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When you're evaluating wireless headsets for your office phone, the term "Bluetooth Headset" is the first thought that you may be thinking.

Learn more about the differences of Bluetooth vs DECT wireless headsets Although Bluetooth headsets may be less expensive in 9 out of 10 cases, Bluetooth headsets aren't compatible with an office phone.

Even if your phone has Bluetooth built in, a DECT 6.0 wireless headset will always be recommended in an office environment. - Choices are picked on customer rating, comfort, ease of use, sound quality and compatibility.


discover adapt 30

The Discover Adapt 30 is highly rated from customers for 4 reasons:

  1. Only headset with proprietary technology to switch from a single to dual speaker (both come included)
  2. Out of the box compatible with 98% of corded desk phones. If your phone system changes to a computer based softphone, you can easily convert this headset by purchasing an inexpensive accessory rather than buying all new headsets.
  3. Most DECT headsets cover you with a 1 year warranty, where as the Adapt 30 covers you with a 3 year warranty for 3x the protection
  4. Professional sound quality, ultra comfortable, 9 hour battery and long range rated up to 350 feet!

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discover d904

The Discover D904 is a great DECT wireless headset for those who don't want a headband type wearing style. Even though the D904 does come with a headband for you to choose a wearing preference best for you.

  1. Out of the box compatible with 98% of corded desk phones and 100% compatible with your compute for softphone calls, webinars, skype calls or any type of audio on the computer. This helps you reduce clutter and adds convenience for using one headset rather than two for each application.
  2. Includes your choice of 3 ear hooks and a headband you can easily convert to for a perfect fit
  3. In the case you're in a high call environment, the D904 includes 2 batteries you can swap between for 24 hour battery talk time!
  4. Like the Adapt 30, you're covered with a 3 year warranty for 3x the protection of most other headsets

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plantronics cs55

The Plantronics CS55 has been one of the most used and durable headsets ever made. Although this model is discontinued, they're still available certified refurbished with a same as new 1 year warranty.

  1. Highly durable and used for over a decade, so you know you're getting a reliable DECT wireless headset
  2. Out of the box compatible with 98% of corded desk phones
  3. Includes a pack of 3 sizes of ear hooks and a headband so you can choose your preferred wearing style
  4. Although no longer made new, choosing the CS55 in certified refurbished condition is still highly popular and reliable being how good this headset was made


These 3 headsets are highly popular and are great headsets to consider for your office phones. Keep in mind, before purchasing either of these headsets, out of the box you won't be able to answer/end calls when away from the phone. You'll need an additional accessory called a Lifter or Electronic Hook Switch cable to enable this feature. Most customers add this accessory to go with heir headset purchase and is highly recommended.
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