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Replacing the battery in your Plantronics CS540 (C054) wireless headset is easy! On average customers will replace their battery about every 2 years. If you notice the battery no longer holding a charge like it once did, follow these quick steps to replace your C054 battery.

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Step 1

Remove the battery door cover on your Plantronics C054 earpiece. c054 battery door cover

Step 2

Located on the battery is a small white connector with a black and red cord connected to it. Pull the white connector away from your C054 earpiece and the battery will easily disconnect. disconnect c054 battery

Step 3

Reconnect the new battery the same way it was disconnected and re-install the battery door cover. Let your headset charge for at least 3 hours for a full charge and your headset is refreshed and ready to be used! reconnect c054 battery


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