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Today, using a headset with your computer has become a necessity rather than optional. This is because so many people are using computer based applications such as Zoom for their video conferencing meetings, RingCentral, 8X8, Dialpad or Microsoft Teams for their voice communications, not to mention listening to podcasts, watching video content and more. 

The Covid pandemic took the trend of migration to more computer use and accelerated it in a big way. With this in mind, we all have so many choices in the makes and models of headsets we can choose to use. There truly isn’t a shortage of available headset options. 

In this blog, I’m going to focus on a new wired USB headset introduced by Logitech. Many of us recognize the Logitech name as being associated with office peripherals. They recently expanded their products to include business grade wired and wireless headsets for working professionals. 

The specific headset I’ll be discussing in this blog is the new Logitech Zone Wired USB headset. 

logitech zone on stand

I’ll discuss the features of this new headset, and I’ll also challenge it against unwanted background noise to see how well it performs in eliminating it. Among the tests I’ll throw at it include: 

  • Office Noise 
  • Baby crying 
  • Dogs barking 
  • Blender noise 
  • Wind noise 

But, before I get into the details of this wired USB headset, I wanted to let you know that I recorded a Youtube video on this headset review. I know a lot of people don’t like to do a lot of reading, and when given the opportunity, would opt to watch a video over doing a lot of reading. If that sounds like you, then make sure to check out my video here

Here’s the review video on the Logitech Zone Wired USB headset 

Still with me? If so, then come along as we check out this new wired USB headset from Logitech. 

Most people want to know a few things about a new headset. Among them include what comes in the box?

Here’s what you get when you order a new Logitech Zone Wired USB headset: 

  • One wired, double ear USB headset 
  • One USB-C to USB-A converter 
  • One travel pouch 

Beyond the contents, people normally want to know if it’s comfortable, how it sounds, and if it’s affordable. So, let’s check those things out. 


The Logitech Zone Wired headset weighs 7.44 ounces. I don’t know about you but I struggle to visualize how much 5,6,7 or 8 ounces might feel like.

Not to worry, I did a little Googling, and came up with some common household items that weigh about 7 ounces. By knowing this, it might help you to get a better sense of how much this Zone Wired headset weighs. 

Things that weigh about 7 ounces: 

  1. About 7 slices of whole wheat bread 
  2. About 6 pencils 
  3. 4 cinnamon pop-tarts 
  4. 1 cup of granulated sugar 
  5. 1 cup of vegetable oil 

Hopefully this helps you to get an idea how much this headset weighs, and how heavy or light it might feel when worn.

The weight of a headset certainly plays an important role when it comes to comfort. But, the headband and ear cushions play their part as well. Let’s take a look at those. 

Ear cushions

The ear cushions on the Logitech Zone Wired headset are very soft and are given a generous amount of padding. When worn, these cushions feel very soft against the ear and feel quite comfortable. Also, the leatherette material that wraps the cushions is perforated. This not only allows you to hear better, but allows your ears to breath as well. 

The ear cushions also pivot to allow the angle of the ear cushions to conform to the shape and angle of your ears, albeit a limited range 


The headband is adjustable making it easier to find the right fit. It’s also padded with a silicone material so that when it rests against the head, it’s not abrasive or uncomfortable. Though a little padding may not seem significant, you’d be surprised how many headbands these days don’t have it. I don’t know about you, but if I had a choice of a headband with a cushion, and one without, I know which one I’m choosing. 

You might be wondering about the sound

After all, how you sound, and how well the speakers sound are important too. I put this headset to the test by throwing some unwanted noise at it. Noises included office noise, dogs barking, baby crying, wind and of course our signature blender test.

So, how did it go? Here’s my take on how well the Logitech Zone Wired headset did to remove these unwanted sounds. 

In all my tests, I’d say that the Zone Wireless did a surprisingly good job to remove the noise. When I had dogs barking in the background, the Zone Wired did a good job to cancel it out.

The same can be said for the other tests with one exception; the wind test. In this test, when the wind blew across the microphone, you could easily hear it. So, unlike the other tests I put it up against where it performed well, I’d have to say that it struggled when wind was present.

That said, I think placing a windscreen over the microphone would likely fully resolve this issue. Though the Zone Wired doesn’t come with a microphone windscreen, they only cost a few dollars and are well worth the modest investment. 

Voice audio quality

Unlike a few other headsets I’ve tested, the Zone Wired headset microphone didn’t sound tinny at all. It had a decent richness of sound which is one of the things I look for when evaluating the microphone.

Though I wouldn’t place this sound at the top of the pack, It sounded good enough to say it was good enough to be compared to other headsets that cost much more.

Sound matters, and with the Zone Wired headset, you can rest assured that when talking, you’ll be heard loud and clear by those you communicate with. 

Before I leave the subject of sound quality, I’d be remiss if I didn’t comment on how the ear speakers sounded. I have to say that Logitech did a nice job with the ear speakers on this headset. Honestly, when testing headsets, as we do constantly here at Headset Advisor, you never know how a headset will sound.

In the case of the Zone Wired headset, it sounded pretty good. The full range was there that included the low end bass, the mids and highs alike. Listening to music was a good experience, especially if you consider this is a business headset and not one purposely designed for music and entertainment. Yes, it’s no Bose or Sony when it comes to this, but again, for a modestly priced business calibre headsets, it’s decent for entertainment audio. 

How much does it cost & what’s the warranty?

The Logitech Zone Wired headset has a suggested selling price of $129.00, and a 2-year warranty. Based on what you’ve read so far, how do you feel about this price? For me, I think that’s fair and reasonable. And, with a nice 2-year warranty, that’s just icing on the cake. 

drew pointing at discount

You can find wired headsets that cost more, much more. You can also find wired USB headsets that cost far less. That places the Logitech Zone Wired headset in the middle, which is exactly where I think it should be priced. 

Why I think the Logitech Zone Wired headset is a good value 

The Logitech Zone Wired headset represents a headset well worth your time to consider, and worth your hard earned money. Here’s why I feel that way: 

  1. The Zone Wired headset is put together with a good fit and finish. 2. It’s priced right 
  2. It has a solid 2-year warranty 
  3. It comes with a USB-C connector as well as a USB-A adapter 
  4. It has a good sounding microphone that does a good job to cancel noise 6. The speakers sound good 
  5. The Zone Wired headset is comfortable, even for extended periods of time 8. The connector cable is very long (74 inches), and cloth wrapped 9. The inline controller allows you to answer/end calls, mute the microphone, increase or decrease the audio levels and pause / play your music.

So, if you’re in the market for a new wired USB headset for your MS Teams, Zoom, 8X8, RingCentral, or Dialpad type meetings, the new Logitech Zone Wired headset should be on your short list. It’s a good value all things considered. 


LogitechLogitech headsetLogitech wired headsetLogitech zoneLogitech zone wired headset

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