6 Reasons To Choose A DECT 6.0 Wireless Headset For Your Office

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Posted by Drew Merritt on December 2, 2019

Depending on your office environment a DECT 6.0 wireless headset is recommended in almost all cases. DECT 6.0 vs Bluetooth headsets

#1 Security

DECT 6.0 wireless headsets are the first of their kind to meet enhanced security standards of the DECT Forum Security Certificate, designed to reduce the risk of eavesdropping.

#2 Interference free technology

Other devices that operate on technology like Bluetooth or Wi-fi can cause interference. Wireless headsets running on DECT 6.0 will be lightweight, have excellent range and audio quality, while keeping your calls off the same signal as other common devices in your office.

#3 Long range wireless freedom

With wireless ranges rated up to 590 feet depending on the model you choose, DECT 6.0 wireless headsets give you superior wireless range.

#4 Stronger data stream protection

Early encryption starts as soon as your wireless headset connection is established, so no information is exchanged without being encrypted. On-air key allocation also creates a secure link when a DECT wireless headset is registered, protecting your communications.

#5 Derived cipher key procedure

Every minute the cipher key is updated on your call so the opportunity for someone to hack in on your call is limited.

#6 Invalid connection attempts neutralized

When there’s a link established with a DECT 6.0 wireless headset, if there’s suspected behavior that a call is being hacked, the link will break to protect your privacy.


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