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Below is a list of best 3 noise canceling headsets for your office desk phones to consider, so you can zone in on your calls and reduce unwanted background distractions. Top 10 voip phones Top 4 analog phones

#1 Discover D712- $89

The Discover D712 is a wired headset ideal for moderately loud offices. Dual speakers will allow you to zone in on your calls, but ear cushions that don't fully enclose your ears won't fully block out your office background noise. In addition, built with a noise canceling microphone, your callers will be able to focus on your voice and not so much your office background. Direct connect cable required to go with this headset for your phone. Contact us today to verify compatibility.

#2 Discover D722- $149

discover d722

The Discover D722 (see D722U for USB variant) is also a wired noise canceling headset and is compatible with desk phones, but this model fully encloses your ears for louder working environments. Weighing only 6.5 ounces, this noise canceling headset was built for office workers who are on the phone regularly. Noise canceling headsets made for desk phones is limited, so the D722 is a great choice for you to consider. Direct connect cable required to go with this headset for your phone. Contact us today to verify compatibility.

#3 Discover Adapt 30- $279

discover adapt 30

The Discover Adapt 30 is a noise canceling wireless headset for call centers who want the increased productivity of being wire free. Investing in wireless headsets for your call center or office will be more up front, but in the long run, the productivity increase you'll see will cost you less and give you all the added benefits of being wireless. In addition, the Adapt 30 has pillow soft ear cushions that cover both and a noise canceling microphone.

Before purchasing a wireless headset for your desk phone, keep in mind if you want the ability to answer/end calls away from the phone, you'll need a Hook Switch Cable or Handset Lifter.

"I am using it with an AT&T Bluetooth office phone. I love that I can answer both the landline and my cell phone with this headset and keep working hands free! It works great and I switch between the single & the double headset band depending on how I am wearing my hair that day. (it makes a difference in how well it stays on my head). I will recommend it to anyone who asks me about headsets. I work from home now, and with the range that this headset works in, I can go anywhere in my home and still be connected, (main floor or basement, where my office is, even outside if I don't go too far). I Love it, Thank You"

-June Deschenes

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With the limited choice of noise canceling headsets for desk phones, one of these 3 headsets should work great for your call center. For more recommendations for other applications check out the ultimate guide to the best noise canceling headset for your call center 2020
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