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Bluetooth headsets have become an essential accessory for those who rely on clear and hands-free communication for voice and video calls. With the advancement of technology, the market is flooded with a wide range of headset options to choose from. 

In this blog, I will be discussing 5 of the best Bluetooth headsets available in the market, including the Opencomm2 UC, Yealink BH71, Evolve2 55, Orosound Tilde Pro and the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex. Each of these headsets offers unique features and functionalities, catering to different needs and preferences.

But instead of reading this blog, you might want to check out our Youtube video review. I'll drop it below, in case you'd like to watch.

Over the years, Bluetooth headsets have become sleeker, more stylish, and more comfortable to wear. They are designed to have good ergonomics, ensuring a snug fit that won't cause discomfort even during long hours of use. The sound quality has also improved dramatically, thanks to advancements in audio technology. And a headset’s ability to remove noise has improved a lot as well. Whether you like the models on this list or not, here are some key features to look for in any Bluetooth headset you might consider.

Noise Cancellation: Look for headsets that offer noise cancellation technology, allowing for noise free communication even in loud environments. Noise cancellation technology has continued to improve over the years, and removes background noise from your call  so your callers hear you, and not the noise going on around you.

Battery Life: Consider the battery life of the headset to ensure it meets your usage requirements. Look for headsets that offer long battery life and quick charging capabilities. Some headsets even come with a charging case that provides additional battery backup on the go, while others might allow you to continue using the headset while the battery is being charged. Either way, pay attention to details so you don’t find yourself with a headset that has a battery not meeting your needs.

Comfort: A comfortable fit is crucial, especially if you plan to use the headset for extended periods of time. Look for headsets that come with adjustable headbands and cushioned ear cups. Some headsets even have memory foam ear cushions that mold to the shape of your ears for a personalized fit. Whatever headset you might be considering, make sure to understand its comfort features.

Connectivity Options: Check if the Bluetooth headset supports multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful if you want to use the headset with both your smartphone and your laptop, for example. Most devices these days will store up to 8 connected devices, and allow for toggling between two simultaneously. But if you plan on using the headset with a desk phone, double check to be sure that the model you’re interested in is capable of connecting to phones. A lot of headsets these days are designed for use with computers and mobile devices.

Sound Quality: Opt for headsets that offer high quality sound for clear audio during calls and media playback. Look for headsets that are capable of removing unwanted background noise especially if you plan on using the headset for business purposes.

Design and Durability: Pay attention to the design and build quality of the headset. Look for headsets that are made from durable materials and have a sturdy construction. Water and sweat resistance can also be important if you plan to use the headset during workouts or outdoor activities. The design is important because you want a headset that matches with your wearing preference. For example, if headsets worn over the head give you a headache, then clearly that’s one wearing style to avoid.

By considering these key features, you can find a Bluetooth headset that suits your needs and enhances your overall audio experience. With that said, let’s take a look at our 5 best Bluetooth headsets for Phone Calls 2023 starting with:

#5 - Shokz Opencomm2 UC

close up of the Opencomm2 UC with water droplets on it as it rests on a desktop

Design and Comfort of Opencomm2 UC

The Opencomm2 UC Bluetooth headset differentiates itself from all others on this list. It combines style and comfort in a compact design, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to wear for extended periods of time. But what really sets it apart from all the other models on this list is its bone conduction technology and behind the neck wearing style.

man facing a computer screen while wearing an Opencomm2 UC wireless headset

No speakers. Unlike a traditional headset that uses speakers, the Opencomm2 UC uses transducers and 7th generation bone conduction which sends sound waves to the temporal bone, which is then relayed directly to the cochlea, then to the auditory nerve, and finally to the brain. This entire process bypasses the eardrum all together. This is the exact process the famous composer Beethoven, who had severe hearing loss, used to hear music. So this idea isn’t new, but the technology used in the Opencomm2 UC certainly is.

When using the Opencomm2 UC, it leaves both ears uncovered and open to hear sounds from the environment. This can be beneficial in many different situations such as walking along a busy street, driving in your car, or working in an office for example.

