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These days, using a headset has really become the norm, and not the exception. This is because of the increased use of computers for our voice and video communications where using a headset is just about mandatory. 

So with that in mind, you really have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to selecting, and using USB headsets. In this blog, I’d like to introduce you to a very good USB headset well worth your time to consider, and worth the modest investment. I’m referring to the Discover D722U wired, double ear USB headset that comes with sidetone. What follows are the reasons why this is a headset that gives you a lot of value for that modest investment. 

If you spend your day talking to callers or coworkers on voice or video, having a comfortable, great sounding headset is really important. Most of us don’t want discomfort, but we do want to sound good to our callers, and without question, we don’t want our callers hearing all the background noise going on around us. And if that same headset provides sidetone, then all the better. 

The Discover D722U is one headset that checks a lot of boxes because it’s lightweight and comfortable, and it has impressive sound quality. For under $100.00, here’s what you get when you put one of these to work for you. 

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Hear better with 2 speakers 

First, this is a double ear headset so you get sound for both ears. This allows you to hear your callers better simply because you have two ear speakers. That gives you a better chance of hearing all of the conversion, and not missing some of it.

Lightweight and durable 

It’s made of high impact, lightweight materials which gives you a double ear headset lighter than others in this category. And weight does matter when it comes to all day wearing comfort. Just ask anyone who wears a headset, and works in a Contact Center. 

Keeps your ears cool 

The ear cushions are made from cooling gel memory foam which helps your ears to remain cooler throughout the day. We all want comfort, and this is one feature that gives you more of it compared to other ear cushions that are made from standard materials. 

Excellent sound quality 

The microphone gives you excellent sound quality which allows your callers to hear you loud and clear. They won’t struggle to hear you, and you won’t be repeating yourself either. The gooseneck mic boom arm stays put wherever you place it. A lot of microphones require periodic repositioning due to microphone drift. The Discover D722U mic isn’t one of them. Place it in the optimum position (two fingers width from the corner of your mouth, and just below your lower lip), to get your best sound, and that’s where the microphone remains. 

Reduces background noise 

As for noise reduction, this headset does a very good job at removing unwanted background noise. A lot of people these days work from home, or in locations where noise is a problem. Having a good noise canceling microphone, such as the one you get with the D722U, helps to keep your calls professional sounding without all the distracting noises. And when your callers aren’t distracted by the sounds going on around you, they stay focused on the content of your call, and not all those other things. That gives you the best opportunity to have a productive call.

Instant access to sidetone - no download required 

The inline controller allows you to do the normal things controllers do, which is to mute the microphone, adjust the hearing volume, and take a call. But, the Discover D722U gives you more. You can turn sidetone on by pressing and holding down the mute button for about 3 seconds. Other headsets require you to download software, which many organizations prohibit their employees from doing. The D722U gives you access to sidetone, with no download required. Hearing yourself better, helps you to regulate your voice volume better. 

Speaker in the controller 

Another thing you’ll find on the inline controller is a built-in speaker. You see, a lot of computers don’t come with speakers. The Discover D722U gives you one that you can use to hear when you’re getting a call on your softphone. You can also use it to listen to some music while you work, or Supervisors can turn on the speaker to listen in on Agent calls. However you might use this feature, it’s unique, and helpful in many ways. 

Plug and play, and UC compatible 

Getting setup is simple and easy. The Discover D722U is a plug and play device, so take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It comes with the ability to connect via USB A, or USB C, and it can be used with your PC, laptop or Mac. The D722U is also compatible with all the leading UC platforms such as RingCentral, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Google and others. 

So no matter what kind of USB port you have, or what UC platform you use, the Discover D722U has you covered. 

Who likes longer warranties? 

The Discover D722U keeps you covered under a warranty when other headset warranties drop off. And when their warranty comes to an end, that leaves you exposed to potential expenses for repairs or replacements.

With the D722U, you’ll avoid those costs, and you’ll have longer peace of mind because this headset comes with a full 3-year warranty. Many headsets come with a 1-year warranty, and others give you a 2-year. But, the D722U keeps you covered for 1-2 years longer. To me, that’s a better value and one more reason why this headset gives you more for your money. 

Customer feedback


Excellent all-rounder 

“This headset works incredibly well out of the box. 

I use it with Teams, Zoom and Skype and have crystal clear sound both ways. Everyone is impressed by the quality of my voice and I can hear them well also. 

The headset is very comfortable to wear with padding all around. It does block out noise in the room quite a bit, but not so much that you feel entirely isolated or can't hear your own voice. The microphone arm is also very easy to adjust and stays put in any position, unlike some headsets where it droops over time. 

I really liked that my Windows 10 machine automatically detected and installed the device without me having to do anything. Very very easy and seamless. 

Overall I highly recommend this headset, especially at this price.” 


Jose D (Houston, US) 

Sidetone is the best feature

“This headset has the perfect sidetone. It's loud and crisp. I love it! Exactly what I was looking for. I wish there was a wireless version, though. Still, this is a great headset and honestly I bought it specifically for the sidetone feature and I got my money's worth. Happy with the purchase.” 


Shawn (Altoona, US) 

Good price, amazing headset! 

“As an IT professional I need a high quality headset. In the past, to get the features I need would cost me over $150 every time. The Discover D722U has everything the high end models do without breaking the bank. Cord volumes are easy to use and clearly labeled. Audio quality is on par with some of the best headsets on the market today. Over the ears can be tricky sometimes and uncomfortable, but not with this one! I hardly notice I'm wearing it and this is no discomfort at all. Highly suggest buying one for yourself, you won't be disappointed!” 

Summing things up 

If you’re looking for a comfortable headset that sounds good, removes noise well, connects to pretty much everything, and includes the ability to access sidetone, all for a very affordable price, then you may have just found your new headset. 

The Discover D722U is a headset that people like, and appreciate. It provides sound quality that’s loud, clear and professional, and it removes unwanted background noise at a high level. So your callers hear you, and not whatever is going on around you.

You have a speaker to hear incoming calls, or listen to music, even if your computer doesn’t have a speaker. And having sidetone is something you don’t typically find in wired USB headsets, so it’s a bonus to a headset that’s a great value even without it. And when you do access sidetone, you won’t have to worry about downloading any software, because it’s accessed through the inline controller. 

You get USB-A, and USB-C connectivity, and compatibility with all the leading UC platforms. Take it out of the box, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No software to download, and no complicated instructions to follow. 

It’s lightweight, and comfortable and comes with cooling gel memory foam ear cushions to help keep your ears cool and comfortable when on those long calls. And speaking of long, that long, 3-year warranty will keep you covered when other headsets will leave you exposed to added costs. 

So when you take all these things into consideration, it’s easy to see why the Discover D722U is a headset that’s well worth your time to consider. And at a price point under $100.00, well, that’s just a good value no matter how you might look at it. 

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