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NEW Plantronics Savi 8200 series Dect/Bluetooth/PC Headset

Just when you thought that the highly popular Savi headsets couldn’t get better, Plantronics just raised the bar with the new Savi 8200 series. New design and new features all wrapped in a plush new communication headset for office professionals.

This post is designed to introduce you to this new product line and give you the 411. That said, let’s jump right in.

The new Savi 8200 series comes in three variants; over-the-head single ear, double ear, and convertible. Specifically, the 8210 (mono), 8220 (duo), and 8240 (convertible).

Plantronics 8220 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless HeadsetImage of the Plantronics 8240 Convertible Wireless Headset

Here’s what comes in the box:

  1. Savi charge base
  2. Savi headset top
  3. AC Power Adapter
  4. Telephone interface cable
  5. Micro USB cable
Additional with the 8240 model:
  1. Variety of ear hooks and ear gels for wearing the earpiece over the ear.
  2. Headband
  3. Neckband

8210/8220/8240 FEATURES:

Premium headset, premium sound. Whether a quick look or a close examination, you’ll see that the 8200 series is a quality, premium headset. Though stylish and attractive, it’s more than just a good looker.

Noise-Canceling Microphone. The 8200’s come with a sophisticated, noise-canceling microphone for eliminating unwanted background noise.

Close Conversation. The close conversation feature restricts the microphone pickup distance to sound near the microphone which blocks sounds beyond that range. The result is a better hearing and comprehending experience for your callers.

Active Noise-Cancelation (ANC). This is a feature found exclusively on the 8220, double ear model. The 8220 has an “ANC” button that, when activated, works to negate unwanted environment noise. The close conversation feature restricts sound that would otherwise penetrate the microphone, where the ANC feature restricts unwanted sound that you hear in your work environment. Together, these two features combine to help to give you a crystal-clear conversation void of distractions for a better call experience and improved productivity.

Hi-Fi Stereo. The 8220, with double ear speakers, provides enterprise-quality audio through Hi-Fi DECT Stereo. If music and other media are part of your daily routine, the 8220 will give you a listening experience better than what past headsets have been able to provide.

Triple Connectivity. Like other Savi models, the 8200’s connect to desk phones, computers, and Bluetooth. This unsurpassed connectivity is designed to give you multiple connection options. Desk phone calls? Got you covered! Softphone, desktop video, music? No problem. Need a connection to your mobile phone too? Sure thing! Want to join two calls from any of these connections? Absolutely. Like other Savi headsets, you can conference up to four 8200’s together for wireless collaboration. As you can see, flexibility isn’t lacking. You need it and the Savi 8200 delivers it.

Wireless Range and Talk Time. The Savi 8210, 8220, and 8240 gives you up to 580 feet of wireless talk range (line of sight). 180 feet in a typical office. 580 feet of the wireless range is the longest distance in a Plantronics wireless headset to date, so a nice upgrade especially in open workspaces. With the 8200’s there are no restrictive wires so you have the freedom to move about your work area as needed. Add an optional Electronic Hookswitch Cable (EHS) or handset lifter accessory to the 8200 to take calls when away from your desk. This remote call answering feature will allow you to say goodbye to all those voice messages you’d otherwise be listening to. In terms of talk time, the 8210 and 8220 gives you up to 13 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby, so for all you power users, this battery will get you through even the busiest of days without the need for a recharge. Speaking of charging, a full battery recharge requires 3 hours and the battery is replaceable when it no longer holds a charge.

Headset Controls. The 8210, 8220, and 8240 have the following controls located on the headset top;

  • call answer/end
  • microphone mute
  • hearing volume up, hearing volume down
  • Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) on/off (8220 model only)
  • power on/off

The controls are a little different from models in the past in that the microphone mute button is located beneath the microphone boom, so it’s easier to locate and you won’t mistake it for another feature. Also, the hearing volume adjustment is no longer a pair of buttons to toggle up and down. Instead, the 8200’s have a volume dial that you turn for making this adjustment. Though the end results are the same, the feel and functionality of this dial make it more user intuitive when compared to buttons while at the same time giving you a volume adjustment that feels more high-end.

Comfort. As with many Plantronics models, the 8200’s have an adjustable, padded headband for proper sizing and all-day wearing comfort. Typically, premium headsets have padded headbands and the 8200’s are most certainly premium. Another feature on the 8200’s that speaks to comfort is the padded ear cushions. One thing for sure is not all ear cushions are created equal. They vary a lot in terms of the amount of padding, the material the cushion is made of, the shape of the cushion (solid, solid with holes, doughnut-shaped, etc.) and of course the size of the ear cushion. The Plantronics Savi 8210 and 8220 have a very soft, leatherette, over padded, oversized ear cushion designed to be soft and comfortable, so you can wear your headset all- day without user fatigue and discomfort. The Plantronics 8240 is convertible which allows you to switch from over-the-ear, over-the-head, to behind-the-neck so you can find the most comfortable fit for all day use.

Ringer in the Base. Something new on the Savi 8210, 8220, and 8240's is the addition of a ringer in the charging base. This is a departure from earlier Savi models. The ringer alerts you of an incoming call and it allows you to adjust from off, low, medium and high, whatever your preference. This is useful if your computer does not have speakers and you use a softphone then you will have a device that is able to give you an audible ring to let you know your computer based phone is ringing.

Voice Prompts. The Plantronics Savi 8210, 8220, and 8240 provide the wearer with voice prompts. Some of the prompts heard include microphone mute, out of range, low battery, conference request and more.

Security. The Savi 8210, 8220, and 8240 are DECT Security certified using the latest standards in DECT wireless security. This means that these headsets are not only compliant but assures that your calls are kept secure.

Compatibility. The 8210, 8220, and 8240 are compatible with a variety of soft phone providers such as Cisco, Avaya, Skype and more. The 8210-M and 8220-M models are certified for Skype for Business. These headsets are compatible with 98% of all office desk phones and Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Hearing Protection. The 8200 series headsets have several hearing safety features that combine to help protect from sound spikes and other harmful intrusions. SoundGuard Digital is an enhanced anti-startle protection feature that detects and eliminates sudden increases in sound. G616 anti-startle limits noise level to below 102 dbspl making it not only North American compliant but compliant with the strict Australian Communications Industry standard.

Conclusion. Based on the excellent performance record and reputation of the Savi product line, the 8200 headsets make an excellent addition. When compared to the Savi W710 and W720 tops, the 8210 and 8220 represent a significant upgrade in terms of appearance, functionality, safety and audio. The 8200 tops provide longer wireless talk range and the microphone is technologically more sophisticated which in the end, provides higher quality audio. The ANC feature on the 8220, not found on the W720, is a nice addition especially when used in a noisy office.

Though the charging base didn’t undergo a wholesale overhaul, it did receive enhancements which has made it even better. Combined with the technological improvements and the headset redesign, you have a very solid product in the 8210 and 8220. Nicely done Plantronics!

Curious if this headset may be the best fit for your work environment? Give our California based headset experts a call today and they can help you with a product demo or product recommendation. Call 800-683-5715.
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