Opencomm2 wireless headset shown being used in an office, walking on the street, and being used when driving

This allows you to hear your callers, while at the same time, allows you to be aware of your surroundings. On the flip side, hearing everything around you can also be a disadvantage when it comes to being able to hear your callers, or keeping your concentration. After all, your ears are uncovered and exposed to all the sounds around you.

The lightweight construction of the headset makes it easy to wear for extended periods without causing any strain or fatigue. This is especially important for professionals who rely on their headsets for long conference calls or virtual meetings. Headset fatigue can be attributed to a number of things such as

      • A poor headset design
      • A headset that’s heavy
      • Ear cushions that are too small 
      • Or, ear cushions that lack in padding, or use inferior materials

The Opencomm2 UC is designed well, it’s extremely lightweight at only 35 grams, or 1.2 ounces, and it doesn’t have ear cushions because it doesn’t use traditional ear speakers as I mentioned earlier. When you take these things into consideration, you’ll find that the Opencomm2 UC is a very easy headset to like.

Sound Quality and Performance of Opencomm2 UC

Noise cancellation. When it comes to sound quality, the Opencomm2 UC excels. It is equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology, effectively reducing background noise for clearer conversations. The headset provides excellent audio clarity and delivers a very solid sound experience.

very close up view of the opencomm2 uc microphone

The Opencomm2 UC is able to adapt to different environments. Whether you're in a busy office, a crowded coffee shop, or even outdoors, the headset's microphone noise cancellation technology ensures that your voice is clear no matter where you’re working. This is particularly important for all you hybrid workers who constantly change work venues.

Speaker sound quality. In terms of the audio quality for listening, it’s arguably not the best. The transducers simply don’t pump out the same level of audio quality like you get when listening to music while wearing an Orosound Tilde Pro for example. But with that in mind, it’s very adequate for normal listening for phone or video calls, podcasts and yes, even music. But when listening to music it’s wise to keep your expectations reasonable because this headset wasn't designed to provide superior listening audio.

close up view of the Opencomm2 UC transducers

Popular UC Apps compatible. The Opencomm2 UC supports a wide range of communication platforms, including popular conferencing applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex. This makes it a versatile choice for professionals who need a headset that can seamlessly integrate with their preferred communication tools.

graphic of icons of all the leading UC apps

Battery Life and Connectivity of Opencomm2 UC

Battery.The Opencomm2 UC boasts a battery life with up to 16 hours of talk time, 8 hours of listening, 5 minutes on the charger yields 2 hours of talk time. And a full battery recharge requires only 60 minutes, which is short charging time compared to many Bluetooth headsets.

This makes it ideal for all-day use without the need for daily recharging. The headset also supports fast charging, providing several hours of usage with just a quick charge.

The headset is designed to optimize power consumption, ensuring that you get the most out of each charge. This is particularly beneficial for professionals who are constantly on the go and may not always have access to a power source.

Connectivity. In terms of connectivity, the Opencomm2 UC supports multipoint connectivity, allowing you to connect to two devices simultaneously. This is particularly useful for professionals who use multiple devices for work. Whether you need to switch between your smartphone and laptop, or take calls from both devices simultaneously, the Opencomm2 UC has you covered.

close up picture of the Opencomm2 UC being paired to a Smartphone

The Opencomm2 UC pairing process is seamless, hassle-free and straightforward. With its Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can easily connect the headset to your devices without the need for complicated setup procedures. Once paired, the headset maintains a solid connection.

The Opencomm2 UC is a Bluetooth headset that has 

  • A unique design for a business headset
  • It’s extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Has very good sound quality
  • Solid battery life
  • And connectivity to widely used devices, and UC platforms

Whether you are a busy professional, a frequent traveler, or someone who simply values a comfortable, lightweight headset that has good sound quality and offers a lot of convenience, the Opencomm2 UC is a headset that delivers on all fronts.


