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Before choosing a noise canceling headset for your call center, there's not one headset that works for all office environments. Depending on your application and what phone system your using, will determine the list of noise canceling headsets you want to consider. For example, if you're using desk phones in your call center or office and you go to order a USB headset, you'll be left with a headset that doesn't work. With all the different options of professional headsets available, you have to ask yourself:
  1. What type of connectivity do I need? Desk phone? Computer? Mobile phone?
  2. Do I want a wired noise canceling headset or a wireless model?
  3. What's my budget?

One of the main reasons you may be looking for noise canceling headsets in your call center is because of the noise! It's a fact that noise in the office decreases productivity and causes fatigue. 12 ways noise affects workers well being and productivity. When you're working in a loud office environment, most call center agents want to cut out the noise of what they hear in their office, but you need to think of the noise your callers will hear as well. Imagine for a moment, you invest $30 in a sweet pair of headphones that help to reduce background noise. But before you know it, you realize your callers are asking you to repeat yourself regularly because they can hear everything happening in your office.

My point in all of this is, don't underestimate investing in a quality noise canceling headset for both your speakers and microphone! That being said, we're going to break down the best noise canceling headsets for call centers based on what device you need connection to.


Best noise canceling headsets for call centers using desk phones



Best noise canceling headsets for call centers using desk phones + computer

Best noise canceling headsets for call centers using desk phones + computer + Bluetooth

Best noise canceling headsets for call centers using computers

Best noise canceling headsets for call centers using computer + mobile phones

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