3 Best Noise Canceling Headsets For Call Centers Using Computer Applications

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Posted by Drew Merritt on December 6, 2019

noise canceling headset for call center

According to Frost and Sullivan from 2018 to 2025 the professional headset market is expected to grow from 1.38 billion to 2.66 billion. The biggest change that’s currently in process, is more companies and call center are switching over to unified communications and softphone applications. Meaning, desk phones are going away and more call centers and companies are now needing USB headsets as their main communication device.

In addition, as the open office spaces become more relevant, the need for noise cancellation is a growing need. So, it’s going to be important to choose a compatible, comfortable and great sounding headset for your application.

Let’s take a look at some of the best noise canceling headsets for your call center for your computer applications.

#1 Discover D722U

discover d722

The Discover D722U noise canceling headset is built for office and call center environments in where noise is a problem! With pillow soft dual speakers that fully enclose your ears, you’ll be able to zone in on your calls, without the annoying background distractions. In addition, weighing only 6.5 ounces, the D722U is lightweight and will fit great with most call center agents to increase happiness and provide better service to callers on the other end. Lastly, plug and play connectivity to your computer softphone applications like Ringcentral, Cisco, Avaya and more, the D722U will be a seamless setup.

#2 Discover D712U

discover d712u

With dual speakers and a noise canceling microphone, the Discover D712U is ideal for moderately loud offices, but might not be the best fit for high noise offices. Having dual speakers, will help you hear your callers but won’t fully block out your office background noise. Compatible with most computer softphone applications, the D712U is plug and play without any additional software needed. Another issue in the office with headsets is durability, this model includes a 3 year warranty and a reinforced cable to protect from sharp objects or your office chairs rolling over the cord.

#3 Discover Adapt 30 (Wireless)

discover adapt 30

The Discover Adapt 30 is a wireless model that gives you the flexibility to switch between dual speakers and a single speaker (only headset that can do this). Investing in a wireless headset will give you benefits that a wired headset can’t offer. You won’t be tethered to your desk, and you’ll be able to multitask up to 350 feet away from your desk without a cord getting in the way! In addition, a noise canceling microphone is going to help reduce the unwanted background noise that callers in your office would otherwise hear.




Either model of noise canceling headset you choose depending on your needs for your office or call center should work great! For more recommendations for other applications check out the ultimate guide to the best noise canceling headset for your call center 2020

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