Proprietary charge cable.The charge cable is magnetic, and proprietary which means you can’t use your standard USB type C cables to recharge the battery. Not a deal breaker, but something good to know about.

Audio quality. You can listen to music using the Opencomm2 UC for sure, but don’t expect to have high quality sound because that’s not something you’re going to get. It’s just ok, maybe even saying average would be giving it too much credit, I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is that the sound quality isn’t the best when compared to other headsets on this list like the Orosound Tilde pro with 40mm speakers that provide impressive sound quality.

No Active Noise Cancellation. You won’t find the Opencomm2 UC offering Active Noise Cancellation, because the design of this headset leaves your ears fully uncovered and because of that, it wouldn’t make sense to include ANC.

The other thing about having your ears fully uncovered is it exposes you to the sounds around you, which can make it hard to hear your callers, and also to keep your concentration.

Care to watch a review video of the Opencomm2 UC? If so, here you go:

#4 - Yealink BH71


close, side view of the Yealink BH71 wireless headset earpiece

Yealink BH71: Design and Comfort

The Yealink BH71 Bluetooth headset stands out with its sleek and modern design. The headset features an on-ear design that’s lightweight, stylish and comfortable with the volume adjustment conveniently located on side of the headset in the form of a dial which is unique compared to other headsets.

side view of man wearing a small Yealink BH71 wireless headset earpiece

This is a highly desired style of headset especially for those who don’t like, or can’t wear, over the head type headsets. The truth is, some people just don’t prefer a headset that’s worn over the head, while others, who have sensitivities to things worn over the head, may end up with headaches. That makes the BH71 design very appealing to these, and a lot of other people.

The Yealink BH71 is comfortable in part due to its lightweight on-ear design weighing only 18 grams, or just over 1/2 of an ounce, and its different sizes of ear gels. Putting its weight into perspective, that’s an equivalent of about 7 bottle caps. Lightweight to be sure. And if you’re planning on wearing a headset for several hours at a time, you’ll find the BH71 to be very comfortable, and a great choice.

The Yealink BH71 is offered in four different configurations:

  1. BH71 - Bluetooth headset with carry case
  2. BH71 Pro - Bluetooth headset with charge case and USB adapter
  3. BH71 Workstation - Bluetooth headset with workstation base 
  4. BH71 Workstation Pro - Bluetooth headset with workstation base, USB adapter and charge case 
a picture of four Yealink BH71 wireless headsets

So depending on what your needs are, you can select from these different options to find the one that’s right for you. The Pro series comes with a USB adapter, and charge case. The Workstation variants come with the base unit that contains a wireless Qi charger, speakerphone, 3-inch Touch screen, and a hub that contains 3 USB ports. 

close up view of a built in 3 port hub on the Yealink BH71 wireless headset charge base

Yealink BH71: Sound Quality and Performance

Microphone. In terms of voice sound quality, the Yealink BH71 delivers impressive audio performance, especially out of such a small device. The headset is equipped with 4 beamforming microphones for enhancing audio quality and reducing unwanted background noise by up to as much as 90% according to Yealink. This helps to assure you’ll sound good on your calls, and your callers won’t be distracted by the sounds going on around you, which helps you to have a more productive conversation.

close up view of man wearing a Yealink BH71 headset earpiece

We tested the microphone for sound quality and noise reduction. In a noise free environment, the microphone sounds quite good. But when you introduce noise, the microphone does a very good job at reducing it, but in the process, the voice audio quality, in my opinion, suffers. I'm not saying that it sounds bad, but I am saying it doesn't sound as good when the microphone is working to reduce room noise. Either way, the sound is pretty solid overall.

Speaker sound quality. Regarding the speaker sound quality, well, it provides about what you would expect given the extremely limited space for a speaker. Clearly, headsets with 40mm speakers give you far better fidelity than what you’ll get with the BH71. But with that said, it fully meets the needs for which it was designed. Specifically, audio for phone and video calls, podcasts, watching videos etc. For these things, it performs well. Anything beyond this may leave you disappointed because it wasn’t designed to provide high definition audio like what you get with Bose headphones for example.

