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When we make phone calls, we want to make sure that we can hear and also be heard loud and clear. 

One thing that allows us to have a phone conversation at the proper volume is sidetone technology that’s found in many of our phone and phone accessory products like office headsets. 

If sidetone is removed from our communication technology products, it makes it more challenging for us to know what level to speak at. It’s through sidetone that we regulate the volume of our voice so we know that the volume we’re speaking at is correct. 

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What is sidetone? 

Sidetone is a small amount of your own voice volume as you speak that’s piped into your ear speaker. This sound confirms that your microphone is operating properly, and allows you to adjust your speaking volume to a proper level (not too loud, and not too quiet). 

Sidetone also confirms that your call is connected. Not knowing if your call is live or dropped can be confusing and irritating. Most of us have experienced being on a mobile phone call, and while speaking non-stop for a few minutes discovered the call had dropped, but you weren’t aware of it. 

Many Mobile phones do not use sidetone which makes it harder for us to know when the call is live or when it’s been disconnected. Many landline phones use sidetone which helps us to know when someone has hung up, or the call has been disconnected. 

Sidetone has been a feature common in early models of telephones and continues right up to the present day. There are some exceptions as some products don’t use sidetone. A few of these examples include: 

- Some Voip telephones 

- Speakerphones 

- Some Mobile phones

Sidetone is important and even more so to those who are hearing imparied. For anyone who’s hearing impaired, having the ability to hear their voice adequately helps them to have a better chance at a normal phone conversation. Many times those who are hearing impaired struggle while on the phone. Having the proper amount of sidetone can make a difference. 

Adjusting sidetone in your PC 

There is a setting to turn on and off the sidetone feature in PC’s that are running Windows 7 and above. If you’d like to test to see if you have a sidetone headset and experience your office PC headset without the sidetone feature activated on your computer, follow the simple steps below to activate or deactivate sidetone. 

To enable sidetone follow these steps: 

  1. Click on start - control panel - hardware and sound - sound 
  2. Locate the recording tab and click on that 
  3. Click on the device you’d like to test, then click properties 
  4. You should see a transmit properties window pop up 
  5. Check the box that says Listen to this Device
  6. Click on the Apply button 

To disable sidetone: 

  1. Click on start - control panel - hardware and sound - sound 
  2. Click on the recording tab 
  3. Select the device you’d like to test from the choices listed 
  4. Click on the properties button 
  5. You should see a Transmit Properties window 
  6. Uncheck or clear the listen to this device box 
  7. Click Apply 
  8. Click OK 
  9. Click OK to close the sound window 

Even though sidetone was first introduced over a hundred years ago, it remains an important piece of communications technology to this day 

If you have questions about sidetone, or, need to find a headset that allows you to hear better, contact us at Headset Advisor today. 

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