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It’s hard for any company to have their name become an identifiable household word, but it seems that Zoom has accomplished that. 

Even before the Covid pandemic, Zoom was a trusted application for voice and video conferencing by countless businesses around the world. But, when Covid hit, the use, and popularity, of Zoom skyrocketed. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find Zoom to be among the top brands that businesses count on for all of their important communications. 

So whether you’re on a voice call, or with your team on a video conference, you can really benefit from the use of a good quality, reliable, and great sounding headset. After all, you’ll sound far better when using one of those than you will using just about anything else.

So when using Zoom, what would be a good headset to consider? No, scratch that. Instead, a better question to ask would be; what would be a great headset to consider? 

Let me introduce you to a high quality, great sounding Bluetooth headset that’s made in France, and gives you sound quality that’s head and shoulders above the others. I’m speaking about the Orosound Tilde Pro. 

Here are some reasons why this is a headset that’s a great choice if you’re using Zoom as your communications platform. 

Sound Quality 

First, the sound you get out of this headset is nothing short of fantastic. There are headsets out there that sound good, and others that sound flat out bad. But the Orosound Tilde Pro gives you a very pleasing, rich sound, the kind that you don’t get with other headsets. So when you’re on your

calls, whether that’s on Zoom Phone, or Zoom video, the Orosound Tilde Pro will give you sound like no other headset. And when you’re on those calls, don’t you want to sound as good as possible? Of course you do. 

The other thing about this headset that’s unique, is you can use the noise canceling boom microphone when you’re on important voice or video calls when you want to sound your best. But when you’re just wanting to listen to some music, or a Podcast, for example, you can easily detach the magnetic microphone boom.

And when you do that, it transforms your all-business headset into a pair of entertainment style headphones with no visible microphone. But don’t worry if you need to jump on a quick call because the Tilde Pro has a second set of microphones built-in so you won’t have to retrieve the boom mic. 

The Tilde Pro also gives you the ability to adjust sidetone which is something a lot of people really like. So you can adjust how much of your voice you hear which helps you to regulate your voice volume. 

Background noise reduction 

But when it comes to sound, voice sound quality is only part of the picture. What about removing unwanted background noise? Well, the Tilde Pro has that covered as well. That’s because it does a great job at removing noise, thanks to its noise canceling microphone. Even though you might hear the 

sounds going on around you, rest assured that your callers won’t. And if they’re not distracted by those sounds, they'll be able to focus better on the conversation which can lead to a more productive call. 

There is one final thing to keep in mind when it comes to reducing noise. And that’s how well the microphone does to maintain the voice audio quality when the microphone is working to remove that noise. In other words, do you sound as good to your callers when there’s noise going on in your background, compared to when there’s not? Believe it or not, many headsets can do one or the other but many can’t do both. The good news is that the Orosound Tilde Pro is one of the few headsets that can do both.

So when the level of background noise rises, no need to worry if your callers can hear it, and no need to worry how you’ll sound. And believe me when I say, this isn’t a small detail. Because we test so many headsets, we can easily hear those headsets that sound bad when the microphone is working to remove noise. Again, that’s something you won’t experience with the Tilde Pro, because it’s, well, professional, just like its name suggests. 

Ear speakers 

The Orosound Tilde Pro won’t give you Bose audio quality, because this is a business grade headset, and like any headset designed for business, it’s not meant for entertainment. But, with that said, I have to say that this headset gives you far better audio quality compared to just about any other business grade headset. And though it doesn’t give Bose quality, it sure comes close. 

The Tilde Pro comes with 40mm speakers, which pump out a very enjoyable sound, with rich bass tones, pleasant mids, and sharp highs. So whether you’re on a voice or video call, or just listening to your favorite tunes, the Tilde Pro will give you an audio experience far better than other headsets in this class. So if having better audio is important to you, then make sure to check out the Tilde Pro. 

And the final word on ear speakers is the Tilde Pro gives you the ability to interchange them. That’s because you have the choice of ear cushions that rest against the ear, and those that fully encircle them. 

Some people don’t like the feeling of isolation that encircling ear cushions provide. Others prefer it because it lets them passively block out distracting background noise. Either way, the Orosound Tilde Pro gives you the option to choose the type of cushion that you prefer.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 

As I just mentioned, the Tilde Pro gives you the ability to interchange ear cushions. And when using the larger ones, it can help remove unwanted noise. But the Tilde Pro gives you another feature that helps to further remove unwanted noise. This is called Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC for short. 

So what is this? Essentially, ANC is an electronic feature that counteracts noise. Some refer to this as “anti-noise”. The Tilde Pro gives you 10 steps of ANC, so you can control how much of the noise you hear. The value of this feature is you can be in a noisy environment, but not hear the sounds going on around you, which allows you to concentrate better. And when you keep your concentration you do better work, and get more done. 

Voice First 

When you get a Tilde Pro headset, it comes with another very useful feature called Voice First. This feature allows you to have a face-to-face conversation with someone without the need to remove the headset. 

Having to take off your headset every time you want to talk with someone can be very annoying to a lot of people who wear headsets.. It’s estimated that these interruptions occur, on average, about 11 times per day. Voice First makes having those conversations far easier, because you won’t be taking off, and putting on your headset repeatedly to have those conversations. This gives you one less thing to be annoyed about, and I’m all for eliminating annoyances. 

UC Adapter 

The Tilde Pro comes with a USB Adapter for a better, more reliable wireless connection. Even though your computer might be Bluetooth enabled, connecting that way is known to be problematic due to signal inconsistency, which can lead to dropped calls, or compromised quality. 

The UC Adapter gives you a better computer connection, better sound quality and compatibility with all the leading UC platforms.


This is a wireless headset, so you should know what the Tilde Pro gives you in terms of battery performance. 

You get 28 hours of talk time which means you can talk all day, and several of them before you need to recharge the battery. And when you recharge, it takes a short 2 hours to get a full charge, and with only 30 minutes on the charger, you get 50% charge (14 hours). 

One more thing on the battery; when you’re recharging, you can still use the headset. It comes with a charging cable, and when it’s plugged in for recharging the battery, you can continue using the Tilde Pro in a wired configuration. Even if you just forgot to recharge the battery, no worries, because you can still use the headset. 

As surprising as this might sound, a lot of wireless headsets can’t be used when the battery is being recharged. So in my way of thinking, that gives the Tilde Pro an advantage over the others. 

Longer warranty 

Many wireless headsets come with a 1-year warranty, others give you a 2-year. But, the Tilde Pro extends that to a full 3-years. That means you’ll have longer peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your headset, you’ll be covered, long after other headset warranties have dropped off. 

Having a longer warranty helps you to avoid costly expenses for repairs and replacements too. 

Longer peace of mind doesn’t cost you more because it’s a standard feature on every Tilde Pro headset we ship out.

Wrapping things up 

If you use Zoom for your voice or video meetings, and you’d like an excellent headset to use on those calls, then the Orosound Tilde Pro is a must have headset. 

You’ll get substantially better voice audio quality, and over the top background noise reduction for a great sounding call. 

You’ll have the option to use the boom microphone or not, just like you can choose to use ear cushions that go against your ear, or those that go around them. 

You’ll have 10 levels of control over your background noise, and you won’t need to remove your headset to have a conversation with a coworker. 

The battery will last several days before a recharge is required, and when recharging, you can still use the headset which keeps you talking when other headsets keep you waiting. 

You get a longer warranty which gives you longer peace of mind and can help you save money on costly repairs or replacements. The USB Adapter will give you a steady, reliable connection and better audio quality. So when you add all this up, the Orosound Tilde Pro is an amazing headset and a great value. 

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