Yealink BH71: Battery Life and Connectivity

The Yealink BH71 battery delivers up to 10 hours of battery life. This is extended to up to 30 hours with the Pro models that include the charge case.

close up view of Yealink BH71 wireless headset earpiece in charge cradle with the words 30 hrs in the background


Small form factor headsets like the BH71 typically are limited in talk time due to the space restrictions within the headset that prevent using larger, more robust batteries. But with the BH71, you not only get a solid 10 hours, but the two additional charges take it to a full 30 hours, which is notable for a small earpiece like this.

In terms of connectivity, much rests on the specific model selected. For example, if you opt for the BH71 base Bluetooth model, it’s able to connect to devices via Bluetooth. This means you can connect to your mobile phone, and to Bluetooth enabled computers. 

The Pro models come with a USB adapter, and give you a better computer connection. It’s well-known that connecting to computers using Bluetooth can give you inconsistent performance in terms of  

  • Maintaining a consistent connection
  • Voice audio quality isn’t consistent
  • Limitations on wireless range
  • And of course no remote call answering

Having a USB adapter solves these issues, and as an added bonus, you have the opportunity to take calls when away from your desk with many of the leading UC platforms, which can give you a real boost in productivity, and give your callers better service. And I’m guessing you won’t miss listening to all those voice messages either.

Triple connectivity. Besides working with computers and mobile devices, the Workstation models can also be used with desk phones giving you triple connectivity, which should satisfy just about everyone’s needs. So whether you need any combination of these three connections, or all of them, the BH71 is a very versatile headset.

Yealink BH71 workstation base shown on a desktop next to a computer, desk phone and mobile phone

More wireless range.And according to Yealink, Workstation models are designed to provide up to 250 feet of wireless range, compared to 100 on the other models. We haven’t tested this, but if the BH71 series is anything like the other Yealink headsets, then you might very well get that wireless range. I say this because in our range tests on other Yealink wireless headsets, their stated range estimates were pretty much the same as what our tests revealed.

Downside.The only real downside to the Yealink BH71 is the speaker volume is a bit low compared to other headsets. That might have you struggling to hear your callers if the conditions are right, such as the presence of background noise, and a caller that has a quiet voice.

And as noted earlier, the BH71 isn’t a great choice for high quality audio and music. But as I mentioned, this headset wasn’t really designed for that, so I’m giving it a pass. As long as you keep your audio expectations within reasonable limits, you won’t be disappointed by its sound quality.

If you'd like to watch a review video on the BH71, including a microphone sound tesst, here you go.

#3 - Jabra Evolve2 55 

Jabra Evolve2 55 Bluetooth wireless headset image

Jabra Evolve2 55 Design and Comfort

The Evolve2 55 was designed to be a lightweight, comfortable headset, and it’s available in a mono, single ear, or duo, double ear configuration. The adjustable, padded headband and soft memory foam ear cushions ensure a personalized and comfortable fit. The Evolve2 55 is lightweight which adds to its comfort. The mono model weighs only 2.79 ounces, and the duo weighs 4.59 ounces. This is notably lighter than other mono and duo headsets that can weigh as much as 10 ounces. 

The headset features a stylish design that not only looks good, but is made comfortable by Jabra’s use of what they call Air Comfort Technology which speaks to the level of softness found on the headband and ear cushions. Here's a quick animation of the Air Comfort in action.

And I have to say, there’s something to this, and not just marketing hype, because the headband, and ear cushions are super squishy and soft. So when you put this headset on, and wear it awhile, you'll notice it right away. 

pair of hands squeezing ear cushions on a headset to show how soft they are

Jabra Evolve2 55 Sound Quality and Performance

The Evolve2 55 offers a respectable full sound through the 28mm ear speakers. So whether you’re on a business call, listening to a video, podcast or music, the Evolve2 55 should satisfy most people’s desire for solid sounding audio. I can’t say that you get the level of audio found on headset models that feature larger, 40mm speakers, but the sound you get is pretty satisfying overall.

