Before you choose an office headset for your call center you want to consider these important features.


Noise cancellation

Noise can be a huge distraction for the call center agents and callers on the other end hearing everything going on in the background. Having a headset with dual speakers and a noise canceling microphone is going to ensure the most productive conversations, without the background distractions.



It's important you know exactly what devices you'll need to connect to now and in the future. For example, you may use desk phones today but see yourself switching to computer softphones in the next 2 years. So, it may make sense to invest in headsets that connect to both your desk phone and computer for your needs, now and in the future.


Wired or wireless

Anytime you can invest in wireless headsets it will always be the recommended solution to increase employee happiness and productivity. If you're on a strict budget, wired headsets is still much better than using speakerphone or cradling a handset on your neck.

Considering a rental option to invest in wireless headsets will keep your up front costs low and give your team the ideal headset for them to do their job better.



If you're a high demand call center and you invest in wireless headsets, it's important to have headsets that will have a battery that lasts as long as you need it to. 

Not only do you want a battery that lasts but you want a model that has a replaceable battery. On average, customers replace their office headset battery about every 2 years. 

If you have a model without a replaceable battery, in about 2 years you'll have to throw the headset out and buy all new headsets which can be costly long term.



I understand you want to keep your costs as low as possible, but at what cost? If you invest in cheap consumer grade headsets that are breaking constantly, not only will it create frustration for employees but you'll have more downtime of agents not on calls, which I'm sure you would want to avoid at all costs in a call center.


With all of that being said, let's look at the 7 best office headsets for you call center to consider.


Wired Headsets For Computer

For your computer softphone applications like RingCentral, Jive, 8x8, 3CX, Cisco Jabber, Avaya One-X, Zoom and may others, you'll want to consider these two office headsets for your call center.

Discover D712U

The Discover D712U will give you moderate noise cancellation as the speakers rest against the ears, rather than over the ears. That being said, it will give you a headset that's more lightweight and can be worn longer, so if your call center isn't to noisy, the D712U will work great. 


Discover D722U

For louder call center environments, the Discover D722U is preferred. Your agents will have a headset that fully encloses their ears and has an ultra noise canceling microphone. It's the perfect balance of having a headset to fully enclose your ears without being to heavy. 

Plug and play, no software needed

discover d722u plug and play


Comparable models to consider 

Blackwire 8225

Blackwire 7225- If you prefer not to have a microphone boom (mic is built into speaker)


Wired Headsets For Office Phones

Getting a compatible headset to go with your office phone can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Any professional grade wired headset requires what's called a direct connect cable to go with the headset in order to work on your office phone.

For example, a Cisco phone would require a different model of direct connect cable than a Yealink phone.

Whether your call center is using Cisco, Avaya, Polycom, Nortel, Mitel, Shoretel, Yealink, Grandstream and many others, these headsets will work BUT require the compatible direct connect cable to go with the headset.


Discover D712

Just like the D712U we discussed above, the D712 is identical but is designed to connect with corded desk phones rather than your computer. Ideal for moderately loud call centers and lightweight, the D712 can be worn for hours but isn't ideal for extremely loud call centers.


Discover D722

The D722 is the only headset on the market that will fully enclose your ears so you can zone in on your calls and reduce as much background noise as possible. This is a great solution for call centers.


Alternative models to consider

Plantronics HW520

Plantronics HW261n


Wireless headsets

Before investing in a wireless headset for your call center, it's important you know exactly what devices you want your agents connecting to and using a headset with.

Some Call Centers only need a headset for a desk phone, whereas others have their agents using their cell phone, desk phone and computer.

Its also important to think of your needs in the near future. If you're using desk phones today but see your company changing to use computer softphones tomorrow, it would make sense to get a headset that connects with both devices.

That way you don't invest in headsets only to throw them out and buy new ones in a year.


Discover D904

Discover D904
The Discover D904 is a great solution for just about any Call Center that's low to moderate noise. It includes your choice of 3 ear hooks and a headband for the call center agents to choose a preferred wearing preference. Making it easy to deploy one model that will work for most agents.
In addition, out of the box the D904 connects with both your corded desk phones and computers. DECT 6.0 technology gives you 350 feet of wireless range, more security, better audio in a business setting and less chance of interference from other devices to be more reliable. 


Discover Adapt 30

Discover Adapt 30

For louder Call Centers, the Adapt 30 is recommended as you can switch from single speaker to dual speakers. If the Call Center gets louder, simply snap on the dual speakers and you'll be able to zone in on the calls and reduce the background noise for more productive calls.

Out of the box the Adapt 30 connects with your desk phone. Should your needs change to connect with a computer or mobile phone, you can order an inexpensive accessory. Rather than needing to buy all new headsets.


Alternative models to consider for your call center.

Plantronics Savi 8220-  For connectivity to desk phone, mobile and computer

Plantronics Savi 8220 UC- For connectivity only to your computer softphones

Plantronics Voyager 4220 UC- For Call Center agents who use a mix of mobile phone and computer and may be in and out of the office or home.


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