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It’s always interesting when two titans of an industry go head to head to see which comes out on top like Chevy vs. Ford, Apple vs. Samsung, or Coke vs. Pepsi for example. 

In the communication headset space, the two titans are clearly Poly and Jabra. Any other brand is a sideline player only. So what happens when you put the latest and greatest headset from each manufacturer against each other?

The answer is you get a SHOWDOWN! 

In this blog, I’m going to put the new Jabra Evolve2 75 up against the Poly Voyager Focus 2 to see which model comes out on top with bragging rights included. 

daving wearing evolve2 75 on video call

Before I get started and bear witness to the fur flying, I wanted to let you know that me and my Brother recorded a Youtube video on this very subject.

If you’re like me, I prefer to watch my content rather than read it. If so, then make sure to check out this showdown video to not only see the Jabra Evolve2 75, and Voyager Focus 2, but to learn more about them and most importantly, to hear how they sound.

Speaking of sound, we threw a bunch of noise at both headsets. Sounds included office noise, dogs barking, and none of our videos would be complete without our signature blender test. This is where we crank up our Vitamix blender on high and see how well each model does to remove that distracting sound. 

If this sounds like a video you’d like to watch, you’ll find it below. 

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Let’s jump into this wireless headset showdown, and see which model walks away with the prize. 

To begin, I need to say that Poly (formerly Plantronics), and Jabra are both excellent companies that make excellent products.

Both companies produce audio and video products that are used around the world. The great reputation that both companies enjoy have been earned by providing superior products and services over many decades.

The products you see coming out from these companies today are a result of decades of industry experience, high level engineering and a commitment to quality. 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 is the updated headset designed to replace the current Evolve 75. The Voyager Focus 2 was designed to replace the former Voyager Focus.

Even before I jump into the details of both headsets, know that you can’t go wrong by selecting either of these exceptional wireless headsets. That said, let’s see what these headsets are all about, and which one has the edge over the other. 

When comparing two headset models against each other, it makes sense to start by seeing how they compare from a specifications standpoint. So let’s start there. 

Bluetooth version 

Evolve2 75 uses version 5.2 

Voyager Focus 2 uses version 5.1 

Any real advantage here? Not really. Going from version 5.1 to 5.2 isn’t overly significant. So in a general sense, they’re both pretty much the same here. 


The Jabra Evolve1 75 weighs 6.9 ounces 

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 weighs 6.17 ounces 

Yes, headset weight matters, but when comparing these two models, there is such a minor weight difference that you can’t say that it really matters. 


Jabra Evolve2 75 gives you 24 hours of talk time, and 36 hours of listening time Poly Voyager Focus 2 gives you 19 hours of talk time, and 40 hours of listening time

What’s the value of this feature? In years past, it was common for a wireless headset to have 8 hours of available battery life, and in the early Bluetooth models, 6 hours or less was very common. This meant that you were required to recharge the battery in the headset long before you might have been finished with your task (business or pleasure).

Today, this is a much different situation with batteries that don’t require you to charge it daily. In fact, many models, such as the two we’re focused on today, don’t require you to recharge the battery for days. This is one of the many areas where wireless headsets have significantly improved over the earlier models. 

The advantage between the Jabra Evolve2 75, and the Poly Voyager Focus 2 would largely depend on the way in which you plan on using the headset. For example, if you intend to spend most of your time on business calls, then the Jabra Evolve2 75 would be your best choice because it gives you more talk time when compared to the Voyager Focus 2. 

On the other hand, if your intended use is more for entertainment (music, podcasts etc) rather than business, then the Poly Voyager Focus 2 is your next new wireless headset with a whopping 40 hours of listening time. Though the advantage is slight over the Jabra Evolve2 75, four extra hours is still four extra hours. 


daving wearing evolve2 75 looking at computer

Jabra Evolve2 75 connects to computers and mobile devices 

Poly Voyager Focus 2 connects to computers and mobile devices 

Why is this important to know? Hey, if you’re in the market for a new wireless headset, you really need to know what it’s capable of connecting to. The last thing you want or need is a surprise (and not the good kind) once you receive your new headset. 

Between these two brands, and models, there’s no difference, and no advantage to either model. Both will allow you to connect to a computer, as well as to mobile devices such as your mobile phone and tablet. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC for short)

Jabra Evolve2 75 has ANC 

Poly Voyager Focus 2 has ANC 

What’s the value of this feature? Noise is one of those things that can be not only distracting to you and your callers, but annoying. Also, noise can cause you to lose

concentration which results in loss of productivity. So it stands to reason that if you can assert some measure of control over your environment noise, you’ll be able to improve your concentration, and be more productive. 

