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Whenever you look at a Bluetooth headset for use in your car or on the go, you’ll normally find them to be worn in one configuration. This could be over the head, or on the ear. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a decent Bluetooth headset that gave you more wearing choices? 

I’m happy to announce that there is such a Bluetooth headset that gives you wearing options. And, that headset won’t be available in the near future because it’s available today. 

In this blog I’m going to review the new BlueParrott C300-XT Bluetooth headset. Not only will I discuss some of the pertinent features found on this headset, but I’ll provide you with a link to a video I did that tests the sound quality against different noise sources. 

If you’d rather watch the video rather than read this blog, feel free to do so. You’ll be able to see this new headset, and hear how it sounds. You can then come to your own conclusions as to how it sounds overall. 

The video isn’t that long at six minutes, twenty three seconds, but long enough to give you a good sense of the Blueparrott C300-XT. 


What comes in the box 

  • Headband 
  • Leatherette ear cushion
  • Foam ear cushion 
  • Neckband 
  • Ear Loops 
  • Ear gels 
  • USB Cable (for charging) 
  • Mobile charger 
  • Blueparrott C300-XT earpiece 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Warranty sheet 

How you can wear this headset 

  1. Over the head, covering one ear 
  2. Behind the neck 
  3. Over the ear 
  4. You can wear the Blueparrott C300 XT on either ear 

How much it weighs 

The Blueparrott C300-XT weighs 0.9 ounces. Though not heavy, the earpiece is on the larger side as earpieces go. Compare the girth on this device to other earpieces and you’ll quickly see it’s bulky. 

When wearing the C300-XT it really does feel that heavy. For a lot of people, the size of the earpiece when worn over the ear may be a hurtle they’ll need to overcome. This isn’t so much the case when wearing it in the headband or neckband configurations though. 

Battery talk time 

The C300-XT is rated to provide up to 10 hours of talk time, with 300 hours (13 days) of standby. This is a decent amount of battery life for this style of Bluetooth headset. You won’t need to look that far to find models that provide more battery life, but those don’t offer you the three wearing options that come with the Blueparrott C300-XT. 

To recharge the battery it takes about 3 hours via a USB cable. Though I did see reference to the recharge time taking 2 hours. So, I’m not sure which it is; 2 hours or 3. In either case, this recharge time puts the C300-XT in the range of most other Bluetooth headsets.

drew pointing at coupon code

Wireless Range

According to the specifications of the C300-XT, you have up to 300 feet of wireless talk range. Put into perspective, that’s the length of a football field. Keep in mind that range tests are normally conducted where no obstacles are present. This is referred to as “open field” or “line of sight”.

As we all know, typical day-to-day use involves us encountering many different types of obstacles such as walls, doors, partitions, desks, people and more. These obstacles weaken the signal as it tries to maintain the connection. As a result, the range you’ll get will be less than that of an open field, or line of sight. 

In our tests of many different makes and models of wireless headsets, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s reasonable to expect about half of what range is referenced in product materials. If we apply this to the Blueparrott M300-XT, that would mean the wireless range you should expect should be around 150 feet, which is really good for a Bluetooth headset. 

Push to talk feature (PTT) + Walkie Talkie 

If you need to stay connected with a team in warehouse operations or perhaps retail, then the push to talk feature should be of interest. It allows you to have direct conversations one-to-one, or to a group with a simple press of a button on the earpiece. 

This feature is designed to work for Android devices as well as iOS. 

There’s also a MS Teams Walkie Talkie feature that’s available on the C300-XT as well which works with Apps, some of which are; 

  • Zebra Workforce 
  • Connect Voice 
  • Zello 

On the C300-XT MS version, the Blueparrott button comes pre-programmed as the push to talk button. 

Water/Dust resistance 

blueparrott c300-xt with water on it

In reviewing this Bluetooth headset, I came across two different references when it came to water and dust resistance. 

I saw iP65 rating as well as iP54. So, I’m not certain which rating applies. I was left with the sense that it resists water and dust, but by no means is it waterproof. If this is

something that’s important to you based on your specific needs, then you’ll want to look into this further. 

