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Echo in a headset is common and can usually be resolved by a few adjustments. There's two forms of echo that could be happening.

  1. You hear an echo
  2. Your caller hears an echo

Both can be extremely frustrating. If you're on an important phone call and you can't focus because you hear every word back in your headset, it may not be worth using the headset.

Same goes for the caller. If they keep hearing their own voice as they talk, that can be a frustrating experience.

That being said I have the fix for you.

In this guide it will be a challenge for me to provide the exact adjustments for each Plantronics headset model that you would be using. If this guide doesn't fix your Plantronics headset echo problem, contact us and we can help further.


Plantronics wireless headset echo fix


#1 Adjust phone or computer volume

First, if you're using a corded desk phone, start by

  1. turning the phone volume down 50-70%. When you have your phone volume up to 100% this alone can cause echo or distortion.
  2. If you're using your Plantronics headset on a computer, adjust the headset volume on your computer down 50-70% as well. You may also have sidetone enabled and will want to disable this to avoid the echo.

How to enable/disable sidetone


#2 Adjust volume on your Plantronics

If you're using a wireless Plantronics headset, chances are you have volume controls on the headset as well as the charging base. One of the most common cases of echo is caused when these volumes are up to high.

Reference your headset manual to find your volume controls. 

  1. Adjust your microphone volume down on the charging base (some models have a number you adjust, others have a minus button you click)
  2. Adjust the speaker volume down on the charging base.
  3. Adjust the volume down on your headset a few times
  4. If you find it hard to hear and be heard, adjust your volumes one at a time until you're at a comfortable volume.

For example: Adjust the volume up once on your headset, turn your phone volume up to 60%, Adjust the mic setting on your charging base one click up. Keep testing, until you find the right balance and the Plantronics headset echo is gone.


#3 Make sure compatibility dial is correct

plantronics compatibility dial

If you're using a Plantronics wireless headset for your desk phone, on the charging base will be a compatibility dial. Usually 1-4 or A-G. If this setting is off, then you will get an echo, bad sound quality or no sound.

Models with the A-G compatibility dial, as a standard need to be set on A. If you're connecting to a Cisco desk phone, typically your Plantronics wireless headset will need to be on setting D if you aren't using an EHS cable or Lifter.


Plantronics wired headset echo adjustment

When it comes to a wired headset and echo, there is going to be less troubleshooting that you can do but these are some steps you can follow.

  1. When connecting to a desk phone, you will either have a direct connect cable or a headset amplifier. If you have a direct connect cable, you will want to adjust your phone volume down until the echo isn't heard. If you find it hard to hear now, the only other solution for you is getting a headset amplifier, which allows you to balance volumes.
  2. When connecting to a computer you may need to disable sidetone or within your computer softphone, there should be audio adjustments for your microphone and speaker. Make sure the auto microphone adjust is disabled and turn your mic volume down until the Plantronics headset echo problem stops.
  3. Contact us if you're still having echo.



One of the most common troubleshooting we help customers with is resolving echo. Sometimes it can feel like a process when you have to go through these setting adjustments, but when it's done it's seamless from there. So, before you throw away or stop using your headset, follow these steps to get rid of the Plantronics headset echo and you'll enjoy using your headset for many years. 

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John L Koeberlein

John L Koeberlein

my wife’s M165 echos badly. There is no desk phone, its a Bluetooth headpiece. We’ve lowered the volume but that doesn’t help.

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