Depending on your office environment a DECT 6.0 wireless headset is recommended in almost all cases. DECT 6.0 vs Bluetooth headsets

#1 DECT vs Bluetooth- Security

DECT wireless headsets- The first of their kind to meet enhanced security standards of the DECT Forum Security Certificate, designed to reduce the risk of eavesdropping. DECT operates on its own frequency and in non technical terms, the signal is constantly changing, so other people can't eavesdrop on your private phone calls. DECT wireless headsets are approved to work in the most secure environments like Banks and government agencies. Bluetooth headsets- Less secure, and susceptible for people to eavesdrop on your phone calls.

#2 DECT vs Bluetooth- Wireless Range

DECT wireless headsets- Depending on the model you choose, wireless ranges are rated up to about 590 feet. Realistically, most DECT headsets give you about 180 feet of wireless range in a typical office setting. The headset manufacturers rate their wireless range based on a direct line of site test, without obstructions. Bluetooth headsets- Class 1 and Class 2 Bluetooth, is the most common for a Bluetooth headset. The maximum range is about 100 feet, but in an office setting the range will significantly be decreased.

#3 DECT vs Bluetooth- Batteries

DECT wireless headsets- One factor many people overlook is having a wireless headset that has a replaceable battery. Most DECT headsets have a replaceable battery, which makes more sense replacing a battery, rather than a headset when the battery dies (on average 2 years). Bluetooth headsets- Most don't have a replaceable battery, so every 2 years on average you'll have to throw your headset away and purchase a new one. If you look at the total cost of ownership, selecting a Bluetooth headset can be costly.

#4 DECT vs Bluetooth- Connectivity

DECT wireless headsets- All models have a charging base that rests on your desk and uses AC power for the headset to charge. There's different models, but mainly DECT headsets connect to a desk phone, computer or mobile phone from the base station. You can't take DECT headsets with you on the go to be used with your mobile phone. Bluetooth headsets- Designed for your mobile phone or computer. Sometimes customers will look have an office phone, look at how inexpensive a Bluetooth headset is and purchase one. What they find is, either the headset isn't compatible or the sound quality, range or reliability is unusable. Even if you use an office phone that has Bluetooth built in, I would highly recommend staying far away from a Bluetooth headset. Depending on your application, both have their pros and cons and are designed for different applications. DECT headsets are built for offices and call centers, whereas Bluetooth headsets may be best for at home workers, or workers who work in and out of the office who use a mobile phone and computer, not a desk phone.

#5 DECT vs Bluetooth- Durability

DECT wireless headsets- These headsets are made for office workers, and are built to last! Typically you have a longer warranty as well, ranging from 1-3 years depending on the brand you choose. Bluetooth headsets- There's many different models you can find, and very few are made durable. The options made from professional headset manufactures i'd trust, but without a replaceable battery is a major downside.

#6 DECT vs Bluetooth- Interference

DECT wireless headsets- Operating on a frequency that most other devices don't, you won't be susceptible to interference until you get around 100-200 DECT headsets in the same area. Typically, if you're in a larger office with many headsets, to avoid interference you would add other models that operate on a different technology to avoid any interference. Bluetooth headsets- With many other common devices that operate on Bluetooth, it's much easier to come across interference. This is one major reason why Bluetooth headsets typically aren't recommended in an office type setting. If you're a mobile or at home worker using your cell phone, or a computer softphone, professional Bluetooth headsets are worth considering.


Overall, Bluetooth and DECT headsets are built for two different types of environments. So, I wouldn't say one is better than the other, they both have their place. Depending on your needs would determine what headset is best for you!
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