering. It has some nice features such as the inline controls and the USB/3.5mm connectors. I didn’t find this headset to feel all that comfortable. It felt a bit bulky and honestly a bit cheap.

The shiny black plastic is known for prominently showing scratch and nicks, more so than matt black plastic for example. Something to think about if you’re a bit hard on headsets or you work in a cluttered environment. 

MPOW suggests that you remove the headset every 1-2 hours so your ears can take a break. You don’t commonly get that kind of advice from headset manufacturers.

I’m not sure if that’s a health concern type statement, or one that speaks more to the lack of comfort of this product. Not sure, but the statement is out there. 

Considering this is a $30.00 headset, I’d say it provides good value for the money, all things considered. 

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