 With advanced noise cancellation technology, the Evolve2 55 ensures clear communication even in noisy environments.

man in foreground wearing Evolve2 55 headset on a call with a woman on a call in the background

And in our noise canceling tests, the Evolve2 55 reduced a high amount of the different noises we threw at it, which was impressive. It really performed better than just about all other headsets we’ve tested. So I have to say the Evolve2 55 comes with a very good microphone.

Something else that you don’t typically find on most headsets that you will on the  Evolve2 55 is Active Noise Cancellation, even on the mono version. ANC has become a popular feature on Bluetooth headsets, but having it on a single ear headset isn’t all that common. 

Jabra Evolve2 55 Battery Life and Connectivity

The Evolve2 55 comes with a battery that delivers up to 16 hours of talk time, and up to 18 hours of listening which ensures all day use without interruption. A full charge takes 2 hours, and you can get as much as 50% of a full charge after 30 minutes on the charger. As Bluetooth headset batteries go, this is decent, but certainly not among the elite in terms of battery power. Several models, even within the Jabra headset line, offer longer talk and listening times. But with that said, is 16 hours of talk time enough for most people? In my way of thinking, I’d say yes. When you consider that during an 8 hour day, most people don’t spend that entire time talking on calls. That means you can squeeze 2,3, maybe even 4 days of use before a battery recharge is required which should satisfy most people’s needs. So regarding the Evolve2 55 battery, not great, but certainly good enough.

So what’s not to like about the Jabra Evolve2 55? 

ANC shortcoming. Though the Evolve2 55 has Active Noise Cancellation, which is good, it only gives you the option to turn it on and off, without adjustments. Other headsets allow you to regulate how much noise is reduced.

So so speakers.The speakers aren’t bad, but they’re also not that good. You can easily find other headsets that sound worse, but by the same token, you can find others that sound better. So that places the Evolve2 55 somewhere in the middle in my opinion.

Otherwise, I think you’ll find this headset checks a lot of boxes, through its comfort, versatility, and sound quality.

For those who'd like to watch a video review for more in depth information, including how it compares to the Evolve2 65, make sure to check this out.

#2 - Orosound Tilde Pro

Image of Orosound Tilde Pro double ear Bluetooth wireless headset

Orosound Tilde Pro design and comfort

The Tilde Pro is available as an over the head, double ear wearing style, and is one of the more unique products on this list. That’s because it’s modular, and by that I mean it can be configured with ear cushions that go against the ear, or you can switch to those that fully encircle them. Changing from one to the other is as simple as twisting one off, and twisting the other type of cushion on. 

man twisting off a headset ear cushion with spare cushions on the desk top
Orosound Tilde Pro on desk top next to two smaller, and two larger ear cushions

The larger ear cushions are helpful to passively reduce background noise as the design helps to shield the ear from incoming sound. So if you work where noise is a problem, then the Tilde Pro, with the larger cushions, may be helpful to make that noise less distracting.

Removable boom microphone.The other thing that makes this headset modular is you can easily remove the boom microphone which is something you don’t find on other headsets. When you’re on business calls, and you need to sound your best, use the boom microphone. The Tilde Pro microphone sounds amazingly good, with deep, rich tones, but it does more than give you great sound quality. It also does a phenomenal job at removing distracting background noise. We’ve tested the Tilde Pro and countless other headsets for sound quality,and noise reduction, and I have to say that the Tilde Pro ranks among the very best.

Animated photograph of Orosound Tilde Pro Bluetooth wireless headset showing different sizes of ear cushions interchanging and removable mic boom

Not on business calls? So what about those times when you’re not on business calls, and you just want to listen to some music, or a podcast? The boom microphone, which is magnetically attached, is easily removed which keeps it from being in the way. It's not tricky to remove, or reattach because as I mentioned earlier, it’s magnetic. So hoover the mic boom near the home position and the magnet grabs the boom mic and positions it where it needs to be. Here's a short video clip that shows how it's done, and how easy it really is.

