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When you think of those using a wireless headset, someone working in an office generally comes to mind. It makes sense, because wireless headset use is most common in an office environment. But what about someone who doesn’t work in a traditional office setting? How about a Student? 

Could a Student benefit from using a wireless headset over, say, a traditional wired model? Stick around and find out how a Student working from home during the pandemic can benefit from using a wireless headset. 

Let’s get started. 

Before you can tackle the idea of the many benefits associated with using a wireless headset, you first need to fully understand the benefits of using a wired headset. 

The basic benefits of using a wired headset 

Hands free

The first, most dramatic benefit in using a wired headset is you no longer need to cradle a phone on the shoulder. Being able to eliminate this, not only makes you healthier, but more efficient because you free your hands to do other things besides holding a handset. Freeing your hands elevates productivity. 

Another benefit of using a wired headset includes; 

Health and wellness

When you don’t have to cradle a phone on your shoulder, you avoid the unhealthy, problematic behavior of cradling the

phone receiver. This allows you to avoid developing neck, shoulder, back and arm ailments from pinched nerves to carpal tunnel like issues.

Worse yet, according to a U.K. study, you can develop mini strokes by merely cradling a phone handset between your neck and shoulder. To read about this study and its findings, click on the link below. 

The last thing you need is to develop physical ailments due to improper use of a telephone handset. Rather than risking injury, simply avoid the temptation to cradle the phone receiver all together.

Better yet, ditch the idea completely and just get a decent headset. Your body will thank you and so will your employer because you won’t be calling in sick. And, you won’t be scheduling a surgery date with your favorite surgeon either. 

The next benefit involves sound. 

Better sound quality

A professional office wired headset will allow you to hear and be heard better when compared to a telephone handset receiver. Why? 

Noise canceling microphone. A good quality wired headset should come with a noise cancelling microphone. This filters out much of that unwanted background noise. Though you can hear all the distracting sounds around you, your callers will not thanks to a noise cancelling microphone. 

Volume adjustment. Unlike a telephone handset, that’s very limited in its ability to adjust for volume, a professional grade wired headset can provide you with the needed adjustments to: 

- Turn up your hearing volume 

- Turn down your hearing volume 

- Turn up your speaking volume 

- Turn down your speaking volume 

- Mute your microphone (though you can still hear your caller)

Control noise

A wired headset has the ability to eliminate unwanted background noise, but it can also prevent you from hearing unwanted room noise as well. A wired headset that has two, oversized ear speakers such as the Discover D722U 

fully encircles both ears. These oversize speakers serve as a barrier against sound that would otherwise penetrate your ears. In the end, these ear speakers help to lower the level of distractive sound from the environment.

Unwanted noise has been shown in studies to be the single biggest reason for reduced concentration and effectiveness. When concentration is compromised, Students do not perform as well and the educational process falters. 

What about wireless headsets? 

First off, why would a Student need a wireless headset in the first place? What value would it bring over just using a wired model? 

In the year 2021, many Students found themselves studying from home rather than in their regular classrooms. Not everyone is happy about this for a multitude of reasons. One thing is for sure, the use of video conferencing has exploded not only in business, but within education at every grade level. So, Students and the need for video conferencing are intertwined. 

Wired headsets have become standard issue to students by most schools and school districts. A wired headset is far superior to the alternatives such as using computer speakers and the built in microphone. Your conversation is shared with anyone in earshot and the background noise is not suppressed in any way. Not ideal to say the least. 

While on a video call, you’re stuck at your desk if using a wired headset

student stuck to desk

There may be a lot of reasons why you need to step away from your desk for a short period of time. When using a wired headset, you risk missing critical information while away from your computer because when away, your headset remains at the computer. 

A wireless headset, by comparison, gives you the freedom to step away from your computer to grab a coffee or water for example.

You can also grab reference material, and a lot more all while not missing anything from your favorite Teacher because your headset moves with you. 

Video conferencing aside, Students may have a need to listen to educational audio files or watch instructional videos. Once again, a wireless headset excels against a wired headset in that you have freedom of movement.

You can get up, step away from your computer and still be able to hear your media content. No risk of missing anything, and you end up with a more natural, free flowing audio experience. 

The single biggest benefit a wireless headset offers a Student is wireless freedom. 

student freedom

Wireless freedom to not be stuck tethered to the desk 

Wireless freedom to have the ability to grab a beverage 

Wireless freedom to step away from the computer, and not miss anything 

Given a choice between using a wired headset or a wireless, most people would choose a wireless for the exact reasons discussed above. A wired headset is fine, but a wireless headset is simply better. 

Want to learn more about wireless headsets? Maybe you have a question. If so, we’re here to help. Contact us today.

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