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Many businesses and call centers today are using phone systems with desk phones and computer applications for anything relating to phone calls, webinars, video conference calls, dialers and more. The advantage of getting a noise canceling headset for your call center that connects with both desk phones and computer applications is:
  1. Convenience of having one headset for both applications, rather than having two headsets for both applications.
  2. Reduced clutter
  3. Verified compatibility

#1 Discover Adapt 30 With DA200 USB Adapter

The Discover Adapt 30 out of the box connects with 98% of corded desk phones. But when you add the DA200 USB adapter, you'll be able to connect with both a corded desk phone and computer and have a wireless headset with dual speakers to help cancel out noise.

"Great wireless headset for the office. We have several of them in our call center and our team really likes them. We have replaced some name brand headsets and they like the Discover much better. It seems to be more sturdy as well."

-Matt Moseley

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#2 Sennheiser SDW 5065

sennheiser sdw 5065
The Sennheiser SDW 5065 is a dual speaker wireless headset that connects with a corded desk phone and computer. Super wideband audio and a noise canceling microphone with enhanced DECT security keeps your conversations confidential.

#3 Discover D722 with MDA100

discover d722noise canceling wired headset

Louder call centers that prefer a wired noise canceling headset will want to look at the Discover D722 and MDA100 desk phone/pc converter. Unlike the wireless models, the Discover D722 fully encloses your ears, to block out more background noise. For more recommendations for other applications check out the ultimate guide to the best noise canceling headset for your call center 2020

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