There’s also microphones built into the earpiece as well. So if you need to take a quick call, you don’t need to fumble around looking for the boom mic. To me, it’s like getting two headsets in one;

A business headset like you see here

man sitting at desk wearing an Orosound Tilde Pro wireless headset with mic boom
And a pair of headphones when you feel like chilling.
man sitting at desk wearing an Orosound Tild  Pro wireless headset without mic boom

ANC. Active Noise Cancellation is a popular feature that allows the person wearing the headset to filter out distracting background noise. Background noise can interfere with your ability to concentrate, so removing it helps you to keep focused on your tasks. The Tilde Pro comes with five levels of ANC, which gives you the control over how much of the background noise you want to remove. Many headsets that have ANC only give you on and off, so without question, this is better. 

VoiceFirst. Anyone who’s worn a headset knows how frustrating it can be to have to keep removing a headset to have a face to face conversation. That problem is solved with the Tilde Pro VoiceFirst feature because you no longer have to take your headset off. Instead, press a button to activate the built-in microphones to hear your surroundings, or in this case, a personal conversation. When you’re done, press the button again and resume what you were doing. It’s quick, simple and efficient.

Orosound Tilde Pro Sound Quality and performance

As I mentioned earlier, the sound quality is very good, especially when using the boom microphone. Though you can take calls without the boom mic because of the built-in microphones.

Noise reduction.The other thing that’s important to know about is background noise reduction, which is one area the Tilde Pro excels at as I mentioned. It does a great job at removing background noise, which is important to know if you want to sound your best and give your callers the best possible listening experience. So whether you have noisy coworkers, children playing, or dogs barking, all these sounds are silenced when using the Orosound Tilde Pro.  

Need sidetone adjustment? The Orosound Tilde Pro also allows you to adjust sidetone up to 6 db. That’s a nice feature, and one not always found on other headsets. Sidetone is a nice addition so you can slightly hear your own voice which allows you to talk at a normal volume.

All things considered, the Orosound Tilde Pro gets high marks, and high praise for the rich audio it provides, and the amount of background noise it removes. And, realizing that we test a lot of headsets from all the leading brands, I can say with confidence that the Tilde Pro ranks among the best.

Orosound Tilde Pro Battery life and connectivity

Connectivity. The Orosound Tilde Pro connects to computers via the included USB adapter, but it can also be used with your tablet or mobile phone. Connecting to these devices is quick and easy, and moving from one to the other is seamless. And having the USB adapter allows the Tilde Pro to be used with the leading UC software applications. One concern many customers have before they ever invest in a headset is compatibility. The Orosound Tilde Pro works with all leading UC call platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, RingCentral, Cisco and many others.

Battery. In terms of battery life, the Tilde Pro ranks in the middle of the pack at 28 hours. Some headsets offer more, while others a bit less. Still, having 28 hours of available battery life means you won’t need to recharge your headset battery every day. In fact, you might only need to recharge it once a week.  Better still, while recharging, you can continue using the headset as a wired headset, which is something not all headsets are capable of doing. That means virtually no downtime when recharging.

If you’re looking for a versatile double ear headset for use on voice and video calls, or just listening to music or a podcast, the Orosound Tilde Pro needs to be on your list of headsets to consider.

  • The microphone is top notch
  • The 40mm ear speakers deliver impressive sound
  • And the generous array of features all help to make this a great headset to consider.
  • And as a bonus, it comes with a longer than normal warranty at 3-years, which as I see it, is frosting on this French cake.

No headset is perfect, so what are the downsides?

man with fingers on chin gesturing in contemplative way

Weight. Compared to other double ear headsets, the Tilde Pro is a bit on the heavier side at nearly 10 ounces. In spite of its weight, users report that they find it to be comfortable. Your experience may be different, in particular if you plan on wearing a headset all day. Hard to say, but something to keep in mind.