Microphone - sound + noise cancellation 

In my tests of the Blueparrott M300-XT, I found it to sound quite good, and it did a surprisingly good job to reduce noise. One of the tests that it excelled at was when I was driving with my windows rolled down. Wind noise can be a real challenge for any headset, and the C300-XT performed well to allow my voice to be heard clearly with little to no wind noise detected. 

All in all, I’d say that the microphone on the C300-XT is very good. According to Blueparrott data, it says that the microphone is designed to reduce 80% of background noise. I’d say that’s pretty accurate based on my tests. 

Voice command 

The Blueparrott C300-XT makes taking and ending calls easy. You have the ability to use your voice to accept a call and to end it. This is not only convenient, but when driving, it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel, and stay focused so you’re more productive and safer too. 

Customizable button 

The Blueparrott button is customizable so you can have one touch access to your most commonly used features such as mute, speed dial etc. However, on the C300-XT MS, the Blueparrott button isn’t customizable as it comes pre-configured as the Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie button. 

Pricing & warranty 

The suggested selling price of the Blueparrott M300-XT is $129.99, though if you use coupon code BLOG, you’ll get a nice discount when checking out on our website at 

C300-XT - 1 year warranty in North America 

C300-XT MS - 2 year warranty in North America 

Final Thoughts 

So, what do I think of the Blueparrott M300-XT overall? Here’s a quick summary of the things I like and don’t like about this Bluetooth headset.


  • Microphone. The voice quality on the Blueparrott M300-XT is better than I expected. And, the noise cancellation, in my opinion, lives up to their estimated 80% noise reduction. It did a great job to cancel out the unwanted noises I threw its way. Everyone wants great sound in a headset, and this one does a solid job. 
  • Wearing options. Rather than being stuck with one wearing style only, this model gives you the choice of three distincting different wearing options. Over the head, over the ear or behind the neck. Even if you have a preferred wearing style, it’s nice to have the ability to change it if you just get the itch to do so. 
  • Minimalistic design. This is a headset that isn’t crowded with buttons. Quite the contrary. It’s a headset that really has a lack of a lot of buttons which makes it very easy to use with no complexities to make things confusing. So, for those who like to keep things simple, this is a headset that may appeal to you. 
  • Wireless range. Unlike a number of other Bluetooth headsets, the Blueparrott M300-XT gives you more wireless range. I’ve yet to talk to someone who prefers less wireless range over more, so I’m thinking this is a good thing. 
  • Battery. I like the fact that the battery gives you a decent amount of talk time. Not as much as some over the head only models, but in a compact, on-ear model that’s convertible, this is fairly robust. 
  • Push-to-talk, and Walkie Talkie. This is a unique feature that you won’t find in most other headsets on the market. It allows you to have instant conversations with other individuals or groups of individuals at the press of a button. This is a very useful feature for a lot of situations. 


  • The single biggest thing I don’t like about this headset is the fact that it’s on the larger size, especially when worn over the ear. To me, it’s just too bulky. Though I haven’t worn this headset on-ear for hours on end, I can only imagine how it might become uncomfortable over an extended period of time. I could be proven wrong on this, but that’s my thought on it. I’m also not a big fan of the overall look of the headset. To me, it doesn’t have a sophisticated look, though I doubt that’s what Blueparrott was shooting for when they created this headset. 
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). It would be nice to see this product with ANC in order to help curb unwanted background noise. Perhaps it doesn’t have it so that the price could be held to be more affordable, or maybe there’s a safety concern when using it in a vehicle (need to hear emergency vehicles). Otherwise, ANC is a great feature to have on any headset.

That said, I like the Blueparrott M300-XT. This is a headset that fits the needs of a lot of people, while giving a decent amount of talk time, wearing options, walking talking/PTT feature and more. When you add all this up, and then factor in the price, the M300-XT seems to be a great value for the money. 

BlueparrottBlueparrott c300-xtBlueparrott c300xtBlueparrott headsetC300-xt

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