On the surface it would appear that these headsets are the same with respect to ANC. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 has ANC, and offers you three settings; off, high and low. 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 also has ANC, but the Jabra gives you greater control over how much sound you can eliminate through the Jabra Sound + App. For this reason I’d give the nod to Jabra 


drew wearing poly voyager focus 2 uc

The Jabra Evolve2 75 comes with a noise cancelling microphone that’s designed to help filter out unwanted background noise. This gives your callers a better listening experience by hearing you loud and clear, and not all the distracting sound going on around you. 

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 also comes with a noise cancelling microphone. Included in this microphone technology is a feature Poly refers to as “Sound Fence Technology”. This is like putting noise cancelling on steroids. The less background noise your callers hear, the better, right? 

Why is a noise cancelling microphone important? When you’re on a business call, you want to sound your best. Certainly, you want to sound as professional as possible. Having a noise cancelling microphone can help to filter out much of the noise going on around you.

So, if you’re working from home, this might be sounds such as dogs barking, children making noise, Landscaper implements (lawn mowers, leaf blowers etc) and the list goes on. 

If you’re working in an office, you have coworkers talking, laughing and just carrying on. You have office equipment sounds, Heating and Air Conditioning equipment noises etc. 

If you’re at a coffee shop and working, the sounds can be through the roof. Clearly, a noise cancelling microphone is a must have when enjoying that Latte. 

So which model has the better noise cancelling microphone?

In my opinion, both were so close in how well they removed unwanted noise, that it made it hard to decide which was better. I’d say that the Jabra Evolve2 75 did a slightly better job to remove the noise. This isn’t to say that the Voyager Focus 2 isn’t good because I think it does a great job. I just feel that the Jabra model did just a bit better.

Sound quality is one of those things that’s subjective. I’d encourage you to check out my video so you can listen for yourself, and make up your own mind. You might conclude that the Poly Voyager Focus 2 sounded better when put up against our noise tests. Hard to say, but in my view, the Jabra had an edge, albeit slight. 

Wireless Range

The Jabra Evolve2 75 has an estimate wireless range of up to 100 feet The Poly Voyager Focus 2 has an estimated wireless range of up to 164 feet. 

Why is range important? For those of you who prefer a headset without a wire, but only need to use the headset near the desk, wireless range isn’t a meaningful feature.

However, for those who need to move about their work space to a greater extent (walking from the office area to the warehouse, walking to the break room to grab that second cup of coffee etc), wireless range can play an important role. 

One footnote about wireless range.

In our many range tests, it’s common for a wireless headset to produce less than the stated wireless range. Typically it nears half of what the specifications say.

This is because the tests used to establish the distance is what’s referred to as line of sight, or open field. In other words, a test where no obstructions are present.

Though it’s a true measurement of how far the headset can go, it’s not a good measurement of wireless range in a typical office environment. Obstructions are in abundance when you work in an office or home office. 

If we apply the 50% rule to these headsets, it would show the Evolve2 75 capable of providing about 50 feet of wireless range and the Voyager Focus 2 about 80. So, if wireless range is something that’s important to you, then the Voyager Focus 2 has a slight edge over the Jabra Evolve2 75. 

Comfort (pillows for your head and ears) 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 has been designed to be a very comfortable headset. It’s made using dual foam; hardened foam on the outside for better noise isolation, and soft, memory foam on the inside so your ears are given a soft wearing experience.

The leatherette that wraps the cushions is perforated in such a way to help improve ventilation. All this pre thought and engineering into the ear cushions has resulted in a quieter, more comfortable headset. 

The headband has been generously wrapped in a soft cushion so no matter where the band may make contact with your head, it will be padded.

Not to be outdone, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 has its own set of comfort features.

Take for example the comfort pad found on the headband. This uniquely designed headband pad is suspended rather than molded to the metal headband itself. It also has suspension, so when you put it on, it gives in the exact way needed to insure your comfort. This is a design you won’t find on any other headset, and in our tests, it delivers. 

The ear cushions on the Poly Voyager Focus 2 are crafted out of memory foam that are wrapped in a leatherette material that’s strategically perforated for allowing optimum sound in as well as giving good ventilation to your ears. When you combine the weight of the Voyager Focus 2, the suspended headband cushion, the memory foam ear cushions and the leatherette material, you’re in for a treat. 

Why is comfort important?

If you work in a Call Center, for example, you’re using a headset all day long. If the headset you’re wearing isn’t comfortable, you’ll experience pain during the day which only adds to the challenges you face throughout the day.