Microphone can get misplaced.  Something else to keep in mind is when the mic boom is removed, you need to put it somewhere. That opens the door to having it get misplaced. If that were to happen, the mic boom is available to purchase separately, so you wouldn't be out of luck.

Price. The other thing that could be seen as a downside to this headset is the price. At $399.00, it’s priced a bit more than other headsets in its class, but it does give you more features and a 33% longer warranty.

That brings me to our top pick on our 5 best Bluetooth headsets for phone calls 2023, which is:

To learn more about the Orosound Tilde Pro make sure to watch our video review that announces the latest updates.

That brings me to the top Bluetooth headset for phone calls 2023, which is:

#1 - Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex

image of the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headset

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Design and comfort

In my opinion, Jabra hit a home run with this headset. Flat out, I like this thing.

As headsets go, it’s stylish, and it has a nice slim profile which doesn’t make it look bulky at all. The ear cups are thin and narrow which makes it look much better than headsets with big ear cups. 

Another thing that is nice about the design of the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex is its foldable design.

man holding up a Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headset that's been folded down

For hybrid workers, or those that travel a lot, the Evolve2 65 Flex is a perfect travel companion. Not only are the ear cups slim and lay flat, but the headband has a hinge that allows the ear cups to fold down for a smaller footprint for easier storage and transporting.

The microphone boom is not only short, and unobtrusive, but when it’s not needed, you can tuck it away into the ear cup housing so it’s completely out of sight.

In terms of comfort, Jabra utilizes what they call Air Comfort Technology. This refers to specially designed materials that are sound absorbing, breathable, and extremely soft. Air Comfort materials are used in the ear cushions and the padding on the headband. And I have to say, the softness is unrivaled.

man squeezing ear cushions on Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headset to show how soft they are

Something else that helps the Evolve2 65 Flex to be comfortable is its weight. It only weighs 4.8 ounces which places it among the lightest double ear headsets in the market. And, as you know, weight matters, so lighter is better. And by the way, the Evolve2 65 Flex is only available in a double ear configuration.

With the Evolve2 65 Flex you also get built in busy lights so others will know when you’re on a call, which helps to avoid sudden, unexpected interruptions which allows you to be more productive.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Sound Quality and performance

The Evolve2 65 Flex has 6 onboard microphones working together to give you great voice audio quality, but things don’t end there. Having great audio quality is important without a doubt, but it’s not the only thing because removing unwanted background noise is also highly important if you want high quality calls. And that’s another area where this headset shines. Not only does the microphone sound great, but it does a very good job at removing background noise. Together, these two things assure you’ll sound great on your calls.

image of a man wearing a Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex headset while on a business call and sitting at an office desk.

The microphone boom is short and very discreet, and when you don’t need it, the microphone boom arm stores away in a small compartment in the ear speaker housing. That helps to not only get the microphone boom arm out of the way when it’s not needed, but it transforms the Evolve2 65 Flex into a pair of headphones.

Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex Battery life and connectivity

The Evolve2 65 Flex comes with a battery that provides up to 20 hours of talk time, and up to 32 hours of listening time. A recharge takes two hours, and the battery can be recharged using a wireless charger.

image of Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex resting on wireless charger with battery specs typed in upper left hand corner

As batteries go, this one isn’t all that robust considering other headsets offer batteries with far more talk time. But if you stop to consider that we’re typically not on calls every hour of our workday, that means a 20 hour talk time battery should give you 3-4 days use before a recharge is needed. For most people, I think most people would find that to be acceptable.

In terms of connectivity, the Evolve2 55 supports dual connectivity, allowing you to connect to two devices simultaneously. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to stay connected across multiple devices. So if you need to connect to your computer, and to your Smartphone, the Evolve2 65 Flex can handle that with ease. It comes with a USB adapter for a better than Bluetooth connection, longer range and remote call answering when using popular UC applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet.

Downsides. There's not much to say here except for maybe these two things;

  1. Ear speaker quality. It could sound better, which is not to say it sounds bad. But, better sounding speakers would help to shore up its slight shortcoming.
  2. Price.  The Evolve2 65 Flex is a big pricey, but for many, well worth it. But that's  something you'll need to decide for yourself.

