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Speakerphones come in many different sizes and shapes. You have your basic, garden variety speakerphone like what’s found in many desk phones, though those don’t really count as a true high quality speakerphone. They lack most of the standard characteristics of brands like Polycom, Konftel, ClearOne, Jabra, Sennheiser and others. 

You also have speakerphones that are designed for large groups, even auditorium size large groups. You can find speaker phones that are designed for use in varying sizes of conference rooms to accommodate varying sizes of conference participants. 

You also have personal conference phones designed to connect to mobile devices and computers via Bluetooth and USB connections. It’s this type of product that I’m going to discuss in this blog.

Specifically, I’ll be talking about the Jabra Speak 710, its features and a few things that make this an attractive product in this category. 

Before I jump into this, I’d like to mention that I recorded a video about this very subject. In this video, I highlight the specifications, talk about the features of this speakerphone, and finally, I do a live microphone test.

So, if you’d like to watch this video, and hear this speakerphone for yourself, rather than reading about it, make sure to watch. I’ll insert the video immediately below for your convenience. 

Without a doubt, you have a lot of great choices when it comes to personal speakerphones. You have many great sounding, compact and portable devices offered by reputable companies.

It’s difficult for a manufacturer to bring to market a product in a crowded space that has unique qualities to help it stand out. Jabra, with the introduction of the Speak 710 is one of those products. 

Let’s dive into this and see what the Jabra Speak 710 is all about. I’ll cover some of the basic features of this product first, then I’ll let you know what it can do that’s different from other personal, portable conference phones.

If your curiosity is eating at you a bit, feel free to scroll down to the section titled “what makes this speakerphone different from others?” to learn the cool feature that the Jabra Speak 710 can do. Then, if you’d like to read more about this conference phone, feel free to. 

What’s the Jabra Speak 710 designed to be used with? 

This personal speakerphone is designed to be used with mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets, but it’s also able to be used very well with laptops and desktop computers. If you like listening to music, then the Speak 710 will do a great job for you there too. 

From a business perspective, the Speak 710 would be a great partner if you use Zoom, RingCentral, Google voice and other applications. 

Audio qualities of this speakerphone 

There’s a lot of technology that goes into a product like this. Some of the features included with the Speak 710 are noise suppression, echo cancellation, full duplex audio, HD voice and an omnidirectional microphone designed to pick up voices from any angle.

Honestly, this speakerphone sounds very good and that great sound can be attributed to the attention to detail and quality components used in its creation. 

How does it connect to mobile devices or computers? 

The Jabra Speak 710 connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, and to Laptops and Desktop computers via the included Jabra Link 370 USB Adapter.

The 370 Adapter provides you with a wireless connection to a computer, but you also have a built in wired USB A connector if you just want to plug it in using this wired USB cable.

The cable itself is about 3 feet in length. So you have the options of connecting wirelessly or with the wired connector. In this particular case, you have three options, which is nice. 

How much talk time does the battery provide? 

The Speak 710 has a battery that provides up to 15 hours of talk time. That’s pretty much in line with many other personal conference phones in this class.

For example, the Poly Sync 20 has a 20 hour battery, while the Konftel Ego has 15 hours. It’s doubtful that anyone would need more than 15 non-stop, uninterrupted hours of talk time anyway, so I don’t see this as sub-standard in any way.

Use it for a full day and plug it in to recharge. You’ll then be good to go for another full day of Zoom meetings, Softphone calls or just some foot tapping tunes to get you through the day. 

What buttons are found on the Speak 710? 

Here are the buttons on the face of the Speak 710:

  • Bluetooth 
  • Mute 
  • Hearing volume up 
  • Hearing volume down 
  • Battery status 
  • Link button (to join a second unit) 
  • Answer call 
  • End call 
  • Smart button (for voice assistant, speed dial etc) 

What makes this Speakerphone different from others? 

Daisy chain two units wirelessly. The single biggest difference between this speakerphone and others is you can wirelessly connect a second unit. This is a very useful feature from a lot of perspectives.

For example, if you want to have more people join in on a video or audio call, simply pair up a second unit and you now have extended microphone reach and a second loudspeaker. This allows everyone to be heard well, and to hear the far end better too. 

With a single Speak 710, you can accommodate up to 6 people. When you add the second speakerphone, you can double that to handle up to 12. You have the freedom to have people sit where they like and when they get settled in, you simply place the speaker phones in proximity to where they’ve sat. And, if you’re listening to a presentation or music, having two speakers really helps to enhance the listening experience. 

Built in stand.The Jabra Speak 710 also has a built in stand on the bottom. This stand pops open to allow the speaker phone to be positioned at an angle rather than flat on the desk with the speaker aimed at the ceiling.

Instead, you can point it into the general direction of where you want the microphone and speaker to do it’s work. After all, don’t you think it makes more sense to have the speaker and microphone aimed in the direction of the people rather than towards the ceiling? I think it does. Yes, this is a small feature, but it can help to improve sound quality. 

What does the Jabra Speak 710 cost? 

Jabra has a suggested selling price of $300.00 which is about right for a product like this. Once you add the second unit, you’re in the $600.00 price range.

Though that is a bit expensive for personal speakerphones, you have to consider the versatility of two paired speakerphones. And, by adding the second unit you can accommodate up to 12 people vs. 6 with the single unit. Having two units paired together helps to give your speakers and listeners a better audio experience which makes the price much easier to accept. 

Final thoughts

If you discover a need for a better sound when on your Zoom calls, or maybe you want to have others join in on your RingCentral Softphone calls, looking into the Jabra Speak 710 isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, I think it’s a great idea.

You’ll get great features and sound just like with the other brands of speakerphones, but you’ll also get the ability to expand your microphone reach by adding the second unit.

That’s a unique feature you don’t commonly see in personal, portable speakerphones. Having that expansion capability can help you to accommodate a larger group if needed, and having an extra speaker only adds frosting to the cake because you get double the amount of speakers too. 

The Jabra Speak 710 is a solid choice even if your needs warrant a single unit. The funny thing is, needs have a tendency to change, even unexpectedly. If that were to happen, and you found yourself needing more capacity, you have that built in because you only need to purchase a second Speak 710 and within seconds, literally, you’re paired up to the main unit and ready to go. 

Of course there are other options available. But, the Jabra Speak 710, with all of its features and technology, makes for a worthy consideration. 

Have headset questions, or need some help? 

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Jabra Speak 710 product datasheet 

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