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What is DECT 6.0?

Simply put it is a radio frequency technology that many wireless headsets and cordless phones use that allows them to be secure while still maintaining a wireless range typically around 300-600 feet.

If you want an in-depth description and all the technical information you can check out the wiki page here.

This guide is going to make it simple and easy for you to understand the technology, why it's used, and how you can find devices that use this tech.


Why do you want DECT 6.0?




As you start searching for wireless headsets in your office, you may come across the term DECT meaning "Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications". Find out the difference between DECT 6.0 vs Bluetooth wireless headsets. This standard started in Europe and DECT is a technology widely used in wireless phone systems to connect a cordless phone to a base station. DECT is being used in other applications, like baby monitors to industrial remote controls. DECT is used in consumer and business phones, as well as PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or wireless LAN applications, to let users freely walk around their office without losing their calls. Being that DECT devices operate on the 1.9 GHz frequency band, it won't interfere with other wireless technologies, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Due to radio frequency regulations, the US uses its own standard called DECT 6.0, which is almost identical to regular DECT technology. For example DECT 6.0 products being used in the US, wouldn't be compatible with regular DECT systems elsewhere. 6 reasons to choose a dect wireless headset

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