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The market is eager for high quality earbuds that not only sound fantastic, but allow you to be heard equally well. 

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in focus by manufacturers towards enhancing the highly popular earbuds. People who use them like the fact that they don’t have to wear a large, bulky headset.

For some, those can do some serious damage to their carefully constructed hairdo. While others may experience migraine headaches by wearing a headband over the head. 

Earbuds allow you to fly under the radar. They give you the ability to hear and be heard all while navigating through it all in stealth mode. Earbuds are not all that noticeable which helps to explain their appeal.

The fact that they’re worn in the ear gives a better chance for them to stay put, and not end up on the floor like some other earpieces. Anyone who’s worn on-ear headsets will understand exactly what I mean here. Getting a good fit can oftentimes be a real challenge. 

In this blog, I want to discuss a new earbud style headset that’s forthcoming from a world renowned manufacturer, Jabra. Specifically, I’m referring to the now released Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds. 

jabra elite 7 pro with purple background

Jabra Elite 7 Pro in depth review + mic test

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds have officially hit the market! 

From all indications, this new earbud headset promises to be a game changer for this style of headset. Jabra appears to have put a lot of thought and effort into the creation of this new product. Below are a few things that I feel help to make this a headset to keep on your radar. And, once it’s available, I think it’s worth taking a good close look at.

Bluetooth version 

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro uses the latest Bluetooth technology, in version 5.2. Though there are modest changes from v 5.0, for example, it still will feature the latest Bluetooth iteration. Far better to have the latest, then to release a new product with an older version of Bluetooth. 

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) 

David wearing jabra elite 7 pro earbuds

I’m a bit surprised that these earbuds will come with 5 stages of Active Noise Cancellation. After all, how much tech can you pack into a little earpiece this size?

I give a lot of credit to Jabra for making that a priority, and those who will ultimately be using them, will no doubt have a high sense of praise, as well as appreciation.

ANC, is a feature that allows you to regulate how much background noise you hear. It’s well proven that noise from a work environment leads to reduced productivity. Noises can be distracting, and those distractions cause you to lose focus.

Having the ability to control that noise is a big deal not only for enhancing your hearing while on calls, but also for those times when you’re listening to your favorite music. 

Hear Through mode 

jabra elite 7 pros different colors

When you have earbuds in, you really don’t want to remove them every time you want to have a conversation with a coworker. Jabra thought of that and engineered a feature they call “HearThrough” which allows you to have a conversation with someone without the need to remove the earbuds. Essentially, microphones pick up the sound and redirect it into your earpiece. 

Some manufacturers refer to this feature as transparency mode, or passthrough. All refer to the same end result; allowing you to hear without removing the headset. This is not only a premium feature, but it’s very useful. 

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Microphone dustin in car wearing jabra elite 7 pro earbuds

Since this post, we've gone ahead and done the full in depth review and mic test you can see on our YouTube video here. All the curiosity has been put to rest, now you be the judge on the mic quality! 

In reviewing the advance product information, I wasn’t able to get much on the microphone. I understand that the Elite 7 Pro utilizes a form of bone conduction technology, but I’m uncertain at this time as to more specifics on the microphone itself. 

I’m curious about: 

  1. How many microphones are used in the Elite 7 Pro 
  2. How well it picks up your voice 
  3. Whether it has noise cancellation to remove unwanted background noise
  4. How well it performs removing that noise

Once I get my test unit in, I’ll give it a good test to see how well it performs. Until then, I’m left wondering. 


The battery life in any headset plays a key role. You don’t want to be cut short while in the middle of important things, so how much available talk/listen time is an important factor when looking for a new headset. To make this even more challenging, earbud style headsets are extremely small, which means there’s not a lot of room to pack all the tech in, as well as a battery. You just don’t have a lot of room. 

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours of talk/listen time, and up to 30 hours total with the charge case. 

A short 5 minute charge will give you about 1 hour of playback time, which is impressive given the short amount of time on the charger. 

I’m surprised, and impressed that Jabra was able to fit in a battery that squeezes out 9 hours of battery time. It’s hard to believe that a device this small can accommodate a battery for that length of time.

Jabra states that if you remove one of the earbuds and use it as a mono type earbud (vs. having both in), you can place the second earbud into the charging case and charge it while using the other. This will extend the amount of time you can use the Elite 7 Pro. 


jabra elite 7 pro purple background

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro weighs 5.4 grams, or about 0.190 ounces. Translated into common household items for reference, this is the approximate weight of: 

- 1 sheet of paper 

- 2 penny’s 

- 3 playing cards 

When you visualize these items, it can help give you an idea how much the Elite 7 Pro weighs. Needless to say, it doesn’t weigh much which is a good thing given they’re resting in and on the ear. 

These earbuds should be comfortable. At least the specifications would indicate that. One thing Jabra engineered into these earbuds is “frequency-dependent pressure relief vents” I have absolutely no idea what that means. But, according to Jabra this feature helps to aid comfort. If that ends up being true, which I’m sure it is, then I’m all for frequency-dependent pressure relief vents. In fact, I might even become a stark raving fan once I get to experience it first hand.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro vs Elite 75t showing the difference in sizes

(to the left is the Elite 75t and to the right is the Elite 7 pro for a reference to the difference in size)

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro has been designed to be about 16% smaller than previous Jabra earbud models such as the Elite 75t for example. Without a doubt, having a smaller earbud can only translate into a lighter, more comfortable wearing experience. 


You get two of the three different sizes of eargels with the Elite 7 Pro; small, medium and large. 

Jabra redesigned the eargels that are used on the Elite 7 Pro. Apparently they varied the thickness of the outer gel and created a more tapered, rounded tip.

This new design promises to be anatomically optimized for a more precise and comfortable fit.


David showing Jabra sound plus app with elite 7 pro earbuds

Jabra offers the Sound+ app to allow for a variety of adjustments. You can use this app for making adjustments to the audio characteristics, Active Noise Cancellation, HearThrough and more. 

Having applications for headset adjustments is becoming the norm where it wasn’t just a few years ago. Headsets, like other hardware type products are experiencing the far reach of software technology, and to me, it’s only making these headsets better and better. 

Final comments 

After wearing and testing the Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds, they're extremely comfortable. Also, overall for a pair of earbuds this small, the microphone quality is pretty good in comparison to other earbuds on the market. Nothing compared to a headset with a mic boom, but still good enough for personal calls to keep you hands free.

Jabra has put a good amount of time and attention into the development of this new Elite 7 Pros. Other Jabra earbuds, like the Elite 65t and 75t for example, have been well received in the marketplace. I feel the Elite 7 Pro delivers all things considered. 

I love the fact that they incorporated Active Noise Cancellation and HearThrough technology into the Elite 7 Pro. Both are very useful features and indicative of high-end functionality. 

Elite 7 proJabra earbudsJabra elite 7 pro

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