Instead, having a comfortable headset allows you to keep focused on your work, and not get distracted by the discomfort you’re feeling from an uncomfortable headset. 

Both headsets are super comfortable, but if I were put in a corner and had to select only one, which would it be? I’d pick the Poly Voyager Focus 2. This is perhaps the most comfortable headset I’ve worn to date.

Not to take anything away from the Jabra Evolve2 75 because it’s a headset that offers amazing comfort as well. The fit and feel of the Poly Voyager Focus 2 just edges it out in my opinion. 

drew pointing at coupon code for discount

How do they sound? 

If you’re listening to music, a podcast, a movie or just on a business call, you want to be able to hear well. In the case of music, more than well. You want the best sound possible without any of the ranges excluded. With this in mind, which model gives you the best audio experience you might wonder. 

I’ll cut to the chase here. The Jabra Evolve2 75 had the better sound. Why? To me, the Jabra Evolve2 75 simply had the better range of sound. The bass was nice, the mids were present, and the highs were good too.

When you compare these headsets side by side, they both sound good without a doubt, but I’d say that the Jabra edges out the Poly Voyager Focus 2 because the sound quality was a notch better. 

Why is sound important? Hey, if you’re spending $300.00- $400.00 on a new wireless headset, it’s not unreasonable to expect the speakers to sound good. Otherwise, your music might end up lacking in rich sound quality, and your video audio may leave you wanting more. Even those who may have hearing issues can benefit from the high 

quality and full range of audio. Some people have trouble hearing various sounds along the spectrum, so having crisp, clear audio across the full range helps those who struggle with hearing. And finally, we all just want the best possible sound with bass tones capable of shaking your windows, mids that soothe the soul and of course the eardrum piercing highs. The Jabra Evolve2 75, for a business grade headset, gives you a surprisingly good listening experience. 

Color choices (we all like choices, right?) 

The Jabra Evolve2 65 is available in black and beige 

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 is available in black 

If you’re someone who likes to have choices, and black isn’t always your go to color option, then because the Jabra Evolve2 75 is available in two colors (one not being black), then you may find this to be a better buying choice. 

Every manufacturer produces their headsets in black. Some, like Logitech, for example, offer some models in gray, which is the exception and not the rule. So for those who seek a small measure of individuality, the beige Jabra Evolve2 75 gives you the opportunity to show your artistic, rules don’t apply side of your personality. All possible through the simplest of things; a color choice different from the traditional, expected color of a business headset. 

How much do these headsets cost, and what’s the warranty? 

The Jabra Evolve2 75 has a suggested price starting at $349.00 with a 2 year-warranty The Poly Voyager Focus 2 has a suggested price starting at $329.95 with a 2-year warranty. 

What’s the better value? That’s a tough question to answer here in this blog, because it really comes down to what’s important to you. For example, if you’re a power user and you’re on the phone all day, the better value may be the Jabra Evolve2 75 due to the longer battery life.

Or, if comfort is key, the Poly Voyager Focus 2 is likely going to earn your trust and your hard earned money. So it really comes down to your intended use, and what features are important to you.

One thing for sure is that both of these headsets are priced reasonably for what you get in return. Fair and reasonable pretty much says it all. 

Final thoughts 

Truthfully, both of these new wireless headsets are simply outstanding. Many of the differences in a number of categories are slight. There isn’t one single thing that’s dramatically different or better between them.

One may sound better, but the difference is only marginal. One may cancel out more noise, but that too is marginal. One may be more comfortable but again, it’s marginal. 

The point I’m trying to make here is both of these headsets are of the highest quality in every way. The fit and finish is superb, the comfort is supreme, the sound is awesome and the battery life will keep you engaged when others will have you waiting for that battery to recharge. 

You simply can’t go wrong with either the Jabra Evolve2 75, or the Poly Voyager Focus 2. But, having said that, which would I choose? 

Jabra Evolve2 75 would be my choice. Why? 

  1. It utilizes USB C, where the Poly Voyager Focus 2 uses micro USB 2. The microphone on the Evolve2 75 stows away nicely when not needed 3. The ear cushions are extremely comfortable, and help to reduce background noise. 
  2. The Active Noise Cancellation on the Evolve2 75 has a wider range of adjustment over the Voyager Focus 2. 
  3. The Evolve2 75, in my opinion, had the better sound quality. 

Either model would be a wonderful choice, but for my money, I’d lay it down for the Jabra Evolve2 75. 

Jabra evolve2 75Jabra evolve2 75 vs poly voyager focus 2Poly voyager focus 2Poly voyager focus 2 vs jabra evolve2 75

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