Honestly, I had to ponder the "downsides" to this headset a bit because there really aren't many things to raise. 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex earned its way to the top of our list for a lot of good reasons.

      • It’s sleek with a modern look
      • It sounds great
      • It removes noise at a high level, 
      • It folds in half for easy storage and transport, 
      • The microphone stores out of sight when not needed
      • It has excellent Active Noise Cancellation for better concentration
      • It eliminates the need to remove the headset when you want to have a quick conversation
      • And it’s extremely comfortable due to its light weight and Air Comfort Technology accents

Who knows which models will be on our list next year, but for 2023, the Jabra Evolve2 65 Flex rightfully deserves to be in the top spot.

To learn more about this fantastic headset, make sure to watch our review video which includes sound, and noise canceling tests.

Final thoughts

Our list consists of a good mix of products that satisfy different requirements. From the OpenComm2 with its unique bone conduction technology, the Yealink BH71 with its lightweight on-ear design, the Orosound Tilde Pro with its modularity and great sound, or the Jabra Evolve2 55 with its impressive sound and comfort, each headset offers unique features and capabilities, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize comfort, sound quality, battery life, or connectivity options, there’s bound to be a headset on this best of list that’s perfect for your needs. Whichever model you feel is best for you, and your situation, enjoy the clear communication, and great features with these top-notch Bluetooth headsets.

Like to save some money on these exceptional Bluetooth headsets?

Most people we talk to like saving money, and you probably do too. If I’m right about that, then here are a few money saving suggestions.

1. Trade in your old headsets for cash or credit

Just ask the other guys if they’ll give you cash or credit for your old headsets. You’ll probably hear some silence or just a simple no. Headset Advisor, the headset experts for nearly three decades, has a unique program that gives you cash or credit towards your new headsets.

So if you think those old headsets in that box in your storeroom no longer have value, think again, because those little gems are your ticket to a better price on some new headsets.

 Go here to learn more about this unique, affordable headset program, or you can contact us.

 2. Here’s a discount coupon (Coupon Code BLOG

Whether you have old headsets to trade in or not, you can always get a better deal by using coupon code BLOG when checking out on our website. We all like getting discounts, and when you use this coupon code, you’ll be on your way to a better deal.

How about a combo discount?  Even better is when you combine the coupon code with the trade-in credit you'll save even more!

3. Pay as you go

Having budget challenges is by no means unusual. In fact, it’s pretty common to just about any business of any size. So it stands to reason that you could come up short of funds when it comes time to buy those new headsets for the team. So what do you do?

  • Wait until next year, and just get by until then?
  • Buy fewer headsets?
  • Buy a lesser model and compromise on the features you need?

Headset Advisor has a solution just for you, and it’s extremely affordable!

Headset lease program.We have a monthly headset lease program that allows you to get the headsets you need today, for one low monthly rate. We can even set it up to run parallel to your voice and video service agreement which makes it even more convenient.

And you won’t be hit with any unexpected bills along the way for warranty issues, and replacement accessories because both are included. Two of the many reasons why our affordable headset lease program is one you should check out.

And, as a little frosting on the cake, you won’t have to worry about which of your headsets are in warranty, and who to contact to get warranty issues taken care of. That’s because all of your headsets will always be in warranty, and you’ll have one source to contact for support issues, or anything else. Easy? Oh yeah.

To contact one of our expert Advisors about this unique headset program, reach out to us here,or here.

Have questions, or need some help?

Customer service rep wearing a headset, in  front of a computer while on a phone call

Headset Advisor has been assisting customers with their headset needs since 1994. We know a lot about headsets, so if you find yourself with more questions than answers, reach out to us here and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable Advisors. We can help!

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Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

Try neep Free

Sound like a pro on every call, even if your dog is barking in the background

Eliminate background noises for your microphone with Neep's AI-powered noise cancellation.

Try neep Free

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